Shocked and distressed


Matt Meier releases a statement.

As CEO of Racknine, I was shocked and distressed to learn that some party had used our services to try and disrupt voting during the 2011 federal election. We take these allegations very seriously.Our dialling services have been used successfully by hundreds of campaigns to inform voters of where and when to vote in many elections. We believe that our technology has helped engage more voters in the electoral process.

We are committed to ensuring that those who misused our services will face the full penalty of law, and will continue to work proactively with Elections Canada and all law enforcement agencies to help identify the culprits.


Shocked and distressed

  1. If this guy’s looking for sympathy he’s in the wrong line of work. A cafe with roulette in the back comes to mind.

    • I think he just doesn’t want to be tarred with the same brush.

      Seems reasonable, from what I know of their services, they don’t monitor what you’re sending or to whom, they just provide the means to do it.

      Whether they should have to, especially during an elections campaign, is a question that folks might want to consider, but I tend to think the answer is no.

      • That makes him analogous to ISP who would be compelled to divulge customer names and IP addresses under the Act to….Whatever, Whatever…Child Pornographers.

        • Indeed:  And I will bet big money that those “child pornographers” at Elections Canada got a warrant . . . first. 

      • “Seems reasonable, from what I know of their services, they don’t monitor
        what you’re sending or to whom, they just provide the means to do it.”

        I’d expect it to be charged by volume.  I expect it to be logged.  Since he can’t say who did it already, whether he falls on his sword by admitting to a security breech remains to be seen.

        •  A closer reading of what’s out there reveals he’s already done pretty well everything he can so far.  The investigators have already got the company’s records.

  2. I’ll accept that. There is nothing about them or their business to suggest they played any part in this beyond providing the service they provide to anyone. You don’t arrest the CEO of Ford because a Mustang was used as a getaway car in a bank robbery.

    • I agree, although clearly Racknine will be answering a lot of questions in this investigation.  Some of the money paid by the CPC to Racknine was paid in US dollars directed to a US company and some was paid to Racknine c/o Solomon, a CPC supporter, which seems peculiar.

      • Peculiar?  When the invoices specifically state the payment is to be made in the currency of the invoice (which, in itself is strange language I think, particularly on an invoice from a Canadian company to a Canadian customer–I’ve never seen the like.  I have seen Canadian companies charge everything in U.S. funds, and I complain.  But this?)

        Still, that’s probably just income tax fraud, or kickbacks for some U.S. fundraising or something, not voter fraud.

        • Actually the more I hear from this CEO, the less I trust him.  Perhaps he is just trying to save his source of income, but he really doth protest too much.  After all, the CPC admits to other unethical robocalls giving false information and we have all seen how they operate.  Just how shocked can this man actually be.  

          I’m not saying Racknine is involved, because I just don’t know, but I hope there are some unbiased investigators (does anyone actually trust the RCMP anymore?) on this, because who knows who is in on it or who would help cover up.  It’s not like there haven’t been third parties (Friends of Science in the 2006 election comes to mind) helping to interfere with elections.

    • As an objective outsider, I would have to agree with you. However, I know for a fact that Matt Meier is a very involved supporter of the Conservative Party as well as the even more right-wing Wild Rose Party in Alberta. It’s also on record that he has made a LOT of money through contracts with the Conservative Party (the only political party Racknine has ever worked for).

      If he gets away with this without any penalties, it would be seriously unjust. I’ve heard wind of his future plans to take his business of political meddling to Social Media and other mediums, and he needs to be stopped. Feigning ignorance when it comes to something like this isn’t good enough. There needs to be some accountability from the people that enabled this to happen, not just from the Conservatives.

      • If anyone is buying the Bull…. this guy is selling by feigning ignorance, the fool tht is fooling is the fool that is you. It was a calculated attempt from the beginning by this Rachnine guy and the Conservative party to suppress the vote. They knew what they were doing was wrong and made sure someone else, other than themselves fall on the sword. Canadians need to wake up and smell the coffee with these guys. they are systematically turning politics/elections in this Country into a sham.

  3. Does anyone know if this was the same outfit used to spread lies about an impending retirement of a Liberal MP?

  4. Jail time for Cons and a new election is needed…

  5. The repercussions might be significant: How legitimate is this government?  Is this really a criminal organization as defined in the Criminal Code?  What are the implications for asking Canadians to continue paying tax dollars if these a/n questions are answered “YES”?
    Sadly, the reality of our democratic system has revealed itself again: bananas abound!
    Whats next? Jack-booted thugs? Death squads?  Anyone nervous about speaking out against this government?

  6. This is not a election strategy it’s an out right attact on demonacy and system of goverancy.

    If it can be proven to the deliberate or arganized poigram by any Political Party then lets see the perpreatios going to jail the parties canditated whom were elected being bared from public office-with the loss of all pension rights and and that party assesed the full costs of any by elections 

  7. He should have no problem providing billing information then as to who at least paid for the service.

  8. Machiavellian, calls sending voters to the wrong location, tells me the Conservatives care more about power than about Canadians or democracy. I had a guy drive up in a truck, hammer a Conservative candidate sign into my front lawn in Toronto. I went out and confronted him, he came up with a name of one of the house’s tenants (who had not asked for a Conservative lawn sign). Then he sped away when I took out my phone to photograph him and his unmarked van.

  9. As the noose tightens I’m waiting for this guy to next claim “I was only following orders…”.

  10. As CEO of Racknine I make it a point to never ask or check how our services are used.  Whether its election fraud, or any other illegal activity, my ignorance is bliss.  I shirk all responsibility except to make money.
    (Even though legally, we are responsible for doing due diligence and not aiding and abetting criminal activity.  Ignorance is no excuse.)

  11. For the most part
    the “racknine” findings were dumped on the public  by the MSM on garbage-day.


    I well be very
    disappointed. with Election Canada if this latest Conservative election fraud
    comes to the same end as the “in-and-out” Conservative fraud.


    If this is passed
    over Harper well treat it like the Contempt of Parliament vote and,

    continue on with his
    slash and burn of Canada’s democracy.


  12. I don’t understand why it’s taken so long for this to come out.  The election was almost a year ago.

    WRT Matt Meier, this is classic.  Conservatives are the first to lecture single moms when it comes to personal responsibility but when they are are implicated in serious crimes, it’s somehow not their fault.  There, there, Matt.  Someone took advantage of you.  You’re just a victim.  We all feel sorry for you.

  13. Ignorance is no excuse in the eyes of the law and this Conservative Front Company has broken the law – Elections Canada is oblagated to take action against the Conservative Party

  14. Yeah thats it Bob those 12 votes in Alberta cost you the election…give your head a shake!

  15. Meirs is so out of touch with the workings of his business, he doesn’t know what messages they are sending??

    Therefore RackNine is not a business anyone can trust, according to it’s own CEO!!!

    Now that’s CYA.

    I suggest the  RC’s grill this weasel good – he’ll roll over on all his CON buddies!

  16.  Jail time for HarperCONs….

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