Theresa Spence hunger strike working to a crescendo

Tease the day: Attawapiskat chief gives the PM a 72-hour ultimatum


CP/Sean Kilpatrick

Theresa Spence’s hunger strike is working to a crescendo. The Attawapiskat chief’s refusal to eat solid food has attracted significant media attention almost from the beginning, but it’s naturally taken on greater urgency as the days and weeks pass. Yesterday, she gave Prime Minister Stephen Harper a 72-hour ultimatum—either meet with her and other Aboriginal leaders, or watch her grow yet weaker. Meanwhile, the Assembly of First Nations has requested its own meeting with Harper for Jan. 24, a year after its Crown-First Nations meeting of early 2012. That prospective meeting in three weeks isn’t good enough for Spence, who says she can’t last that long but, importantly, won’t eat until a meeting actually occurs.

This emerging  combination of urgency and conflicting messaging on the Aboriginal side, fused with the decentralized demands of the broader Idle No More movement that is deliberately independent of traditional Aboriginal leadership, can’t help the cause. The prime minister’s being forced to choose which Aboriginal voices represent the movement, and which of their issues are most important. This can’t go on forever, if anyone on the Aboriginal side hopes to meet with Harper before Spence’s health takes a turn. How they solve that puzzle is utterly unclear.

What’s above the fold this morning?

The Globe and Mail leads with a $250-million federal subsidy for the country’s automakers. The National Post fronts Attawapiskat Chief Theresa Spence’s 72-hour ultimatum to Prime Minister Stephen Harper and a representative of the Crown. The Toronto Star goes above the fold with labour unrest among Ontario’s teachers. The Ottawa Citizen leads with the same story. iPolitics fronts Russia’s potential dominance of Arctic shipping. CBC.ca leads with the release from hospital of Malala Yousafzai, the Pakistani girl shot by the Taliban. National Newswatch showcases a Sun News Network story asking questions about finances on the Attawapiskat reserve in northern Ontario.

Stories that will be (mostly) missed

1. Injunction. First Nations groups will take the federal government to court over its pending approval of the Canada-China Foreign Investment Protection Agreement. 2. US blacklist. People who apply for Canadian visas will have their identities checked against American blacklists, and those from several countries will be fingerprinted during the process.
3. Embassy issues. A federal investigation into allegations of widespread improprieties at Canada’s embassy in Denmark confirmed that problems did, or do, exist. 4. Ship damage. A Canadian ship, HMCS Athabaskan, was damaged off the coast of Cape Breton, and Navy officials are currently assessing the ship’s weakened hull.


Theresa Spence hunger strike working to a crescendo

  1. It was a British prime minister, Harold Macmillan, who when asked what was the greatest challenge for a leader replied, “Events, my dear boy, events.”

    • Well done Emily. You’re a knowing little basket, aren’t you? The Head Office agitators must fix you up with a daily set of briefing notes before they send you off with your tweeter. Big chunks of meat to toss out to the great unwashed.

      Speaking of meat, maybe Chief what’s her name will get a steak or two at KP when they cart her off to talk about the allegedly missing millions.

      Oh, and any time you’re ready I’d still like to know how the Constitution moved your Attiwapiskats from 4 dollars a head under the Treaty to $90 million plus Zamboni.

      You seem to be having a tough time coming up with the answer to that.

  2. I hope she starves herself to death. Sadly, that would probably take years.

    • What kind of a person wishes death on someone trying to help their community? Disgusting.

      • Trying to help her community? How is she doing that sitting in a tepee in Ottawa. She should be home managing her reserve. I bet she is still getting paid even though she is not on the job.

        • By bringing awareness to an issue that has long been neglected.

          • How about bringing actual native labor and manpower efforts instead of sitting on your butt yet some more ‘awareness’ to what’s been neglected? All this awareness, and the neglected is still be neglected. Help comes to those who help themselves.

      • Cons claim to be such good Christians too!

        • Yes, all Conservatives claim to be Christians.
          And all Liberals claim to be atheists (unless there’s a Muslim around, then religion is great!)

          • Heck YOU were claiming to be a christian just last week…..and before that you were an atheist for years. LOL

            You, of course, are simply a troll…religious or not.

            I’d love to know what Libs claim to be atheists though….I’ve never heard of any.

          • Lying again. I never claimed to be a Christian. Please point out where I did, troll.

          • LOL you can’t even remember what you’ve claimed by now

            No Lib names given here Rick…..hmmmm

          • Why would it matter if he was Christian or not?

            1) He is not every conservative person in Canada.
            2) I’ve seen some pretty bad christian people, who aren’t kind at all.
            3) I’ve seen some really nice Christians who want to help others, and not all those are conservative.

      • What kind of person thinks that killing them self will help their community? The only sad thing is that in Chief Spence’s case they might actually be better off without her hands in the cookie jar.

      • What kind of person fakes a hunger strike to get a meeting with someone that most of us will never get the chance to meet. What kind of person will threaten harm to herself just to get her way. What kind of person’s leadership is so bad her reserve is the worst in Canada.

  3. Maybe he’ll have pity: meet with you, and hand you a sandwich. But I can tell you this much: he’s not interested in giving your corrupt council any more money. Go spend some of the $9M you have in the bank.

  4. It is not a hunger strike if she is eating soup and who knows what other liquids that aren’t water.

    • I was trying to find out from Emily how much water there is in a case of Moosehead.

  5. If it does nothing else, this hunger strike is worthwhile for drawing out the seething hatred of First Nations that usually remains hidden.

    • Agreed. FN knows about it, but I doubt most Canadians do, so this is an eye-opener for them.

    • It’s pretty sad to see how many people are so ignorant and hate filled… It shows how poorly we were educated on what we did to them. We’re the cause, and this is the effect.

      • Sorry, I did nothing you tool! Peddle your white guilt elswhere!

        • Spreading hate for people who did nothing to you is something…

          • I was quite educated on how they were treated, how alcohol was fed to them so they became alcoholics so it would be easy to take advantage of trading with them, and the horrible things done in the residential schools. That is how they WERE treated, now they are handed millions of dollars while most people work hard for their money. Maybe the parents should start improving on themselves and help their children to grow up in healthier homes, so they can have a healthier future. Instead this woman puts millions in stock instead of trying to improve the community, putting her needs before everyone else’s.

            Change has to come from within these people to better their lives, not from gov’t’s money.

