She’s leaving home, bye-bye


Here’s why the Conservatives are running ads like the one I posted below. From today’s Harris-Decima poll:

Note that the Liberals have pulled ahead of the Conservatives among women voters and pulled away from a three-way brawl with the Conservatives and NDP among urban women. What may be surprising is that the Conservatives led, and held their lead for most of the campaign, among women voters in general. Their hope seems to be to get that vote back in the campaign’s last weekend.

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She’s leaving home, bye-bye

  1. Sorry you are out of date. The new numbers this morning shows a complete reversal of these numbers. The women have done a 180 and the Cons are back on top. The numbers today have the Cons at 36 and Libs at 24n NDP at 20. It’s not over yet.

  2. “The women have done a 180 and the Cons are back on top.”

    We’ll leave that alone.

    Where’s Feschuk when you need him…

  3. Arent these the new numbers from today? Maybe Sandra can lend me her time machine so I can go and sell my stocks in June.

  4. For that matter, where are the numbers that would show a 180? There’s nothing resembling that on the Harris/Decima website.

  5. I’m with you on that one Richard : the end result is nothing but trouble:)

  6. Sandra is a boy.

  7. Maybe it’s Sandra Buckler?

  8. Richard, thank you for providing the most amusing comment so far today.

  9. Oh too funny but Don martin did make the same mistake a while ago. The tables you have posted are for Oct 5-8 and the pollster had the new numbers on Newsworld this morning. I guess he hasn’t posted them yet but they have reversed. The CPC are now back in the lead among women and their numbers on men are coming back.

    I did make an error on the totals. The CPC are at 34 and the Libs are at 26 an eight point gap. Cheers.

  10. I’m entirely sure Sandra is mistaken or mischievous.

  11. “I’m entirely sure Sandra is mistaken or mischievous.”

    …but at least she put the fun back into fumbling politics

  12. This morning the poll had the CPC back in the lead with women, your chart is outdated.

  13. Sorry Paul but your numbers are for yesterday. I see Darren agrees with me. I look forward to you posting the updated numbers. Cheers.

  14. Typcial women. Can’t make up their minds.

    [I’m joking – don’t drag me off to the HRC…]

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