Someone who loves hockey even more than Stephen Harper


Getting back to our new friend, Floyd Roland, seems the NWT Premier has been suspended.

By the Yellowknife Rec Hockey League.

For fighting.

“The game got a bit aggressive,” Roland admitted to The Canadian Press in an interview from Edmonton on Wednesday. “I did my job as a defenceman, separated a fellow from the puck a couple of times and he took exception to that. He got aggressive with me. “I kept playing my game, which means when things got a little more heated, I stayed in the battle.”

This certainly adds a new level of intrigue to tomorrow’s meeting of the First Ministers.

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Someone who loves hockey even more than Stephen Harper

  1. This guy is good! What happens on the ice stays on the ice.

  2. Brian Burke instantly offers him a three-year contract.

  3. I live in the NWT over the winter months and first came up here in the mid-80’s. While lot’s has changed, some things stay the same. The year i first arrived in Yellowknife the leg had just ruled that you couldn’t return to the house after lunch if you were drunch, apparently quite commanplace. The true North, where men are men and premiers fight.

    • That should read drunk. And no i’m not a MLA.

  4. He and Grapes might enjoy each other’s company in the Senate one day.

  5. He should write a book or something…

  6. I hear he’s writing a book.