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Smiling Jack


The latest ad from the NDP.


Smiling Jack

  1. Watching these NDP ads, it's easy to see why the NDP is surging. Their ads are well done and Jack Layton is dazzlingly charismatic, at the top of his game. I also watched his superb performance on Tout le monde en parle and the french language debate.

    After the dust has settled, Brian Topp is sure to write a book about this campaign, and I look forward to reading it. I'm excited by the possibility that the NDP could steal a significant number of seats from the Bloc.

    There is a downside to all this—the NDP is canoodling with soft separatists far more than I would like—but at the end of the day, the NDP is a federalist party, and anyone who can kick Duceppe's ass in Quebec has my thumbs-up.

    Jack Layton for Leader of the Official Opposition!

    • I share your concerns about the “soft nationalists” but I also think they tend to be the social democrats, concerned about the environment, etc. and if we can work together on some shared values, then that can only be good for national unity. What’s the worst that can happen? I think it’s better to try to bring people on board than to make them feel trapped and ignored. And if it doesn’t work… then I don’t think we’ll be worse off for trying.

  2. That's a very fine ad.

  3. I love this though it must be a sad day for tany Liberlas out there as now jack is becoming the credible alternative to harper and Iggy is standing there looking like a deer caught in the headlights in the dark cold storm night preceeding Iggy's walk of shame. The poor guy I almost feel sorry for the Igster as I see he is now starting to throw mud and slime at Jack after all that high road talk he goes liberla fear and shmear just like the rest! – I think the stupideast mistake he ever made was when he told jack that the NDP would NEVER see power .. guess what jack just might be livng in Stornaway soon and harper is smiling all the way secrelyl not caring about a majority if he could kick the LPT into the ditch where they are headed – what a hoot !

    • As an NDPer, I hope Ignatieff keeps up his bluster about how the federal NDP has never held power. I hope he keeps on telling Canadians that we’re supposed to only vote for “winners”.

      See how that message rolls in Quebec, Iggy.

  4. It's a VERY good ad!

    And why not? Why shouldn't Jack be proud?

    I don't believe in his vision for Canada, but I can understand that other voters will buy into his vision. Such is our rights.

    And let's face it: if the Liberals are trying to get elected on a NDP platform, then it might as well be Layton who gets to carry such platform into the House, not Ignatieff.

    • I think as May 2 gets closer voters will have a better idea of where and how their vote will have the most impact on the outcome of the election. I'm quite pleased to see the NDP taking away seats from the Bloc as it would blow Harper's argument about the opposition parties needing the Bloc support but I'm worried the NDP will split the vote in areas of the country where the Liberals are in a much stronger position to take away seats from the Conservatives. I'm more interested in getting rid of Harper regardless of whether Layton or Ignatieff has the larger number of seats. When the dust settles I hope it's Canadians who come out the winners.

  5. Layton Mania !

    Jack won the debates for me, no other leader can touch Jack as an average Joe Canadian you can TRUST.

    I was considering voting Liberal(ABHarperRegime), but when Jack mentioned the Liberal leaders lack of attendance it really hit a nerve for me, as I've always thought to myself that I just cant picture Iggy sitting their in opposition if he looses the leadership?, I think he'll be long gone back to his American home.

    The hardest working MP in Parliament, bar none.

    • Right on…the whole party as a matter of fact every bill get reads through in the house every bill gets debated and if the bill is worthy they pass it, if the bill is flawed they amend it. Thats working for CANADA.

  6. Commie Jack will hurt Canada if he gets anywhere close to a leadership role. This is a real feel good story because the dude has charisma, no doubt. But, beware of communists like Jack, because in their zeal to redistribute wealth and make everyone equal, they ultimately cripple the engine that drives tax-generating revenues, and everyone loses in the end.

  7. Ignatieff has officially lost it.

    “Who's going to stand up and defend the firearms registry? Jack Layton wasn't there on the firearms registry, just ask the victims of the Polytechnique,” he said.

    Un freaking believable.

  8. .
    The last thing the U.S. State Department wants in Canada is an NDP opposition.

    Mrs. Clinton must be furious. The Harvard shape-shifter isn't doing his job.

    Get Glen Beck up here! Get out the blackboard; need the horizontal line. Need some answers.

    Whodaya think we are…a DEMOCRACY!?

  9. Ignatieff brought this upon himself. He successfully convinced Canada's left that Harper was an undemocratic menace aiming to destroy universal healthcare. However, he failed to present himself as the natural alternative to that menace. For instance, if you want to preserve medicare, why vote in the people that gouged it, when you've got Jack Layton on hand?

    This is a critical moment for the Liberals. While some Canadians truly hold the values of the Liberal party, others are Liberals either because it has historically been the party of power (here I'm talking less about voters and more about key interest groups), or because they are voting strategically to stop the Conservatives. Absent those two factors, the Liberals face evisceration.

    To save the Liberal party of Canada, the Liberals need to squash the NDP. Layton is actually very vulnerable, but hasn't been subjected to much in the way of scrutiny. Off the top of my head the following stand out as weaknesses:

    -Ontario. 1990.
    -Jack Layton has used private health clinics before, not exactly a boon to his Mr. healthcare CV. Is Jack Layton's new hip a bionic implant giving him super charisma? We just don't know, he won't tell us.
    -He wants to extend Bill 101 to federally regulated institutions, and has pledged to open up the constitution.
    -His platform does not appear to be costed, and was probably concocted as a laundry list of potential budget demands in a minority parliament – not as a programme of government.

    • Nobody is suggesting that he is going to win… just that he will do well &/or much better than expected.

    • I agree with you Hoser, Jack has been given a free ride by the media.