‘Someone will die from this’


Doctors confronted Health Minister Leona Aglukkaq in Hamilton yesterday.

O’Shea asked why the federal government hasn’t met with the Canadian Doctors for Refugee Health Care, a national collective that formed this year in response to cuts to refugee benefits.

Kraeker later stood to tell a story about a local seven-year-old refugee seen in Hamilton’s refugee health clinic, where both Kraeker and O’Shea see patients. The boy had an epileptic seizure because he couldn’t get his medication, which would have cost less than a dollar a day, Kraeker said. He was rushed to the emergency room. “I don’t think it’s a stretch to say someone will die from this,” O’Shea said.

The Spectator has more on the exchange between the doctors and Ms. Aglukkaq here.

Joanna Smith talked to some of the doctors involved in these protests here. Jason Kenney was also questioned by a doctor earlier this week in Leduc, Albeta.

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‘Someone will die from this’

  1. “I don’t think it’s a stretch to say someone will die from this …. ”

    Epicurus ~ It is possible to provide security against other ills, but as far as death is concerned, we men live in a city without walls.

    • Your “pithy” quotes are better when they’re even marginally relevant to the topic.

      • Hmmmm……epileptic seizures are not fatal but don’t let the truth get in the way of the facts. Those being that this child will not have prescription coverage when his parent’s immigration claims are processed and he falls under provincial coverage. Unless his parents are on welfare, who exactly will be providing he and his parents with dental, vision and prescription medication coverage?

        • Actually, epileptic seizures are occasionally fatal and, as a health care insider, you would know that.

          My point was that Adams’ quote attributed to Epicurus adds no useful insight to this particular discussion. All it says, essentially, is that death (like taxes, according to another equally trite aphorism) is inevitable for us all. How does that truism illuminate this debate?

  2. Sigh….A 7 year old with a seizure…..definitely a ‘foreign gangster.’

  3. I am starting to despise that weak-kneed health minister. Just a pawn; she knows nothing about healthcare, and apparently, nothing about her own people’s conditions in her own riding. I hope the doctors keep it up all summer. One thing has come to light in the past year: this government caves under public pressure.

    • Yes, such a bright start, and such a disappointment ever afterwards. She must have received a real talking to when she was all reasonable and responsive and transparent and stuff. So sad she chose personal gain rather than principle. She won’t be the last to make that choice, but when its this obvious, its just sad.

  4. By all means, let’s have an enquiry. The truth will tell that this 7 year old’s extended health benefits will end the day his parents healthcare coverage falls under the province they chose to live in UNLESS they decide to live as welfare recipients. Unfortunately, the federal government hasn’t been lying when they claimed that poor working Canadians have no vision, dental or prescription medication coverage. Let’s hear from ONE waitress, or One cab driver or ONE house cleaner out there that has vision, dental or prescription drug coverage…..just ONE…..I am not talking about people on welfare. I think we hope for better than a substandard existance for our new immigrants than a life on welfare. We actually want them to find work and a good life in Canada but what promise do we offer them? You will have dental, vision and prescription benefits as refugees but after that you are on your own because that is the reality in Canada. Why pretend it is different…..bring on the enquiry….let`s show what the reality is for poor working Canadians.

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