Selling a dead parrot -

Selling a dead parrot


Dan Gardner invokes Monty Python to explain the Conservatives’ carbon tax farce.

This is a perfect demonstration of why people like me are driven to distraction by this government. It’s not the policies. I disagree with many but most are pretty moderate and reasonable and a few are excellent and overdue. It’s the gobsmacking cynicism and the contempt that is its foundation. Contempt for Parliament, the judiciary, the media, and anyone who gets in their way. But most of all, contempt for Canadians. Stephen Harper is looking us straight in the eye and saying, “it’s not dead. It’s resting.”

He thinks he can get away with that. He thinks we’re morons. Maybe he can get away with that. Maybe we are morons. But still, the goddamn parrot is dead.


Selling a dead parrot

  1. From: Nadine Lumley, CRUSHing TRUCK BALL Princess

    To: Alerte-Info-Alert

    Sent: Wed Mar 09 13:25:11 2011

    Subject: Prima Facie Breach of Privilege / Harper est
    secrètement queer

    NeoCon Talking Points Training Video

    If anyone asks you; the parrot is just sleeping. Repeat 3x per min. See your training video below for further
    study on how to repeat stupid lies over and over again. Who cares if 60% of Canadians know you’re a
    raving lunatic; it’s that 30% we cater
    to here at HarperLand thanks to the billionaire-owned mass media who help keep
    us in power, 30% will buy our nonsense and that’s all we care about.

  2. What an arrogant——Gardener is.
    If the government disagrees with the policies or lack-off policies of the opposition or if they disagree with some of the lame antics of the judiciary, or if they disagree with the lefty-media, that does not equate to a contempt for the people. Only an arrogant media-lefty like Gardener would think that because his sensitivities were hurt, then the whole country is hurting.
    Get over it guys—you have lost all credibility.

    • HOw could someone hate their country so much that they would revel in the behaviour of the CPC?

      • What I think I enjoy most about the arrogance of the left is the complete turn-off it is to clear-minded folks who are willing to make their own choices about who they support.
        Meanwhile there are little people like GDFM who need liberal media like Gardener and Wherry to tell them how they should react to different situations.
        I wouldn`t say they hate their country —-they are probably just confused and need some guidance.

    • Credibility? You support these guys and you can say and even spell that word?

    • Gardner’s been doing the arrogant crybaby act for a long time.

      • And you’ve been botting on the internet for a long time. If you’re not getting paid for this, you should wonder why you tolerate being played for a sucker.

    • Do the Cons give Missing the Point Seminars or what?

  3. And Gardner’s article is perfect demonstration of why people like me are driven to distraction by Canadian msm. Gardner, and 94.7% of Canadian journos, is liberal technocrat and he will always find something to chunter about when Libs are not in power.

    Nothing Cons have done has not been done previously by Libs and our msm writes glowing books and columns when PM Martin ignored lost confidence vote and continued to govern, or when Chretien strangles a private citizen protesting or cracks wise about pepper on his steak. And Gardner’s ‘analysis’ does not include prov government either which is just as dire.

    Pols have been behaving with contempt and cynicism towards electorate for decades but our Lib journos only seem to notice it when Cons are in power.

    • Martin did no such thing. You are lying.

      • He’s lying about the Phil Jones quote and climate change too

        Lying is what Tony does.

      • Prof D Desserud, U of New Brunswick ~ The Confidence Convention …. :

        During this Parliament, the Liberal minority government under Prime Minister Paul Martin was defeated many times on motions that might well have been considered confidence votes, and three times on motions that appeared to be unequivocal votes of non-confidence (albeit one more explicitly worded than the others). Significantly, these three non-confidence motions were moved by the opposition.

        CBC In Depth ~ The 38th Parliament:

        May 9 2005
        The Speaker of the House of Commons rules that a motion tabled by the Conservatives, which called for the government to resign, was in order. The Conservatives and the Bloc Québécois said it would be a confidence vote – and that if the government lost the vote, it would have to resign.

        The Liberals had already dismissed a similar motion as a procedural matter and said they would continue governing even if they lost the vote.

        • None of them were confidence motions.

          They weren’t budget or named motions.

          Now stop it

          • They were “named” in a sense but the speaker, properly, ruled they still weren’t confidence matters.

