Someone’s looking to get kicked out of caucus


Another excerpt from Saturday’s panel discussion. This from Conservative Senator Patrick Brazeau.

We have to stand up for what we believe in, as opposed to what we’re against. And I think, it doesn’t matter what walk of life, what type of work you do, what type of studies you do, everybody, by human nature, is looking for leadership. And I think that, often times, unfortunately, we get into the game of also opposing and such as the attack ads, for example. I would much rather, as a Canadian citizen, see what our government is working towards, what they’ve achieved and what they actually believe in, as opposed to doing the easy work, such as the attack on the Dion campaign for example, where I don’t think the attack ads were necessary. I think the individual spoke for himself … But it’s a question of leadership, standing up for what you believe in and individuals will attach themselves to that. I think that’s what’s needed.


Someone’s looking to get kicked out of caucus

  1. Senator, you better take another look at the masthead, right beside consevative [ fine print ] you’ll notice the warning: no unauthorisizes expression of opinion allowed. Please contact pmo for details.

  2. Somebody’s going to be taken to the wood shed.

  3. Good for him.
    (A progressive Conservative.)

  4. Someone please congratulate him.

  5. But… but… what about all the dozens of dollars that Brazeau temporarily owed in child support payments?

    • That’ll have to wait for a vacant committee spot!

      • good job Critical Reasoning, I had forgotten about the son he hasn’t seen in some years. Thanks.

        • It’s not so bad. His son can always watch CPAC to catch a glimpse of Dad at work.

          • “a glimpse of Dad at work.”
            …but we just said this guy’s a senator…

  6. Someone forgot to tell brazaeu that he was supposed to be a conservative, he speaks up against the dirty politics of the reformers. It would be different if all senators spoke up, I’m sure not all of harpers appointees are in support of mud slinging, and american style politics. The bush era is over harper, so you can stop playing like a playground bully. But I’m sure it will be difficult for the reformers to change their tactics, all they know is bitter divisivness, and mudslinging.

  7. Well said, Senator.

  8. If anyone attended, he was answering a question regarding the woes and low polls in Quebec.

  9. a small glimmer of light in a vast sea of darkness in that party…

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