Sitting down for change?


CBC made note tonight that two cabinet ministers—Rob Nicholson and Stockwell Day—declined to participate in the standing ovation that greeted Stephen Harper when he entered the House. I didn’t notice that myself. I believe I was too busy watching the Prime Minister to see if he might charge down the aisle, seize the mace and proclaim himself king.

Anyway. Make of this what you will.


Sitting down for change?

  1. They all applauded: they’re all drones!

    They didn’t all applaud: there’s dissension in the ranks!

    Jim Karygiannis is angry this change in government wasn’t discussed in advance with the caucus at least:

    Anyway. Make of this what you will.

  2. They all applauded: they’re all drones!

    They didn’t all applaud: there’s dissension in the ranks!

    Jim Karygiannis is angry this change in government wasn’t discussed in advance with the caucus at least: *radio silence*

    Anyway. Make of this what you will.

  3. I suppose Harper going for the mace wouldn’t be much stranger than any of the other developments this past week.

  4. Fer Chrissakes Wherry, how many anti-Harper stories can you write in one day? We get it, you’re a hyper-partisan Liberal, a my Party right or wrong guy, and a serial Harper Hater. Just be done with it.

  5. What is more amazing is that people can clap for Stephane Dion, a man who almost single-handedly brought ruin to the Liberals, forcing them to align with a rather overtly socialist labour party that has openly admitted to allowing Big Labour to pull strings behind the scenes, and a separatist party that has a vested interest only in propping up it’s own sagging economy.

    That this man will be Prime Minister is staggering after he six weeks ago was rejected resoundingly by nearly 80% of the sane population.

    How’s that for hyper-partisan?


  6. Raphael,

    That this man will be Prime Minister is staggering after he six weeks ago was rejected resoundingly by nearly 80% of the sane population.

    Who did the other 20% of the sane population vote for? :)

  7. I’ve long though that Harper’s hold on power is a lot more tenuous than people think.

    Having a tight rein on power is not indicative of being admired.

  8. Let the leadership race for the Conservative party begin!!

  9. And what about the insane vote?

    Looked like Ablonczy stayed in her seat too.

  10. Olaf: woops!

  11. Coup within a coup! Harper out! Day new prime minister until he hands over to the junta prime minister! Meanwhile, Elizabeth May demands representation as the only major party leader not currently leading a government!

  12. forcing them to align with a rather overtly socialist labour party

    I love the clever language: “Why these unabashed Stalinists don’t even have the good grace to hide it!”

    I’m getting primed to drink Conservative tears, seeing as how intellectually and morally bankrupt the arguments/propaganda have been.

  13. Ablonczy has never been a great fan of Harper’s ever since he left her out of his first Cabinet. There will be more.

  14. Re:Peter “Wherry is hyper-partisan”

    Been reading Wherry blog for sometime now and I can assure you he is fairly even in heaping the scorn on the opposition too. Indeed I had to stop reading the daily QP synospsis he provides because, funny as it maybe, it was frankly getting depressing.

    The majority of those elected to represent the people, regardless of political stripe, are an embarrassment. Honorable though their attempts at public service maybe, it is rare to see any kind of thought about what they were sent to Ottawa to do. From an inane opposition in committees and QP, to a government whose members more focused on student union-eque political posturing than guiding a $1.4 trillion/yr economy.

    I had little faith that this government would do anything useful, and I fear the same is true from the rebel alliance too. Only solace we can take is that the Federal government is largely irrelevant in the day-to-day lives of Canadians.

    Merry Christmas!

  15. I’d love to see harper gone. But as much as i want to believe, i really do, i can’t see this gang of misfits succeding. Still, the lord does work in mysterious ways, his wonders…

  16. Guys, latest rumor has it that Three Stooges Government in Waiting already has a blessing of Barrak Obama, US President in waiting. Allegedly new Ambassador of Three Stooges Government contacted the White House trying to secure audience with President Obama only to be told that this dreaded G.W. Bush was still there. Plans for televised meeting betwen Obama and Three Stooges in Oval office had to be postponed until some time next year as G.W. Bush refused his permission to use of Oval Office on emergency basis even on a weekend despite the gravity of political crisis in Canada.

