Sending government ads to an advertising commissioner

A Liberal MP proposes an answer to complaints about government ads


Liberal MP David McGuinty has tabled a private member’s bill that would amend the Auditor General Act to appoint an advertising commissioner.

The proposal seems similar to what was done in Ontario in 2004, when the government of Mr. McGuinty’s brother passed legislation that put government advertising under the purview of the province’s auditor general.

The BC New Democrats had promised to implement something modelled on the Ontario system had they formed government after the province’s election.


Sending government ads to an advertising commissioner

  1. Yup – that will fly! The CPC is hardly going to give up all that taxpayer-funded campaigning…

  2. Looks like the Libs may be testing out some platform issues today – support for Keystone, new rules for gov’t advertising. Wonder if this will continue.

  3. It is about time. This government has grown ever bolder in its abuse of government funded partisan advertising, bombarding the airwaves with tales of how wonderfully the government is managing the economy. This is eclipsing even the worst abuses of the previous Liberal government.

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