Sign here, minister


Is Mr. Harper’s cabinet so stifled that his ministers are down to signing petitions in order to express themselves?


Sign here, minister

  1. Probably not a good move on Findlay’s part, but I don’t see that her signature seriously impairs the government’s negotiating abilities.

    And just a tad of a cheap shot on your part Aaron, since the petition in question was not regarding any Federal government policy or action. Cute though.

    I do find it somewhat amusing that signatories are coming forward and supporting this part or that part but not the whole wording of the petition. See, this is what I don’t like about omnibus bills. Sucks when that game is played back at ya, isn’t it?

  2. Liberal critic Todd Russell: “It would seem to me that if the minister is putting herself in any way, shape or form into a position where she’s favouring a particular viewpoint on this, that would be inappropriate to me.”

    Yes, God fobid that a federal cabinet minister should express a view on any issue outside of the narrow confines of her own portfolio. Mrs. Finley signs a petition critical of police conduct, blissfully unaware that by criticizing the OPP she has somehow “muddled the position” of the federal goverment on an aboriginal land dispute completely unrelated to her portfolio.

    It is convenient for an opposition critic to assume that any cabinet minister who expresses any opinion on any issue is not simply speaking her mind, but is in fact expressing the position of the Government of Canada. What tangled webs we weave.

    • an aboriginal land dispute completely unrelated to her portfolio.
      except that Caledonia is in Ms. Finley’s riding, the dispute is over two years old, and the good folks here who re-elected her by a margin of 300 votes are getting m i g h t y pissed off. To be honest, I’m just glad she’s finally expressed an opinion on anything marginally related to Caledonia.

  3. Stupid move, absolutely stupid. Given that Harper wants the police on his side, votes, etc., she really made a boo boo. I’m not surprised.

    • If Harper is really concerned about “having the police on his side” it would be easier to accomplish by simply giving the RCMP their pay increase. Until he does that I will dismiss any claims that Harper is somehow trying to pander to the police.

  4. This is a cabinet minister, not a backbencher. Unless the petition represents the official position of the government, Finley shouldn’t have signed it.

  5. Findley and Barrett are beyond dumbass. They both inappropriately signed a petition they did not believe in just to potentially have a dig at McGuinty. The petition is about Fantino’s actions and not the provincial governments handling of the Caledonia situation.

    Not that long ago Rob Michell was quoted
    “Fantino is regarded as conservative in his politics and has been actively wooed as a “marquee” candidate for the Conservatives to run in the riding of Vaughn,”

    (Rob Mitchell was a senior aide to former premier Ernie Eves)

    no wonder Harper keeps such a tight lid on his caucus.

    • The synthetic “controversy” over Findley’s signature on a petition is tenuous at best, which may explain why only Aaron Wherry and some nameless CP reporter deemed it worthy of attention.

      But thanks for using your psychic powers to get inside Findley’s head and divine that her secret motivation in signing her name was to “potentially have a dig at McGuinty”, as opposed to actually supporting the petition. This changes everything!

  6. Heck, MPs are allowed to take a position. The people who whine that MPs no longer have influence or positions of their own are the same people who whine if a minister does something so small as signing a petition.

    So she decides to express her opinion on the issue! As long as she’s not a judge or a mediator, there is nothing wrong with that!

    And Wherry’s title to this post shows him to be the partisan that he is – it’s childish and imbecilic.

  7. So, Finley expresses her opinion in her riding on an issue under her purview as an MP, and that is to be considered just her personal view with no impact on her duty as an elected MP to represent ALL constituents. Uh-huh.

    One constituent, Fantino, isn’t going to be forgetting her ‘opinion’ any time soon.

    Just as many of her constituents of a different ‘opinion’ will not be forgetting her personal opinion when she stands in the HoC (if that day ever comes again) and espouses the view of the Government with a nod to just some of her constituents. Apparently, many of her constituents know now which way she is leaning, and any further negotiations with her are defunct. Hence Diane Finley has been removed from that file. The credibility is shot.

    People = Government. Not just some people. More’s the pity, eh Diane? and Doug, and Stephen, and Julian? etcetera, etcetera, etcetera