  17. Try and contain your joy Aaron. It’s hard to be a journalist, I know. Please just try.

  18. Hey Karol, keep tooting your Abbott and Costello team, Harper and Flaherty. Neither team is incredibly funny. I dare say, the heat is shining on both for completely different reasons. I don’t know who of us will have the last laugh, but you’ve got plenty of things within your group to keep you muttering, i’m sure.

  19. dan in van
    I can assure you that three stooges government in waiting is funniest thing that ever happened in Canadian politics. It will be remembered for years and years to come.
    There were many shameless things that took place in history of Canadian politics but this is the stupidest that ever took place. Dion does deserve permanent position as a political clown.
    Actually as I think about it I should not call them the three stooges as the gig that are watching is the remake of the Wizard of Oz. I kept forgetting Elizabeth May, the Leader of the Green Party. Harper’s proposal to cut government subsidy affected the Green Party to the tune of two million dollars a year.

  20. Happy days are here again, the skies above are clear again, let us raise a glass of cheer again, happy days are here again. Please make it so Ms. Jean!

  21. You must be confused,

    Kings aren’t elected in, like Harper was.

    Dion, the most unpopular Liberal leader in recent history? Who only recieved a quarter of the vote? He’s the rightful holder of the PM job, for he is, after all, a Liberal which is the natural governing party.

    The natural right to govern. The right of Kings.

  22. Ray Heard:

    “The Liberal Party, which I joined in 1961, has done a Nixonian deal — no, make that a Neville Chamberlain deal — with two devils, the separatists and socialists, that will destroy it, just as the British Liberals fell after WW1 by compromising their principles in pursuit of unattianable power.”

    Yup. Compromising all principles for a naked grab on power,

    usually doesn’t turn out too well for those doing the grabbing.

    How’s that “Dion, the principled one” meme doing? Dion the purported champion in the fight against seperatism hands seperatists a veto power on government, for the first time in history. The federalists in Quebec are going to love that.

  23. A lesson for Mr. Harper: He who lives by the mean spirited partisan atttacks . . .

  24. Quick question, for you and for ITQ:

    Since forming a government in 2006, how many times has Harper relied upon the NDP and/or the Bloc to win a vote in Parliament?

    I’m curious, given the outrage of the past few days, exactly how often Harper himself has done deals with “socialists and separatists”. We already know he took down Paul Martin’s minority by teaming up with the NDP and the Bloc. Of course no one in the broadcast media has bothered to mention this…

  25. “Kings aren’t elected in, like Harper was.”

    Sigh…. For the hundredth time, we don’t elect Prime Ministers. We elect MPs. A majority of MPs in the house have the right, at any given time, to choose the Prime Minister.

    Does nobody on the right understand the frigging rules of a parliamentary democracy?

  26. Oh Boy, I think that since Dion took over as Liberal leader the Tories have been dying to have an election, so the Liberals had to vote with all the time; thus there wouldn’t have been many (any?) occasions when the Tories were propped up by either the Bloc or the NDP.

    Of course, you’d have to be a raving maniac to think that Harper wouldn’t have accepted Bloc support if the tables were turned, i.e. the Tories were way down in the polls and the NDP and Liberals trying to take advantage of that by defeating the government.

    The main point is that he tried to form a government with the NDP and Bloc in 2005, even writing to the GG to that effect: Your Excellency, if the vote of no confidence passes then we don’t need a dissolution etc. The text is floating around here, much quoted the last couple of days. Google site:blog.macleans.ca with some key terms (“harper” “letter” “clarkson” “bloc”) and you should find it.

