Sleeves: rolled up -

Sleeves: rolled up


The NDP launches its campaign with an ad for the Quebec market.


Sleeves: rolled up

  1. Wow, sharp and simple, maybe even elegant if that’s possible? The ” you’ll see a more professional NDP under Mulcair” meme was always overwrought I thought. It reached the point of farce when I heard some eminence on The House muse that ‘the NDP was behaving a little more professionally under Layton, but still nothing like the Liberals, and that they might finally rival the Liberals under Mulcair’ — yes e Liberals! I didn’t catch who this wiseman was, but clearly they experienced some kind trauma that erased any memory of the increasingly erratic behavior of the Liberlas ever since… When… 2003, maybe? They certainly lost any right to be called professional in 2008, and did nothing to get it back after (fundraising, campsigning, messaging, discipline… Name the category, and ‘uneven’ is probably the most complimentary one can be about the Liberals performance in the last five years or so. Anyway, I’d definitely say this ad was produced by a competent and professional NDP. Not that I have any idea whether it will be effective or not. I have a terrible track record on that sort of thing!

  2. Need to run the clip of Mulcair questioning Osama bin Laden’s death or maybe the Americans sent him a photo with him holding a gun in his hand, lol

    Mulcair also said the killing requires “a full analysis” on whether it was self-defence or a direct killing because “that has to do with American law and international law as well.”