          • Totally agree. When you talk to those `who made it`, they thank their parents for having guts to leave the reserves.

    • I don’t think it’s actually hatred. I think it is a growing frustration by both aboriginal and non aboriginal that things never change. It’s the same year after year. The same complaints, the same issues but nothing seems to get done. The taxpayers of Canada pour in approx. $8 billion to some 600 reserves annually yet they cannot get adequate housing, water and education. Come on now. The fact is there is a problem with the aboriginal leadership. They are suppose to represent the aboriginal people of Canada. When are they going to start holding their own chiefs and band councils responsibile for results. If its true that Attawapiskat has millions in investments and yet there are aboriginals on that reserve living in sub standard housing whose fault is that? Its not Stephen Harpers.

      • Ahhh yes, a few band chiefs are responsible. No one else. Not whites, not restrictive laws, not isolation….just a few band chiefs.

        • The situation is far from perfect but there are a large group of “aboriginal leaders” who need to accept and take responsiblity for what is happening on their reserves. The Indian Act is archaic to put it kindly but the fact is there is no way an agreement could be made to throw it out and start over. That would be like opening the constitution and we all know where those discussions go. So we need to make incremental improvements.
          You simply cannot keep throwing $8 billion a year into a system and have no changes. Something is wrong. Now I have no idea whether most of that money goes to Ottawa bureaucrats to support the system or whether that is what is actually going into reserves each year. However, something has to give and while you would like to blame Stephen Harper the Libs governed Canada for most of the last century and they did diddly swat about improving the lives of our aboriginal people. So there is lots of blame to go around.

          • There are large groups of white people who need to accept and take responsibility for what is happening on the reserves. There are millions of whites….less than a million natives.

            So they haven’t been the ones who’ve stalled things for 2 centuries! Residential schools weren’t THEIR idea. Neither is unsafe water, and crappy food, and unusable schools.

            Harp was the one who threw out the Kelowna Accord.

          • Kelowna was on a piece of paper. There was no budget. Just a lot of nice words. It was not close to implementation. It was a hail mary just as Martin was leaving office.Otherwise it would have been in place and Harper would be following it today. However, throwing money at a problem is not always an answer. There are real systemic issues that need to be resolved. Do you honestly believe another $10 billion was going to solve the cultural/social problems on reserves?
            Of course it is all the white mans fault. The aboriginals have no responsibility at all. Give me a break Emily. There are a lot of high priced “leaders” in the aboriginal community who are living high off the hog and yet nobody seems to demand improvement on the reserves that are being mismanaged. As long as you are in the leadership or a chief or on the band council and/or are related to anyone of these groups you are doing fine. However, those on the lower end of the social economic scale you get the crumbs handed out.
            You and others keep raising the residential school issue. It was deporable. Quit making excuses for bad behaviour. Drugs, alchold, suicide, no jobs, welfare and no hope. That is not something that money alone will solve. However, do we have to flog oursleves continually over it? We gave an apology and compensation which doesn’t solve the problem but at least it was acknowledged. Its time to move on and solve the issues of today and there are plenty of them.

          • No, the solution was in Harper’s hands…..and he dropped it.


            Stop worrying about all these chiefs you claim are living in mansions and driving beemies…..you’ve never been on a reserve.
            Solve the issues of today and move on…..? Fine. When is that going to happen?

          • When you stop being an irrational moron.

          • And you have been on a reserve? Drive through some and even those collecting oil and gas royalties on top of federal money look no different from the `poor` ones.

          • Yes, I’ve been on reserves….in both Alberta and Ontario.

            Reserves don’t allow private property, so the homes look the same everywhere.

          • Kelowna was not just a piece of paper. It took 18 months of consultations to get to it. It would have been very easy to find the money; it was only $5B over 10 years. Remember in those days the federal government had large surpluses. The lack of budget was just Harper’s excuse because he did not want to implement it. His one percentage point reduction in the GST cost $7B a year in revenues. That would have paid for a lot of Kelowna.

          • You can negotiate until the cows come home. It is the implementation that is the issue. There was no framework for implimentation of the Accord and I don’t believe money was the sole issue. Grand bargains and schemes we have had plenty of tht over the years. However, nothing seems to change. I don’t believe Kelowna would have done anything to resolve the issues. You are right the amount of money was small in the scheme of things but as I say money is not always the answer. I don’t believe the PM likes to see the situation that face the aboriginal community but he has a responsibility to see that the actions taken actually achieve something both for the country and individual aboriginals.

          • I think the reason the Idle No More movement is separate from the leadership is because they are demanding change and improvement on all levels, am I misguided in that understanding?

            The only way to solve the issues of today is to make sure everyone fully understands what the issues are and why they exist… It still isn’t taught in our schools… I remember learning a lot about segregation in the states, but never about what happened here in Canada.

          • Rome wasn’t fixed in a day. The aboriginal leadership needs to be more focused. I can’t tell you what the issues are. Settlement of treaties? Thats a pretty broad statement. They all can’t be fixed at once so why not set a realistic goal for some of the treaties and work towards resolving them. Education is a problem. Why did the AFN walk out on the discussions? That’s no way to solve a problem. Housing? Identify the most urgent and work to get them resolved. If the government doesn’t react then Idle NO More movement has a reason for being. However, making vague demands is not going to solve the problem.

          • You realize we’re all human beings right? We should all be treated equally. I don’t think you get this concept, but I guess you’ve probably scammed the gov’t of millions yourself, and think it’s ok and should continue.

          • All that and your feeble contribution is a yap yap yap yap yap of lies and confusion.

            Why don’t you drive up there with a truckload of White Swan and help the poor little things wipe their tails

            Take a little humour up there with you. Show them your Swiss Army Knife, the one you got from Kyle with the ear piercing tool and the toke holder.

      • I do think there’s plenty of opinions here and elsewhere (http://rjjago.wordpress.com/2013/01/04/the-only-good-indian-is-a-dead-indian/) that go too far to be simple frustration.

        And I do understand the source of the frustration. I’d be frustrated too if I believed that First Nations were receiving large amounts of money without producing results.

        Fortunately I checked that belief with data and found it to be false. In 2009, First Nations people received $8,400 per capita for government-provided services. The average non-First Nations Canadian received over $18,000.

        It’s amazing how many people are suddenly so passionate about First Nations. And just how many people’s opinions align so perfectly with Stephen Harper’s spin.

