Someone said a bad word


During QP, Justin Trudeau shouted the phrase “you piece of shit” in the general direction of Peter Kent. Afterwards, he stood and apologized. And then Peter Kent stood and demanded that he apologize. And then the Speaker stood and informed Mr. Kent that Mr. Trudeau had done just that.

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Someone said a bad word

  1. Damn, I’m beginning to like Justin.

    • You would. 

      • Actually, I haven’t until now.

  2. Kent made a cutting remark about Megan Leslie not attending Durbin – didn’t he not allow the opposition to attend?  I notice he managed to pick up quite a tan while he was there – how would he have the time to do that I wonder?

    • No ozone to protect him, and he doesn’t know what it is anyway…

    • Exactly.  You can’t come but afterwards I will mock you for not coming.


      I think calling Kent a “piece of shit” is the kindest thing that could be said for him.

      • I would have added something that rhymes with buying before the POS comment.  He really is a douche.

    • Lizzy May went.  So why didn’t Leslie go since it is so important to her?

      • Anyone can go but they need the government to give them accredition to be a delegate.  May was there but not a delegate so she could only attend the public sessions. 

        • Leslie didn’t try that hard.

          “Kent said he still expects to check in with May during the week. She secured a last-minute spot with the government delegation from Papua New Guinea after Canada rejected her.

          “I look forward to meeting with her, and exchanging — as I do back at home in Ottawa during the week — perspectives and observations of the week’s developments here,” Kent said.

          • We might accept that he meant that sincerely except for the whole denying her the accreditation thing ….

          • “But Kent said the Canadian delegation is not alone in its ruling party composition.

            “Very few of the delegations this year here have brought opposition members of their respective parliaments or congresses.”

          • @Le_o:disqus 

            How many of the other ruling parties then mocked the opposition for not being there?

          • So Le_o  you mean that Canada should have just gone along with what the other delegations wanted in Durban?

          • Oh, so Canada’s opposition has to go begging other countries?  What does this say about the state of our democracy, for God’s sake.  And you’re fine with this?  One thing, after Kent’s deft handling of this file, opposition members will no doubt be flooded with invitations for the next meeting. And i’d love to be a fly on the wall if Kent sits down with May at this point.

          • And it could as simple as cutting back on expenses. At least May felt it important enough to put up the money.

            “There are 71 Canadian delegates in all, according to the list provided by Environment Canada. That is down from the 89 people who went to Cancun last year, including then-environment critics Liberal MP Gerard Kennedy and NDP MP Linda Duncan.”

          • @Leo:disqus 
            The way this government spends money – please…

      • Lizzie May got accreditation from the Peruvian govt I believe.

      • Blaming the victim again I see.  Quite the trend.

  3. I’m beginning to think Peter Kent doesn’t know what is going on around him.

    • He’s got shit in his ears… makes it a little tricky to catch all the nuances.

  4. Later, Trudeau explained that shit has very different properties at higher levels of the atmosphere.

  5. Anyone know what Turd thinks about it? 

    • I assume any self-respecting turd would be expecting Trudeau to apologize to crap everywhere for his slanderous comparison to Kent.  (Of course, I have no idea what the guy with the hat thinks>)

      • Hahaha, good one. Yes, it was an insult to shit everywhere.

  6. . “And then the Speaker stood and informed Mr. Kent that Mr. Trudeau had done just that”

    LOL…way to dive straight into the canyon of despair from the moral heights Mr Kent.

  7. A chip off the old block eh!

    Not quite fuddle duddle but it shows some fire’s in the belly.

    Yes, we all know it was  outrageous language in the house, but then Kent’s turning out to be an outrageously dim EM.

    • Huh? We have an EM? News to me…

  8. Yes plucky little Justin, standing up to the guy who pulled us out of Kyoto. What a brave, brave, soul standing up to protect poor Ms. Leslie.

    Seems that if the NDP could send a delagation to Washington to bash the oil sands they probably could have scraped up enough to send the poor urchin to South Africa, but then they wouldn’t have anything to bitch about then would they?

    • Money wasn’t the problem….the govt has to register you as a delegate, and they refused to do so.

    • Kent was so afraid of witnesses he refused to let the opposition members attend, which is a longstanding tradition.  Elizabeth May attended on her own steam but could only attent public events.  This is the stuff of very small men.

    • They were excluded from the official delegation because Kent claimed that’s all the opposition would do – bitch. So they didn’t go[ presumably they would have no official standing]. So, you’re basically saying they shouldn’t complain either way. That makes about as much sense as Kent’s gloating in the house.

    • No worries Darrent – they will eventually get their fact straight, lol  

      “Leslie ended up opting out of Durban altogether, although deputy environment critic Lauren Lui have made the trip. Duncan and May found alternate sponsors to accredit them for the conference, and are travelling on their own dime.”

  9. What are Peter Kent’s comments in reagrds to what he said to Megan Leslie.  Maybe is a grumpy old piece of sh*%.

  10. How justified and yet unjustifiable at the same time! It’s Schroedinger’s insult!

  11. This comment was deleted.

    • I would like to apologize for my comment above.

      • You couldn’t help it. You’re just so full of it that some is bound to spill over when you comment

      • I demand an apology for your comment. 

    • Well put, Calvin — your comments always add a lot to the discussion!  Clarification needed though: do you mean we’re just one big piece of collective shit, or are we individual pieces of shit, plural?  What about the NDP commenters?  And the Conservative commenters are what, angel bunnies?  What about you, Calvin? 

      • Are you calling me an “angel bunnie”?      Thanks  :-)

        • LOL, yes you are certainly one of the most angelic bunnies here.

        • No doubt she’ll apologize for that crack right before you ask her for one.

    • When you sort by ‘newest first’, there are no comments above yours.

  12. Kent himself is so full of bombastic hot air (scientific acronym: BS) he must be a major contributor to global warming all by himself.

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