Senator Patterson is late for a meeting -

Senator Patterson is late for a meeting

And the Prime Minister didn’t look that closely at Senator Wallin’s expenses


CTV and the Star have video of a senator in flight. (The Star has now upgraded this whole affair to a “crisis.”)

Thomas Mulcair yesterday tried to pin particular responsibility for Senator Pamela Wallin’s expenses on the Prime Minister. Last week, Mr. Harper said he had “looked at the numbers” in terms of Senator Wallin and her travel costs were comparable to other Parliamentarians. Now it is being reported that Senator Wallin has reimbursed some of her expenses, although it’s not clear what expenses those were or how much. Mr. Harper’s office says the Prime Minister’s comments were not meant to suggest he had personally reviewed or approved Senator Wallin’s expenses. Be that as it may, the Canadian Press now reports that the Prime Minister has “muted” his defence of Senator Wallin.


Senator Patterson is late for a meeting

  1. …as long as apathy is rampant, this wont change.Public acceptance helps grease the wheels of these decisions. As soon as the govt gets a different message from Canadians,like people showing up on election day, things may change. Until then,I expect more of the same from the PM and his ilk.
    The senate is a dinosaur: useless.

  2. I wonder how that feels, to be a man of status in the nation, a man appointed by the PM, forced to run away from media like a child who stole a candy from the confectionary. I would think it feels kind of bad, actually.

  3. The white horses on which this self-righteous crowd rode into Ottawa have long since been slaughtered and sold back to Canadians as tainted meat.

  4. Paying back illegally gotten gains is insufficient. If there are no criminal charges stemming from this, then the Senate will have proven itself to be not merely irrelevant but hopelessly corrupt – and by extension, as these are largely CPC appointees, it will imply that Harper too is more concerned with his cronies than with justice.

    • Sure could make for some deadly attack, ahem, truth ads for oppo. Showcase Harper’s poor judgement as costing taxpayers millions — grainy black and white images of Puffy holding up his glass of wine, Brazeau in court, Wallin big-hairing at CPC fundraisers. How about Porter? I hope the oppo has the stomach for it because lord knows they are going to be hit hard with similar ads — might as well fight back with the same weaponry.

  5. Probably knew what he was getting into with the CPC crowd.