        • You are comparing apples and oranges.

          • In what way? How is social spending on First Nations fundamentally different than social spending on the rest of us?

          • *crickets*

        • Show us the data

          • That’s a complete lie. http://www.fin.gc.ca/tax-impot/2011/html-eng.asp
            7 billion went to natives on reserves. 300,000 natives live on reserves. That’s 23,000 per person, which is 5000 more than other Canadians. When you also add the fact that natives on reserves don’t pay federal or provincial tax, it’s even more misleading.

            That lying publication you link is counting natives who live off-reserve to produce misleading figures for boobs like you to regurgitate blindly. It even admits this in fine print at the bottom of page 2, the fact they are counting natives off-reserve. The money paid to reserves is for the natives on the reserves. That document you link to also misleads in other ways. It counts only federal funding to reserves (but they also receive some provincial funding). When it comes to the rest of us, the document counts federal, provincial and municipal funding (also in the fine print). The native numbers exclude provincial funding, and they also exclude the local funding paid by the reserve from other sources (such as resource royalties and any local taxes), which should also be included if they intend to compare to what the rest of us receive from all levels of government generated by federal, provincial and municipal taxes.

            As for the natives who live off-reserve, the receive the same government services per capita as all the rest of us, from the same sources.

            And guess what? The 23,000 per native on reserve does not include medicare for natives on reserves, which is paid for by the federal government!

            Almost anything you say is false. Some things never change.

          • Game, set and match! TJ is cooked! I suspected the link was using cherry picked info, like most people on this board! I just don’t have that much “idle” time to bother!

          • Whenever somebody attaches a link it generally will support their position. However, obviously Cook was playing fast and loose with the facts and that is why I did not respond. When trying to deterrmine the actual funds natives on reserves receive it largely depends on the kind of sources document that is being used. Hence the need to be caution.

          • Huh – fair enough, I think you’re correct.

          • You should apologize to me and others who you tried to deliberately mislead.

      • Incidentally, Attawapiskat won a federal case this year regarding the third-party manager that the Federal Government imposed (at their cost):

        “The judgment said that at no time did officials from Duncan’s department raise any concerns about the community’s management, prior to Marion’s appointment, and no evidence was given to show mismanagement or improper spending.”

      • what the hell your all un informed.quit blaming all Chief & council for spending all the monies. It is not that way for every FN & unless you have documented evidence of fiscal Mismanagement you should leave your hate in your own back yard.As for the Taxpayers believing they support 1st nations. YOU are all fools for believing ones propaganda.Yes funds are Transferred from federal coffers BUT you need to know that the monies that are collected by the Crown from Canada’s natural Resources you know the 16.5% the Government receives on behalf of the Crown. Well 0.01% is entrusted to 1st nations even though the agreement with the crown was for 1.0% of all resources taken from the land.That is where 1st Nation Funding is drawn from Not you Canadian Tax payers, I keep reading how so many of you Bashing Chief Spence & her Band. I read she spent millions on 1300, 1600, 2000 members while guys its 1600 on reserve & 2000 off reserve so you should re-evaluate your ridiculas monies you are all yapping about.For starters the per capita dollars allotted for the 2000 off reserves are taken from the coffers & transferred to the provinces for services.as the off res become counted as provincial per capita. Minister Duncan need to come forward & truthfully set the record right on where 1st monies come from & how they are allocated. So when you read about transfers it is monies removed from funding that goes to province.The Band doesn’t even see the money but it is included in there allocated budgets.This 2012 and I have seen & read so much Hate & Racism in the past 18 days & I thank PM Steven Harper for this. He certainly has brought out all the hateful Racist Bigots here in Canada. Good Job PM.

        • Of course it is all Stephen Harper’s fault. You are one angry dude. I have no idea whether what you are say is accurate. I have not spewed any hate. However, the aboriginal leadership is not some God. They need to be held accountable for what is happening on their reserves.

  6. Macleans – please remove the hate messages or at least report them to police.

    • Amazing the things that crawl out from under their rocks in Harper’s Canada, isn’t it?

      • The only hate comes from you and the leftoid lunatic likes of you.
        Stop judging others by your aberrant self.

        On top of that, shouting hate and racism at people only shuts down the dialogue needed to solve problems. Canada has traditionally had a polite society but it’s being systematically trashed by the likes of you. But unfortunately for you and lucky for us, the use of race and hate is being increasingly recognized as the filthy left wing political tactic that it is.

        Every day Emily you become more of an anachronism and increasingly ridiculous.

        The word about you and your ilk, is out.

        • That’s the problem, the common belief is that we’ve been a polite society – but we haven’t been… do some reading on the residential school system and then talk about how polite we are.

          • Yawn… Perhaps instead we should read about something that is relevent to the 21st century.

          • Equality….equal access to the system for everyone….is very 21st century.

          • So can I have my free house to destroy as I see fit? How about reembursing me for my post secondary education and dental fees and anything else I can have for this mysterious equal access?

          • Hey, you wanna go live like the Natives have to….be my guest.

            You’ll be back here with your tail between your legs in no time.

          • Some of them, according to Attiwapiskat photos live in unclean, unsanitary conditions. But they are not forced to live that way and we the taxpayers have forked over $90 million recently to fix that.

            Chief Fatty cannot, apparently, tell us where the money went except maybe into her own pocket.

            And YOU can’t tell us how it is from the Constitution that “we” owe them $90 million plus Zamboni in the first place.

            Chief Fatty and her friends lives in a nice places up there, why don’t a small group of others?

          • Yea, equality. So why don’t I get $50 million in a few years from the gov’t?

          • I didn’t realize that hurt magically disappeared when the clocks rolled over.

          • When my relatives die, or I have a broken heart, guess what, I’m sad for a while, then I get over it. I don’t whine for the rest of my life, let alone, 3 generations. The people treated badly are gone, the people alive have a chance to make a new, better life for themselves. Yes what Canada did in the past was wrong, but now, Canada is giving ample opportunity for FN to improve their lives, but they never seem to.

          • I attended Residential school, I was raped over & over, when a priest impregnated me the baby was killed & I was sterilized to never have children again. I was taken at age 6 to never to see my parents alive again. Our sister was 12 years old in 1959 to just vanish from res School to be never be seen again. Government hold our records will not hand over now in the courts. Government says they cant turn them over to us Why ? because its not irrelevant as so many of you think .while it is relevant to me. I did not receive a settlement from Gov. cause they said I need to apply the abuse part but they will not hand over my records. Is it not irrelevant to me in the 21 Century ? Am I to forget about it..

