Spank ’em if you got ’em


Whatever the Canadian Medical Association Journal says, Rob Nicholson isn’t interested in banning spanking.

First drafted in 1892, the ever-resilient law has withstood repeated Senate, House of Commons and Supreme Court challenges to keep Canada as one of the world’s only developed countries to sanction corporal punishment.

That is unlikely to change, a spokeswoman for Justice Minister Rob Nicholson said Tuesday. “Parents are in the best position to raise their children,” Julie Di Mambro wrote in an email to the Post. “We believe it is up to them, not the government, to decide what is best for their children so long as it is within reason.”


Spank ’em if you got ’em

  1. Parents are allowed to murder their children in Canada so I don’t see why parents can’t also spank them.

  2. As a child abuse survivor, I’d like to state that parents don’t in fact know what’s best for their children.

    Especially if they hit them. Anyone who thinks it’s okay to hit people should be punished. That is all.

  3. The question is whether hitting your kids is “within reason” isn’t it?

    • Bingo. Not too long ago, after all, it was considered “within reason” for a man to smack his wife if she was being difficult. Not much earlier than that, it was “within reason” to beat your slaves to get better performance from them.

  4. As a Generation Xer,most of those I knew not only grew up with paddlings/corporal punishment in school, but whippings in the home. No one I knew who received a healthy dose of both–along with direct parenting and discipline–are were no more “emotionally damaged” than physically damaged. However, corporal punishment wouldn’t work nowadays because of the extreme way parents rear their children; they either fail to teach them no respect for rules of authority, or they are overly protective of children (in effect, turning them into sissies). If our society is OK with teaching criminals that killing is wrong by executing them, then logically there should be nothing wrong with a society which teaches that hitting/assault in school is wrong by paddlings them!

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