Somewhere Stephane Dion chuckles and mutters to himself


Thomas Mulcair, asked yesterday by a reporter why he didn’t respond to the Prime Minister’s “dumb idea” challenge in the House.

What I was preparing is questions for the prime minister was on the economy. If the Conservatives want to lie, I’m going to rely on Canadian journalists to show that they’re lying. I’m not going to do that in the House. My goal today was not to take bait, my job was to take the debate to the Conservatives on the failings on the economy and that’s what I’m going to continue to do.


Somewhere Stephane Dion chuckles and mutters to himself

  1. Hurrah!

    I am delighted Canadian journos and NDP are working together to show Cons are lying. Sure, all pols lie all the freakin’ time, few of us believe anything a pol says but our msm is going to focus on Conservative lies while completely ignoring everyone else’s naughty behaviour. Canadian political reporting will be even more uninformed and witless then it already is.

    All pols lie, just like all people lie. Calling someone a liar is inane when general public think all pols are liars, not just Cons.

    • Relying on the media to expose lies is what Dion did.

      See how far it got him?

      • Except Dion was proposing policy, and the easier line of reporting was just putting out what the CPC says about it. This is where Mulcair’s being pretty smart. He’s not putting out a grand plan really, he’s just pointing out the flaws in the CPC ones.. boring crap to reporters who aren’t political junkies.

    • I recall a party once calling upon the populace to “Demand Better”.

      Oh those halcyon days!

    • Then, how about giving Mulcair credit for explicitly not resorting to the “liar” epithet. Judging from from your comment, you should see that as admirable restraint.

    • THEY ARE THE GOVERNMENT. Stop making false equivalencies. Parliament is irrelevant; the media are the opposition insofar as keeping the government semi-honest and on their toes. For governments of every stripe.

  2. I for one think that if the journalists decide that fun (and readership) is to be had by ragging the puck for the NDP that they will really demonstrate the ‘purported’ bias that everyone claims there is in the news reporting today. Journos didn’t do it for the Liberals when they have been pounded by the Conservative machine for the past 5 years…claiming (and rightly so) that it’s the Liberals job to convince voters. ‘Defending’ the NDP would look very hypocritical indeed.

    • It is the media’s job to keep an eye on the govt, and to expose lies and wrong-doing wherever it occurs.

      All 34 million of us can’t fit in Ottawa and watch the govt everyday….so the media is supposed to be doing that for us.

      Since it applies to all parties equally…it’s hardly bias…..

      The media also needs to explain things to citizens. Few understood the Green Shift for example [since this is about Dion]….so it needed a simple bullet point explanation. ‘A tax on everything’ was an outright lie, and the media failed in it’s duty on both these things.

      • EmilyOne….agreed on that score, there were a number of Liberal policies that should have been given closer scrutiny by the press when the Conservatives got their communication machine going….but failure to do so benefitted not just the Conservatives but the NDP. Are you suggesting that now that the Liberals have been effectively quashed, the NDP should benefit from some sort of defense that other parties didn’t get? Since you can’t turn back time….how do you suggest the journalists rectify the imbalance should they choose to go the route of actually doing their jobs now?

        • Stop whining.

        • What?

          I believe I clearly said that all parties should have their platforms scrutinized

          PS The Libs haven’t been ‘quashed’…..they lost an election.

    • It’s not really “defending the NDP” to call out the Cons when they lie. But really, the press has been uncritically stenographing Conservative lies for ages now. Why the change? Is there a change, or is it only a small pocket of frustration (such as Mr. Wherry)?

      • I believe the change is exactly because of what Mulcair is saying. He’s sticking to his lines and basically working really hard to be boring while he does his job.

        Media hates boring. So they go looking for controversy and find how the CPC is lying.

        On the other hand, when Liberals were in opposition, they were always going on about the latest CPC lie.. so media got their controversy just by reporting “The Liberals say ….” and they don’t have to fact check a thing. Easy.

        Trudeau was absolutely right about that part, when he told the media, “Look, if I tell you I did not give that man the finger, the headline is “Trudeau denies it”, if I tell you I did, the headline is “Trudeau admits it”. The follow-up, which perhaps he didn’t think of was, “If I don’t tell you anything, you’re forced to go looking for facts for a change.”

        The thing that any person needs to remember about the media is that by and large, like everybody else, reporters are lazy people who just want to get their article in, go home, and watch the game or whatever. So long as their articles keep people around to look at the adverts, their job is done.

    • If Harper wants to talk of nothing but carbon taxes, he can’t complain if the press follows his lead. How can his criticism of cap and trade not lead to his promoting of it not too long ago? For the press to ignore that would be shilling for him. This silly attack strategy has blown up on him. He shouldn’t make it worse by whining about supposed press bias.

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