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Further to the text of Michael Ignatieff’s speech in Toronto on Friday, no longer must you use your imagination.

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Shine brighter

  1. “Canadians remember — we cleaned up the $42-billion deficit left behind by the Mulroney years. We slayed that deficit, but at a steep cost.”

    I wonder who Iggy is referring to when he says ‘we’ since he wasn’t in the country when Martin brought in those budgets nor was he part of the Liberal Party.

    “I have listened to heartfelt stories about lost jobs, small businesses on the edge, fears about paying for drugs for sick children, worries about having to go to the local food bank. I have heard troubling questions. How will I ever get my first job? Have I seen my last job? How do I tell loyal employees that we are closing down? How will we help our kids with their college funds?”

    The joys of being in opposition when you can say whatever the hell you want and not actually make sense. How does Iggy propose to fix all these problems without raising taxes and/or not going into deficit? And if people are worried about paying for things, why is Iggy against tax cuts that would leave more money in peoples pockets to pay for some of the items they are worried about? If Iggy has all the answers to life’s problems, I wish he would share them with us and not be so selfish.

    • “The joys of being in opposition when you can say whatever the hell you want and not actually make sense.”

      It appears you don’t have to be in opposition. Our current PM has made little or no consistent sense the last few months, going from “Deficit? Never!” to channeling Carl Sagan….”billions and billions”.

      • I am no fan of Harper’s but you could argue that he’s responding to what people want. That Harper has listened to the people and their desire that pols work together to handle economy. And the people want the government to spend lots of cash to lessen effects of recession.

        • Perhaps so. I guess we’ll find out tomorrow….and for the next many April 30ths.

        • I thought during the last two elections, Harper was telling us he is a great “leader” though. In fact, during the last election he was very clear on the point: a leader has to lead and not react to the reaction of ordinary Canadians to the economy in making his decisions.

          His “leadership” then was to tell us that we aren’t worried about our jobs, we shouldn’t be worried about our jobs and, in fact, there are some great buying opportunites out there.

          Of course, two months later, it is announced that we have suffered the biggest job losses in at least a decade. Seems the only job our self-described “economist” PM cares about is his own.

    • Yes, JWL – the fact that Ignatieff was pursuing an international career in scholarship, journalism and film-making means he has no understanding of what was happening in Canada while he was gone.

      Meanwhile, your illustrious leader was hunkered-down in his adopted West writing missives for the Reform party and a bunch of hockey books.

      Keep up the rhetoric – the public will eventually begin to see the puppetry for what it is.