            For it was in the past and this is the 21st Century and in views of Canadians its irrelevant.

            The apology was not genuine it was just another political grand stand to Make PMSH look good sorry FAILED. For those of you that have issues with 1st nation ppl. and our empowerment that our ppl have taken up cause we are tired of Government Ignoring us. You are free to ignore us and Let us deal with this Government Nation to Nation. You all ignored us for centuries so why listen & watch us now. You all scared of what you will find out.& you wouldn’t be able to not Blame 1st nations any longer

            I own my home, Business & do live in a city. all on my own !

            Cause government took my family away, my roots, and They left me to servive alone, with nothing but a in sufficient 9th grade residential school education. Clothes on my back . in a Metropolitan City. Oh but that’s right its not relevant in the 21st century. Well sir I beg to differ. IT is relevant to me I struggle with it every day .

          • That’s really unfortunate. I wish I could go back in time and blow those residential schools up, I really do.
            I wasn’t alive when this happened but I have to suffer with rising tuition costs that I can’t afford, and FN people are given money as if money will fix the problem.

          • get over it

          • Save us the trouble of reading the stuff and give us a short list of whatever it is “we” did to them in the residential school system, and when.

      • EmilyOne sez: Amazing the things that crawl out from under their rocks in Harper’s Canada, isn’t it?
        Why, yes, and you’re not the first one that’s crawled out.

        • Oh you’re a racist along with your Con buddies are you?

          • Racist? Another Emily straw man argument, again. You’re making false associations, just like a professional troll would. (see Sot’s link just above.) No racism whatsoever there. What Con buddies? Emily’s fantasy straw argument created Con buddies? Con buddies R all belongz to your head. You really should read TheSotSays link regarding professional trolls. ‘The person’s posts are consistently belittling, rather than intelligent objections and points.’ – signed, cowboys and Western Canadians.

          • Ahhh one of my ‘overly refreshed’ fans.

          • You didn’t even read the article, did you troll.

    • Wait, now it’s a crime to hate someone?

      • It’s in the Criminal Code of Canada.

        • No, its criminal to hate a group of people because of their ethnicity, sexuality, gender, etc. Not to hate someone. Hating someone is kinda a waste of energy though, but I do loathe you a bit with your uneducated idiotic spiel of comments, emilyone

          • Don’t know much about your country eh?

          • You hate Western Canadians and all things cowboy. It goes so far that you deny that cowboys exist altogether. You don’t know much about your country, Emily.

          • I think it’s time you grew up and stopped believing in fairy tales.

          • Multiple decades and nine sections of land and thousands upon thousands of head of cattle, auctions and livelihood is hardly a fairy tale.

          • It’s a primary resource economy….centuries out of date and unstable.

          • Eating isn’t out of date last time I looked, and never will be.
            You’re an idiot. Food grows itself in lala land.

          • No, eating isn’t out of date.

            Everyone being a farmer….is.

          • No, eating isn’t out of date…..everyone being a farmer, is.

            The Agricultural Age is long over….it was followed by the Industrial Revolution and now the Knowledge economy.

            Oil, cattle, wheat….all primary resource economy stuff…..like Nigeria, or Saudi Arabia or any other outdated and unstable country.

          • I’ve answered this twice, but the board isn’t cooperating. Eventually it’ll show up.

    • I’m not sure it quite amounts to what would amount to hate speech, but it’s very very ugly around here whenever native issues arise.

    • The ignorance is just horrible… it hurts to see how much unneccessary hate there is in what is supposed to be a ‘peace loving nation’

      • wake up..no one promised us a rose garden…life is what you make it

        • And other bumper sticker philosophy

          • “And other bumper sticker philosophy” it says.

            Ah man, you are precious and guaranteed to be “back here with your tail between your legs” for making a dumb knee jerk response like that.

            Alert, alert ….. Emily makes bumper sticker remark and shoots self in foot.

        • Tell that to the people killing themselves in Pikangikum because they see no reason to live.

          They don’t want a rose garden, they want their children to grow up in a safe, clean place.

          • Then keep the place clean. A broom, a mop, a bucket, a few rags and some soap does the trick for most of us. Paint the house, fix the house. Pick up the old cars besides the house, pick up the other junk behind the house. Trim the grass. Clear the snow. Now that looks a lot better don’t you think?

          • Guess what, so do the people in Uganda, and the Republic of Congo. Now, who do you think has a better opportunity to live a safe and happy life? First Nations receiving WAY more than they need from the government, and wasting it away on who knows what (I could use stereotypes and say BOOZE, but I’m not quite that ignorant), or people who live in impoverished countries who walk miles in bare feet just for some dirty water?

      • I hate you too

    • Yes, I’m growing tired of all the hate Haper messages from this rag!

      • Never stopped anyone when it was a Lib PM

        • A Lib PM? Oh yeah, old Captain Crooked Mouth and his UN “beeskeepers”

          You’re confused as usual. That wasn’t “hate” that we dished out to Basher Chretien (the litttle thug from Shawinigan), that was laughter and ridicule … the same stuff you get.

          • “What is truth?”
            Chretien: “Truth? Truth is truth is truth is truth!”
            That guy cracks me up, but he did do a couple of good things among the bad.

    • freedom of expression…ever hear of that…telling the truth can be ugly for some but it is not hate speech…a term invented by the left to stifle those they don’t agree with.

      • Hate speech has a clear legal definition, so I’m afraid you can’t hide behind nonsense.

    • What what “hate messages” would those be? The ones calling for accountability?

    • I hate you

      • Please tell Louise that I’ve called the police.

        “Louise, I’ve called the police!”

        • Here to confirm that the police has been called. I am with the police department.

          • You’ll never get me copper!

          • This is a recording:

            “Due to foreseen circumstances, the entire police department is currently unable to assist you in regards to hate complaints. We here at the police department are busy keeping an eye on the Indians who are demonstrating by stopping trains and traffic, and doing other sorts of peace-loving acts. We hate to tell you this, but it’s true: The Indians are at it again.”

            End of recorded message.

