Senators Smith and Greene Raine on expenses and the last election

Answering questions raised by the NDP


In his letter to the elections commissioner last Friday about whether Mike Duffy had claimed Senate expenses while campaigning for the Conservatives in the last election, NDP MP Craig Scott named several other senators whose expenses might be scrutinized.

As noted, Liberal Senator Grant Mitchell told me on Friday that he claimed no expenses during the writ period. Today, Liberal Senator David Smith called me to say he had not claimed expenses during the last election and the office of Conservative Senator Nancy Greene Raine emailed me with a statement from the senator.

“I was very careful during the writ period not to claim any expenses connected with campaigning on my Senate budget.”


Senators Smith and Greene Raine on expenses and the last election

  1. I can’t say that every senator, of whatever party, who followed the rules on this matter is deserving of praise, because it’s a simple rule they should all follow. But I do feel they should be acknowledged, given the events of the past week.

    So a polite nod to all the senators – again, of all parties – who did not mis-spend their expense accounts.

  2. Well that`s just great that the NDP are now anxiously investigating the spending and misspending of all Senators—past and present, While they are at it could they investigate the spending habits of the former Senator Keith Davey who led Liberal campaigns through most of Trudeau and Chretien.

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