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The Toronto Star reports that officials were already permitted to confirm an individual’s identity at citizenship ceremonies.

Before Monday’s ban of the niqab at citizenship ceremonies, Ottawa already had a protocol to verify the identity of a new citizen behind the veil. Officials at the ceremony, usually citizenship clerks, could pull aside someone wearing a niqab — a veil that only shows the eyes — and lift it for identification, the immigration department confirmed Tuesday.

Yesterday during QP, Conservative backbencher Wladyslaw Lizon seemed to be given some credit for alerting the Immigration Minister to the fact that one could be veiled while actually reciting the oath.

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Show yourself

  1. But Jason, the fashionista and aspiring czardine, just couldn’t leave it alone.

    • Czardine. Funny. Like a bunch of identical dead fish in a smelly oil sauce who know what’s good for you.

      • LOL I was trying to say he wants to take over from Czar Stephen someday, but now you mention it….your image does pretty much sum up his cabinet.


  2. Another faux veil problem created to keep the base happy.  Shameful, Mr. Kenney..

  3. Let’s be fair.

    Mr Kenney did mention that the issue was people couldn’t tell if veiled women were actually reciting the oath under a veil.

    It isn’t a big deal. The real issue is how important is the oath. Some would say it’s critical and others would say it’s trivial.

    • “Let’s be fair.”
      You’ve come to the wrong place.

      • God yes, disgraceful is seen for what is on here by those who haven’t taken the SH loyalty oath.

      • This is a place that calls dog-whistle racism what it is.  Does that make it the wrong place?

  4. Next: Requiring all potential citizens to hold both hands up, visible to the presiding judge, just to make sure nobody has their fingers crossed.

    • LOL Perfect!

  5. Does Jason have any quantifiable statistics other than one M.P and some supposed Citizenship Judges (Who?  How many? When?) to speak to the need to deal with such a “pressing” issue?

    Oh wait, I forgot.  These Cons don’t like actual facts to get in they way of their ideological jihad.

    • Cons prefer to rely on anecdotes, both real and imagined.  I’d be curious to know how many Muslim woman, veiled or not,  are becoming citizens in any given year.

      • When it comes to not letting a paucity of evidence stand in the way of an ideological crusade, the cons can’t hold a candle to the proggie left and their judicial fellow travelers.

        • Time to sign up for the de-programming GWF. 

          • While I’m doing that, here’s a fun exercise – go to Canlii.org, search judgments for the phrase “judicial notice” and count the hits in decisions embraced by your ilk.

          • We’re an ilk, we’re an ilk!

          • Well, you’re several other things as well, but decorum prevails.

          • Describe Irony:

            Submitting the hit count for ‘judicial notice’ in Canadian jurisprudence as solid proof that liberals are willing to accept things without solid proof.  

        • Too true.   Conservatives had to create Conservapedia so there would be somewhere to access evidence-based information.

  6. I’m just curious… if it is so important that citizens-to-be recite the oath, what happens if they screw up the words? (I speak now of the ceremonies with several people doing it at once.) Are they forced to repeat it again and again until they get it perfect, or does someone play the Price Is Right loser song as immigration officials carry them to the nearest airport for deportation? What if someone yawns or coughs during the recitation and covers their mouth? Or if they are standing behind someone and their mouth is blocked?

    Why, with all of these possible ways, WE MAY ALREADY BE OVERLOADED WITH ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS!!!!!!!1!! QUICK! BUILD A WALL!

    (I always just assumed the oath recitation is more ceremonial than anything. Kind of like wedding vows… while they are important to the bride and groom, legally it’s the signature on the license that matters.)

    • …I always just assumed the oath recitation is more ceremonial than anything…

      While not necessarily agreeing, isn’t ceremony important too?  Or is the citizenship rite no more deserving of solemnity than a junior high personal hygiene class?

      • Have you been to one – people appear to be taking the whole thing pretty seriously.
        Sounds like another non-existent problem.

      • Ceremony is important on a personal level, but in the long run it’s just that: ceremonial.

        Take graduating from university… I finished my exams, then moved to another province a few days later. As a result, I didn’t attend the convocation ceremony. That doesn’t mean I didn’t graduate university and that the previous four years of work were lost, it means that I missed out on the ceremony and celebration of my graduating class.

        But then, I’m speaking in generalities. I’ve never been to a citizenship swearing in ceremony, so the whole thing may be more important than I know. However, if that is the case, and the oath recitation is THAT important, shouldn’t it be done as a one-on-one thing to be sure that everything is proper?

        Maybe it’s just me, but I find the whole idea of getting worked up over a scrap of fabric worn by a small number of people ridiculous. 

    • No wonder people are lining up to come here, the word is out you can fake the oath. 

  7. If everyone is seeing this as a conservative standpoint to just win public trust, backoff.  This ban was needed to be created long ago, to show that once you enter Canada, you have to obey Canadian law. Ex: The Honour Killing that happen Ontario recently

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