            For replay, please push: 1 for English

        • I better run and hide

  7. She reminds me of a spoiled brat threatening to hold her breath till she get’s what she wants. “I’ll kill my self if you don’t give me what I want?” This is Canada folks! A country where people and the government care; write letters, request meetings, talk to your MLA or leaders. This isn’t someone locked in a 3rd world country prison for gods sakes! Give your head a shake!

    • Have you done any research on Attawapiska? The government sure doesn’t seem to care, if they did, they would have already built the school that was promised to them back in 2000. If they cared, there wouldn’t be children living in crowded, mould infested shacks. If the government cared, they wouldn’t have forced 150,000 Aboriginal, Inuit and Métis children to leave their families only to be beaten, raped, and murdered. We destroyed them and the fallout is on us. If my community was dying and no one was listening I would do whatever I could to bring attention to it, she’s calling for help and the government is ignoring her. Open your eyes and stop being so ignorant.

      • This comment was deleted.

        • Ignorance is bliss, isn’t it.

          • It most definately is!

      • Give it a rest buddy. Yes there were injustices done to the aboriginal people. What do you want us to do. Flog ourselves now. There was an apology given and compensation. Let it go and start living in the 21st century.
        If Attawapiskat has millions in stock investments as is being reported and they do not have a school who is to blame for that. The lady who is suppose to be leading that reserve is sitting in a tepee in Ottawa demanding what? Who knows.

        • Live up to the signed treaties.

          • Give us a detailed list of the exact points in the signed Treaties that are not being lived up to.

          • Says in the Treaties the Naties must respect Canadian law that really happened

          • Yes indeed that’s what it says.
            The Chief and Emily supporters won’t like to hear that.
            Good one !

          • They are somehow out of date, don`t you think so?And gvt. tries to fix it.And some of aboriginal people do not like it because the changes touch on their privileges.If all is so bad, how come there are aboriginal lawyers, and even university profs. Like the one at UVic who wants to kick Mr. Ivison`s ass back to Scotland.

        • What would I like us to do? I’d like us as a community to stop being so full of hate towards these people that haven’t done anything to us. To take some time to understand what they went through, and what they’re struggling through now because of it. Anyone who has grown up in a disfunctional home knows that it doesn’t just disappear overnight, and some of these individuals have been going through it for generations. Empathy… understanding… compassion…

          • And after all of that then what? Many people do have empathy for these people. However, they have to help themsleves to. Whining about your lot in life does not change it. The leadership has to change it. They don’t want the white man to interfer. Well then they have to do it. No excuses.

          • How can the leadership change it when they don’t have the ability to? Did you know that individuals on reserves are the only people in Canada who are denied the right to buy, sell, lease and mortgage their land? That the Attawapiskat band council spent a decade trying to get a new school built? There are a whole lotta issues… I’m not going to pretend I know what the solution is, because I don’t – All I can think about are the children that are living in 3rd world conditions, unable to access clean water, proper schooling, and a warm, clean bed to sleep in.

          • Did you know that bill C-45 makes it easier for FNs to lease their land? Yet they claim that this is the governments way of “stealing” their lands.

            These protests literally want it to be easy to lease and sell their land, and then they protest the changes as ignoring their “rights”. It’s so typical of FN leaders, they want power, but not responsibility, they want spending authority, but no accountability, they accuse everybody in Canada of being racist, while being the most racist people in Canada.

          • C45 also makes it easier to sell of the land too [ at least potentially] w/o putting it to a majority of band members under the same changes – that is what they are peeved about in C45…that along with repeal of the NWA…which conveniently excepts pipelines and power projects from environmental scrutiny.

          • or as anyone who has grown up in a dysfunctional home knows..it’s Stephen Harper’s fault

          • I never said it was Harper’s fault, the issues existed long before he became our PM.

            However, had the conservatives not voted against the Kelowna Accord… things might be different, we’ll never know though.

        • They can’t touch that investment fund…even you must know that.

          • I don’t know that. If true how is that logical when you are lacking the basical essentials for your people. Having investments doesn’t house, cloth and create economic opportunity. I suspect there is some nuance in ‘they can’t touch that investment fund’.

          • Just saw it on APTN that’s all. They asked a financial guy from the north to go through the list of complaints that little poison toad EL put out there. The only one the guy thought had some merit was the one about why the guy was picking up $850 a day…the financial expert went through all the rest of the assertions, like Spence making gobs of money out of daycare and refuted them all. As for the $9mil, it is apparently a long term investment fund of some kind – would you cash in your kids education funds when you knew the govt was under funding the housing programme?
            The main point for me is that a lot of people whoshould know better are flapping their lips about this when they don’t have all the facts. The feds have a lot of the facts, so why aren’t they bringing them out and lowering the temperature on this? Keeping in mind of course that they have already lost one court case.

        • Plus the bulk of ‘whiteys’ as someone put it are here because of ancestors who weren’t any better off so they migrated entire continents and oceans to change their life. If they’d sat in some teepee somewhere waiting for change to come to them instead of being the change they want, they’d still be in there after the potatoes ran out. Is the word ‘job’ not part of the change vocab? Or are huge federal handouts in their contract? The amounts the bands receive are boggling. Where does it go?
          They make far more than most tax paying non natives do if the numbers I read are accurate.

      • What is Spence doing with the millions she collects…well, there’s 9 million invested in the stock market but no one can fix a leaky roof. Nice that Spence’s boyfriend earns $850/Day…I could go on but most of us know what’s going on up there…it’s all “on-line”

      • Here’s a timeline of events concerning the school: http://www.aadnc-aandc.gc.ca/eng/1100100016328/1100100016329

        Of note:

        November 21, 2005 – The Attawapiskat First Nation Education Authority submits projections on school enrolment and expenditures for the proposed elementary school. A review of this document finds that enrolment projections are inflated and could not be supported. The proposed school does not conform to the school space accommodation standards with which AANDC must comply.

        2008-2009 – AANDC provides Attawapiskat with $1,083,900 in formula-funded Operations and Maintenance funding (O&M) specifically for the school. First Nations may use school operations and maintenance (O&M) for a variety of activities such as cleaning and custodial costs and minor repairs or maintenance costs. Since 2001-2002 AANDCprovides almost $8 million to Attawapiskat in formula-funded O&M (approximately $1 million annually).