          • I meant they weren’t named as confidence motions. HOC votes on motions allatime.

          • You’re wrong, and Tony is right, and the previous Liberals were far worse than anything going on today. But Gardner is a Liberal, so that doesn’t matter.

          • “the previous Liberals were far worse than anything going on today.”

            How so? I warn you, I have a looooonnnnnggg list of bad behavior on the CPC’s part, so be ready for serious tit-for-tat.

            And as I said to Tony: what the Liberals did is kind of moot anyway. Two wrongs don’t make a right, and past bad acts by other parties does not excuse bad acts by the current government. It’s because of the Liberals’ bad acts these guys are in power to begin with – and they promised to do things differently. The only difference I see is that they are even more cynical and contemptuous of Canada and Canadians than the Liberals were by the end of the Chretien era (and that’s saying something).

          • Liberal ? Clearly he’s a free-market technocrat Zoroastrian.
            What could be more perfect ?

    • I recommend you just go back to posting the marginally-relevant quotes you like to cherry-pick from Bartlett’s Familiar Quotations or some similar source. At least they’re accurate.

    • “Nothing Cons have done has not been done previously by Libs”

      I think they have done much worse, but even so – two wrongs don’t make a right. It is idiocy to excuse the bad behaviour of one group by saying it’s no worse than the bad behaviour of another.

  4. “Did something happen in those four years that would explain why cap-and-trade went from being an excellent and practical idea to socialist insanity? No.”

    BBC ~ Feb 2010
    Phil Jones is director of the Climatic Research Unit (CRU) at the University of East Anglia (UEA)

    Q) Do you agree that from 1995 to the present there has been no statistically-significant global warming?
    A) Yes, but only just.


    I think Cons government did not believe in global warming but they pretended to so left wing enviro kooks would keep mostly quiet. Cons have been ragging the puck since taking power but in the past year or two, it is apparent the world isn’t warming and it is now safe for Cons to stop pretending they believe in a phenomenon that isn’t occurring.

    When will Gardner, and all his Lib chums, actually start to use reason and science when it comes to climate? If Gardner would take a moment and read the Con platform of 2011, he won’t see much mention of climate change. Gardner is giving Cons a hard time for 2008 policies when scientific facts have changed and Cons have 2012 policies now. I thought people were supposed to change their minds/opinions when facts change.

    • Parotting the Con talking points now, Tony? If the Cons changed their minds on climate change for supposedly scientific reasons, WHY DIDN’T THEY BLOODY WELL SAY SO. Instead we get this stupid attempt to erase their record.

      • I doubt Cons did change their minds because of science, I am just making my own argument. I also agree that Cons should do significantly better job at telling electorate what they are doing and why. Many governments across western world are becoming increasingly secretive in attempt to control message.

        Your advice was good a few months ago but my onions were crap, didn’t get enough sun, looked like scrawny shallots.

    • Gardner’s bio says “Dan first worked as a political staffer to a prominent politician.” According to Warren Kinsella, that prominent politician was Mike Harris. Now maybe Gardner was a fifth columnist, or maybe the experience with Harris changed him, or maybe he isn’t the Liberal some people here think he is.

      • yeah Gardner is pretty much a conservative.

    • Sure, the science has changed if you’re credulous enough to believe that question, based on cherry-picked dates, had any meaning.

      That whole episode perfectly encapsulates the whole “debate” – denier concocts dishonest question relying on climate scientist to answer it honestly (which he does), and denier rubes to believe Jones to be telling them the world isn’t warming (which they do.)

  5. LOL I’m waiting for everyone to print off a picture of a Norwegian Parrot, and send it to Harper

  6. Wow! The con commenters here didn’t get the Romney message for Canada… it’s no longer the 37% …the rest detest the Harper Government lies.

  7. I quite agree with Mr. Gardner, though in place of “most are pretty moderate and reasonable” I would write “most, aside from some notable detours into crazytown, have been more moderate than one would have expected from a Harper government”

  8. The journalist crybaby act continues. It didn’t work in the election, the journalists failed to elect their party of choice. And it seems they never learn, it will not work now.

    • Not sure you can substantiate that but we do know that the journalists’ bosses got their party of choice.