South Africa????


Howard Dean….

President Macapagal-Arroyo

Scarlett Johannson….

Who’s next?!?!?!?!

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  1. Being snubbed by Bush could be construed as a compliment.

  2. To be fair, Obama probably only denied having emailed Scarlet Johansson after hearing her album of Tom Waits covers. No one wants to be associated with that.

    • A sort of retroactive snubbing.

  3. Canadian Press is reporting that Harper has decided not to snub his own promises and will launch his long promised listeriosis inquiry today with the appointment of Sheila Weatherill as inquisitor.

    • Hmm…could he have picked a better day to get that story buried?

  4. I didn’t call Scarlet either. Think I’ll try.

    • Yeah, good point. I’ll give her a call and she if she answers. If not, I’ll issue a press release, “snubbed by Scarlett”.

      • Sis.
        I v’e been trying.I think she’s got call display.

  5. I though hopenchange was all about togetherness and uniting the divided? Isn’t Obama all about a new way of doing politics? There are no snubs in Obama-land.