        June 12 and 13, 2008 – AANDC officials meet with the First Nation. At the meeting, terms of reference were developed for a working group to explore alternative sources of funding for a new elementary school, rather than waiting for it to be placed on the Ontario Region’s Long Term Five Year Major Capital Plan. The First Nation chooses not to participate in all scheduled meetings. AANDC remains willing to participate in this process.

        June 24, 2008 – Health Canada issues an inspection report on the school portables indicating that the current classroom facilities present no health or safety concerns.

        December 5, 2008 – The First Nation and the Education Authority notifies AANDC that they will no longer participate in the Working Group.

        January 25, 2012 – Design phase is complete. The 5,808-square-metre new school is designed to accommodate 540 students from Kindergarten to grade 8 and include a gym with a stage, a library, Cree culture and language facilities, computer labs, a home economics room, an industrial arts classroom, a music room, and a cafeteria.

        So, in short. Despite attempts to defraud the government, the government continues to promise to fund the building of a new school. Despite the fact that funds for a new school have been allocated, the Band’s leadership does everything in it’s power to slow progress on the new school in an effort to extract funds for non-existent “environmental” concerns.

        • “Despite the fact that funds for a new school have been allocated…”

          I don’t believe that money has been allocated to build the school. The $1M mentioned above is for operations, not a capital build.

          Also: “attempts to defraud?” What evidence do you have of that?

          • Fraud: “A review of this document finds that enrolment projections are inflated and could not be supported”

            Funding: “July 2011 – AANDC approves $3.1 million to complete the design phase of the project which includes a gravel haul to occur in the 2011-2012 fiscal year.”

            “March 2, 2012 – The Attawapiskat First Nation issues a letter of intent to Penn-Co Construction Canada (2003) Ltd. indicating its intention to hire the contractor to construct the new school.”

          • 1. That’s not proof of fraud. There could have been an error, the required formula may not have been communicated, or the government agency that posted this timeline may have chosen biased wording. Heck, maybe the AANDC is lying. You’re jumping to a self-serving conclusion.
            2. Money was allocated to support the design phase. Which is not the same as the build phase.
            3. A letter of intent is just that – a letter indicating intent. A contract will come along when/if funding is made available to build the school.
            This is pretty obvious. Maybe you should look at data as a way to find out what’s going on, not shoehorning it into your pre-conceived conclusions.

          • If there was no intent to build a school why all the preliminary work that was pointed out. I think you are being just as negative implying that there is no intent to build a school. The school has to make sense. Is there sufficient enrollment, are their teachers who are available to teach in the school, is there a ciriculum etc. etc. You don’t just build a building for the sake of building a building. That is plain silly. Not to mention a waste of money. How does that help the community when they have an empty buidling.

    • Guess what! That has been done & obviously it didnt work, now did it?!?!

  8. Please stop giving this crook airtime. I am appalled that you and people like you (and your agencies) keep giving these people the benefit of the doubt without divulging all the issues. Canadians DEMAND that these people disclose all the financial facts before any more discussions take place. The indian nations (well most of them anyways) are starving from neglect by THEIR leaders and all these indian leaders wanna talk is treaty. If they cared (and they don’t) they would open their closed societies to scrutiny (like our society) and accept our organizational help….and we know they don’t want that. Otherwise the gravy train is over and they lose their free lunch.
    This canadian is tired of listening to this crap, tired of watching my tax money given to these people and then have them kick me for it, tired of being told by these few that they are hard done by, when they bleed the rest of the indian nations dry with no accountability and/or chance to be brought to justice for these outrages.

    • Maybe you need to do a little reading on Canadian history and what we’ve done to them over even the past 100 years. Did you ever think there might be a reason they don’t want the government involved in running their communities? Maybe the whole… forcing children away from their families for generations to be beaten, raped, and murdered has something to do with it.

      You know Chief Spence was tired of waiting for the government to approve housing so she went ahead to start building it so her community could start living properly and the ministry froze the finances.

      I didn’t realize though that they were attacking you personally… I must be crazy, I just thought they were looking for a standard of living that the rest of us take for granted.. you know.. running water, a safe place for our children to learn, and a proper roof over your head.

      • Can you give us a short list please of what you think “we’ve” done to them.

        • Ripping 150,000 children away from their parents and forcing them in to religious schools where their culture is beaten out of them, where they don’t see their family for months, maybe years – raped… murdered… and then expecting them to just bounce back and live in society like the rest of us… we said we’re sorry, and here’s 10k… we’re good right?

          • When was this please, and who was running these schools?

            Right now, my understanding of it is this and it comes from the website of James Rajotte the federal MP from Edmonton.

            These folks have fully federally funded education kindergarten
            through grade 12.

            It’s controlled by the council for each band and they have a choice of staying on the reserve or not. If they chose to go off the reserve to a provincial school, the cost is picked up by the Feds.

            In 2006-07 there were 120,000 Indian children being educated under this system. There were 515 schools funded at a cost to the general taxpayers totalling $1.2 billion.

            In addition to that all Indian children who go on to full time post secondary
            education are funded fully for books, tuition, living expenses and child care.

            This is all controlled by the band councils including the hiring of teachers up to grade 12.

            So if there is any problem with their education at the present time it can only lie at the feet of the band administrators themselves or at the feet of any NDP wackos who have infiltrated the organizations.

            I’ll add the link for that as soon as I can find it. The document posted is an INAC pdf

          • You sure dont have the info right!
            The bands have only a small amount of $ for teachers & for people to travel to isolated communities, they want to be compensated for isolation, thus which makes it hard to get good qualified teachers & good quality education. You take the same nationally expenditure on other students & there is a large gap in the education funds.
            Also another footnote for you, is not everyone can qualify for free post secondary schooling. There is only enough funds for a about a dozen(give or take a few), to go to college & you have to maintain grades & such, but there is also another catch, you can only use this program for a limited amount of time.
            Trust me, if i could have, I would have chosen to be a dr & have all my schooling paid for, but thats not the way it works!
            Also too, my husband is currently paying his student loan back, because there wasnt enough funds to fund him & he didnt want to wait until the following year!
            Another thing, they do NOT pay for daycare, so nice try buddy, trying to mis-inform everyone!

          • I’m not trying to misinform anyone, I’m trying to figure out what the hell is going on.

            Now, this pdf is from the website of James Rajotte, mp for Edmonton.


            Clearly on Page 8 INAC covers daycare. Read the damn thing in its entirety and if you’re being short shrifted you have a legitimate grievance that you need to follow up.

