Sitting down for change


You might be tempted to mock the Prime Minister for the obvious displeasure he shows in this photo.

But on this his moral compass points in the just direction. Indeed, the wave, by any objective standard of human behaviour, is lame.


Sitting down for change

  1. Is that it? – oh please you can do way better than this l Lame ‘ attempt at a putdown. I mean really the only lame thing is that you didn’t even attempt at being clever or humorous nada, zip, void, zilch – I am vbery disappointed as I was expecting something interesting maybe acaption contest or a clever little tidbit but nothing …

  2. Fairly similar range of emotion to those around him, no fake smile. I think it’s good. He’s not making a fool of himself.

    • You have no idea how much Shawn Graham is embarrassing me in that photo.

      Well, embarrassing me more than usual, that is.

  3. I’d prefer to have a PM who is capable of having (even some lame) fun. Possessing competency, foresight and intelligence would be great too. But Steve is clearly lacking in all these characteristics…

  4. Harper is a robot, I knew it!!!

  5. The poor guy is probably just looking forward to getting home, relaxing and shaking hands with his children.

    • Anyone who has ever dropped his 11 year old boy off at school and been told in advance that he`s too old for that hugging stuff especially in front of his friends would know what`s going on. The fact that 4 years later you and your ilk are still talking about this tell me a lot more about you guys then I`ll ever need to know about PM Harper.

      • True.

    • Could he look any less enthused? What is wrong with the guy??

      • Have you ever watched curling? Can you imagine the wave at a curling match? Seriously, I like the sport, but doing the wave at a curling match is just completely ridiculous. Do they do the wave at golf? At chess matches? At book clubs? At poetry readings?

        He is trying to avoid the pillaging from the press that would have happened had he not stuck his hands in the air.

        • but he could have put a bit of effort into and at least attempt to smile and not look like the awkward teenager who sits in the back of the class and everyone picks on.
          oh wait, he is.

  6. By the look on Harper`s face I would say he`s probably thinking——Wherry gonna get his hands on this lame attempt to do the wave and you know he`s gonna post it on Liblogs or MacLean`s Blogs or whatever it`s called and they will think I look dumb, but hey at least I`m not as dumb-looking as that guy next to me.

  7. The photo would be ten times more awesome if his two body guards had their arms up too.

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