‘Sorry I can’t help you’


Michelle Shephard finds both a former Guatanamo guard and a former Guantanamo detainee willing to speak on Omar Khadr’s behalf.


‘Sorry I can’t help you’

  1. Although he said he went to Guantanamo with an open mind (he says others regarded him as callous because he was not surprised when the U.S. was attacked and did not feel it was calamitous when compared to other atrocities worldwide), he has returned a changed man. He converted to Islam and got out of the army as quickly as he could.
    The most interesting part of this story is barely mentioned. How on earth did a former Guantanamo guard end up converting to Islam?

    • There’s probably some reading involved. Maybe a multiple choice quiz. And then a tasteful ceremony, followed by punch and pie.

    • Lima Syndrome needs neither punch nor pie, only weak-willed captors and strong-willed captives.

    • “How on earth did a former Guantanamo guard end up converting to Islam?” probably in a similar way Romans converted to Christianity before it was called “Christianity” and corrupted into a messed-up caricature of religious interest designed to serve narrow self-serving material interests with many passive complicit mindless drone-like followers as it has largely become today.

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