            Now listen to this. I own a summer property in a northern Ontario Township and I can assure you absolutely that the clerk and the reeve and all of the councillors are as dumb as dog dirt and I can state absolutely that if it was their responsibilty to administer your education in accordance with this INAC document they’re not smart enought to figure out what is and what isn’t. And if you came to them with education needs and you were not a member of the governing clique they would sh*t all over you. You can see this at Attawapiskat where the fat Chief lives in a $100,000 double wide and others are living in garbage shacks. That is not right.

            One other thing. I’m convinced, as you are, that it is very difficult to get a full slate of good teachers in far north locations and there are lots of reasons for it. The social conditions and power play politics are not the least of these. But, in the case of Attiwapiskat, although the No 9 Treaty does not seem to provide for school buildings it does require the Crown to provide teachers. So, to my mind, the isolation cost of getting them there should not be a factor.

            So do this. Read the Treaties for wherever you are and decide for yourself what exactly is the agreement that your forefathers made and how you are entitled under them. Don’t take someone else’s interpretation without looking at the thing yourself. You’ll have a fascinating time learning the points of view of everyone involved

            Follow that link to the INAC document make yourself know it inside out and apply it to your own situation.

            Read the Indian Act, you know how to find it on the internet. Read the history of the Indian Act on Wikipedia, it may not be reliable but it will give you a starting framework.

            The greater your knowledge and ability to go forward and ask politely why your education is not being dealt with according to a certain specific the easier it will be to put yourself on the road to great success.

            If you want to be a doctor honey, there’s no reason you can’t be if you’re willing to put in the effort for yourself. You’ll find lots of help, but you have to search it out for yourself. Every human creature as it ages loves to help young people the best they can and hundreds of good people have endowed the universities to ensure that bright eager students get a strong education.

            Sometime over the weekend I shall make you a reading list from my own references.

        • This also neglects that currently, when there is mass gravings being uncovered, the government just stifles reporters more. Construction workers are told to keep their mouth shut.
          They dont want to reveal all that was true.

          • I can promise you that if there are “mass gravings” somewhere every flea bag buzzard reporter in the world will be killing itself to dig in it.

            Just a few days ago some jackass got himself run over and killed trying to get a Brownie Hawkeye picture of Justin Biebers Ferrari.

            You’re away with the fairies.

    • Perhaps you should educate yourself.
      All finacial facts were disclosed & no they are not being treated fairly. Do your homework.hap

  9. This corrupt woman is getting more attention than she deserves. If she goes off to the happy hunting ground with this stunt, it will be for naught.

  10. I’m going on a hunger strike until Macleans bans EmilyOne.

    • Fascinating. Hedy Fry was right about you folks. You are not only burning crosses, you are keen on banning democracy and free speech.

      • Hedy Fry, there’s a winner.

        In a country with a shortage of Doctors, there’s an affirmative action GP sitting with her Fat Liberal butt on a Liberal back bench since 1993. (or did they throw her out recently)

        She doesn’t give a damn about her solemn Hippocratic Oath, she’s like Chief Fatty, drawing a giant salary and pension and blaming all her phantom problems on “Whitey” in screaming rants of 70,000 decibels.

        Burning crosses my a**, she made it up. It was a lie, another one.

        • I wouldn’t be surprised if EmilyOne is Heddy Fry incognito.

          • Ha ha hardy har …… EUREKA.
            That’s funny, thanks.

            Someone once told me they overheard Heddy going into a Liberal caucus meeting shouting:

            “Boys, boys … give me your OHIP numbers and I’ll bring the booze.”

          • I am really surprised you havent seeked medical professional help yet?!?!
            Dont delay though, because your condition can sometimes be permanent with severe consequences.

          • Well I’ve been busy.

            But I’m surprised that a loquacious little Moosehead runt like you hasent seeked help with your grammar and your sentence structure.

            Meanwhile the only “crescendo” emanating from that fat power play Chief is a fishy smelling mist.


      • Heidi looks a bit thin might want to use Chief Spences hunger strike diet to pack on a few pounds

    • Here! Here! The woman is a loon and is paid by McLeans to spout her nonsense.

      • ROFLMAO…..this will certainly be news to Macleans!

    • Sounds like a good cause.

      • I’d donate to it. Where’s your facebook page?

    • Can I be your spokesperson while you are on hunger strike? I would like to talk to EmilyOne in person and as a spokesperson for the cause, she may grant me that wish (before she’s banned).

    • I’ll sneak food in to you (as I suspect is happening elsewhere) to aid in your

  11. All we do is give and give and give to these thieves and what do they do? Cry and whine for more more more!! You know why you have a housing issue? Maybe because you spend all the money on brand new cars, ski doos, 70 inch plasma screens and x boxes and ATVs, etc etc. And I have a right to be angry because its MY money they want more of! The tax payers of Canada are the victims here while the chiefs of these native communities continue to hoard the millions of dollars we gave them.

    • How do you know if your specific tax dollar isn’t defending pedophiles or constructing doggy parks?

    • People like you think your money goes from your pocket to the First Nations people when that is just bullshit alot of your pocket money goes to bringing in immigrants from othercountries to feed and house them yet you do not say anything about that. If we First Nations people were receiving millions and millions of dollars we would all be rich and you would be the poor ones, not us.

      • Ha Ha! The Star! I’ll go dig up some photos from Ezra at the Sun to counter that!

        • Still waiting…

          • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hammer

            Why is it that when I see pictures of holes in walls and mould, I wonder why people can’t be bothered to save a bit of money, set aside a bit of time and fix it! I have to! Shit, for twenty bucks in supplies and a bit of care, I could fix that up in half a day! Who the hell will listen when I demand better living conditions for stuff I can fix up. The damn oil companies have been working and living in conditions similar to that for years, so there can’t be too many more secrets as to how to cope with the conditions, nothing that about 60 mil couldn’t solve you would think? People need to start to help themselves before wagging their finger at the likes of me!

          • So you have no pictures of new cars, plama TVs or XBoxes at Attawaspikat. All you have is your own personal bullsh*t.

            Which puts you on par with most of the other haters here. Well done.