    All this faux outrage about the Coalition is quite ugly. People literally have no idea how this country is governed. I guess when you neglect the teaching of Canadian history for two generations you can’t be too surprised if people know absolutely nothing. Well, lots of revelations this last week.

  27. “I’m getting primed to drink Conservative tears, seeing as how intellectually and morally bankrupt the arguments/propaganda have been.”

    Ti-Guy, “intellectually and morally bankrupt” is part of the CPoC definition. What surprises me is how many Canadians fail to see it because they do not pay attention. Then there are people like Kody who thinks Canada is a Republic and believes Canadians voted for Harper as President.

    I’m not gloating about this, though — instead I feel a mixture of sadness and anger — sadness that Canadians do not care about our democracy enough to participate, and anger at a thug like Harper who thinks it’s OK to manipulate the Canadians with apparent abandon.

  28. I’ve been thinking about this for the past 24hrs. I have to admit to being a bit nervous about this whole arrangement but I now believe this to be the best arrangement for the country.

    As long as Harper remains PM, this Parliament will not be able to function. Since the Tories can’t be trusted to show some backbone and remove Harper themselves, this coalition is the only viable solution.

    I’m also getting a little tired of the language used by Tories and some pundits. There is no coup or takeover or power grab. Harper failed in his duty as PM of a minority govt to obtain the confidence of the House. In that setting, the Opposition is perfectly within the law to do what it is doing now.

    I would, of course, much prefer to see a majority coalition government to ensure stability but this set up is the only way in which much needed work will get done on the Hill. Harper poisoned the well and he cannot be redeemed. Even after such an episode, Harper cannot be trusted to straighten up and fly right. If he’s left in power, he will take the first opportunity to strike at the Opposing parties, of that we can be sure.

    This is the best solution, as uneasy as it makes some of us feel.

  29. “Looked like Ablonczy stayed in her seat too.”

    You noticed too, huh? I say that it’s about damn time these Conbots woke up and realized that they need to get rid of Harper.

  30. By all accounts, this government is now in shambles. I for one couldnt be happier.

  31. Thx for the giggles. What a fantastic image.

  32. Yes, the Cons still hold the power in this situation and can solve it be removing Harper, he is essentially the fox in the hen house, unable to maintain production of the eggs without eating the chickens.
    Does that party have the backbone or intelligence to do the right thing, because the other option – a coalition – is nearing reality.
    It’s fine for the COns to use these opportunities also to raise funds but at some point they have to realize that they can’t spend it all, unless they shatter into their former incarnations. Of course, they could start doing good deeds with the loot, like building churches or something.

  33. What I thought was more interesting than various CPC members not standing for the PM was the look on Harper’s face as Jim Prentice sat down from his speech to cries of “Leader! Leader! Leader!” from the opposition.

    Mr. Harper looked like he was going to burst into flame.

  34. I’m not sure at this point if removing Harper (who will likely resign anyway) will be enough to keep the Tories in power. Seriously, the other three parties outright hate them, there is an incredible mean-streak. I remember the Liberals could be real jerks as well when in power, but nothing like these Tories.

  35. Harper’s pre-emptive wars.

    The Liberal plan was to hold no-confidence vote at HoC right after results of US election were announced and ride into Canadian elections with the momentum of electoral victory of US Democratic Party.
    Harper pre-emptively called for Federal Elections in Canada in October to prevent US spin masters helping Liberals to win election in Canada as they were busy with US elections helping Democrats.

    After Obama won the new Liberal plan was to trigger no-confidence vote at the end of spring session of Parliament and have another election in summer 2009 with Obama as a President and US Democratic spin masters working full time on Canadian Elections.

    Harper pre-emptied them again by causing current crisis while George W. Bush is still in the Oval Office. That was a last minute call as President Elect Barrack Obama and US Democrats are unable to assist three stooges to establish their legitimacy before Obama moves into the White House.

  36. sure Karol. BTW can I get the number of your dealer? Your stuff sounds way better than what I can get on Commercial Drive

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