          • See s_c_f below for the tv picture if you really need to. I can’t be bothered to provide an idiot with proof! As for my personal bullshit, am I the only one in Canada that has to grab a wrench to fix my plumbing when it fails, how about if a door hinge breaks, can I call a government office to get it fixed? Yes, I’m a hater all right, I hate useless people such as yourself who are willing to keep the status quo on res by just shovelling more money in without any accountability. You are part of the problem, not a solution!

          • How the hell do you figure $20 worth of supplies is gonna fix up that, when a carton of milk sells for $10.00!!!!! Please explain!

          • Well, for starters, the MANY band councillors should have by now have some sort of plan for supplying the res with the essentials and a good supply of building materials. They didn’t just inhabit this area yesterday! As I stated above, the resource companies have been doing this for years, so it is not rocket science. If shipping is an issue, get together with the diamond company to share some transportation resources. These companies usually do this sort of stuff to keep good relations. As for the milk, someone is stiffing the rank and file member, and looking at the Chief, me thinks I have the answer, as is the case on so many reserves!

          • You’re an idiot. If you had ever lived north of 60 you’s know why too!

      • In photo 6 he has a nice 30 inch flat screen monitor. That’s worth over $1000. That was easy to find.

    • How dare you!!!
      So cram that up ur butt Princess!
      We all pay taxes!!!
      Non -exempt income is only for very few people who LIVE ON & WORK ON RESERVE!!!
      Now hmmm, lets see…. obviously there isnt any way to have everyone employed on reserve, now us there?!?!
      Geez, even the dang government is & has been laying off tons of people! Small businesses are struggling & closing, due to the in-effective decisions of the government.
      And now lets see, hmmm, my 15 year old daughter is working, paying taxes, ei, cpp & she too is native, living on reserve.
      So you really think about who’s taxes are going where?
      I dont see you bitching about Harper & his $10,000.00 dinner he had.

  12. Keep up the fluid intake, folks. All that spittle gotta be replaced.

  13. I wonder how many of the hate messengers have ever visited a reserve community, befreiended or had a meaningful conversation with an Aboriginal person, studied the history behind these issues, examined their own prejudices, or attempted to verify the beliefs they hold.

    • Live beside two of them as a matter of fact! The disfunction is staggering even to the Aboriginals that I work with! Perhaps YOU should be the one who needs a bit of educating! Another tool to fool!

      • Like many in the west, you have a small bit of peter’s first point, and not so much on the following.

        • Like many here out West, I don’t give a shit about what you and Peter think! I have plenty of “the following” to make an informed opinion on the matter, thank you very much!

          • Yup….the ‘west’ again. Cowboy mentality.

          • Yup …. and here’s Emily, with its Left Wing Fringe Lunatic mentality, full of hate and venom but with no valid facts whatsoever

          • I am surprised to hear you say she has the hate & venom, when it spews out of you.

          • Yeah well you’re a bit confused. Especially if you think that ranting fruitcake is a she.

            You could search the world with a pair of tweezers and you would never find a female in history as stupid as that thing.

            That’s a male and it owns a Swiss Army Knife with an ear piercing tool and a toke holder.

          • Canada is full of cowboys. Man, I see them everywhere. Where do you get these ideas from, seriously?

          • Canada never had cowboys….that’s a Hollywood movie image.

            They dress up in costume a lot in Alberta though.

          • That’s hate speech, along with willful ignorance as usual Emily.

            (Green eyed and myopic Emily just hates anything Western Canadian in her writings, and over and over.) ‘Canada never had cowboys.’ – I’m not going to do your homework again for you, but your utter ignorance is mammoth and frankly inexcuseable but entirely expected from you. Start with wiki and the simple definition; ‘A cowboy is an animal herder who tends cattle on ranches in North America, traditionally on horseback, and often performs a multitude of other ranch-related tasks.’ Sure, little stomping eastern Emily, there are no thousands of ranches in Western Canada, because you say so.
            Search ‘John Ware’ and go from there.
            (If Emily doesn’t like it, it ergo never did and doesn’t exist. The world’s reality must suit Emily’s preferred fantasy version of it, even if completely historically innacurate, so she can get that big chip off her shoulder.

          • LOL no it’s not.

            Canadian ‘cowboys’ played polo….they were nothing like the cowboys in movies…the kind that Albertans pretend to be.

            British remittance men for the most part….but not in the least exotic. Farm labourers, manual labourers….hard dirty work. No high-jinks in the saloon with Miss Kitty.

          • You read an article once, right? Lol.

            Not at any of the ranches I’ve frequented over six decades.
            Not a polo player in sight. Ever. There is a separate polo set, though. Elite Brits playing at horses to kill time maybe a century ago until they went back home, maybe.

          • Not my problem you don’t know your own history.

            Reality is not a Con value

          • I hardly need some eastern lala who read something somewhere once to tell me about a history that I’ve lived for sixty odd years and my family and friends for three more generations before that. Lol!

          • You think Alberta”s bad.
            Man, you should see the Toronto Rainbow Parade.
            To the extent that anyone is actually wearing ANYTHING, it’s Hollywood plus.

      • Oh wow, & you my fellow friend who see’s no flaws in yourself, when in fact you have the most of all?!?!

        • Oh I have my flaws alright, I just can’t sit on a soapbox every day yelling for everyone else to wait on me hand over fist!

    • Probably more than your own biases are will to acknowledge.

      Transparency and accountability have always lead to better allocation of resources, which will naturally help First Nations. By claiming that such requests for transparency and accountability are “racist”, you’re doing a disservice to Canada and to First Nations.

      I’ve visited reserves for work, and I know that they’re far too often hell holes. But it’s also become clear that they’re hell holes not because of a lack of funding, but because funding is allocated to things that shouldn’t even register as a priority. They’re hell holes because of the overt racism that’s spewed toward anybody who’s not Native, even though they’re usually there to help.

      • I think you need help….. just saying, cuz u obviously have a twisted way of thinking.

  14. I’m curious about how much the Athabaskan accident is going to cost taxpayers. There is a lot of blame to go around: The work was being done in an Ontario shipyard for political reasons, rather than for technical reasons. The work was two months behind schedule, leading to the need for the ship to be towed to Halifax before the route from Lake Ontario froze over too much to allow safe towage. The ship was being towed during a storm, at a time of year when the winds and seas are difficult at best. Nobody was stationed on the Athabaskan to resecure tow lines in case something like this happened (in fact, the ship was being delivered with all hatches welded shut).

    Looking at the damage done, you can see insulation poking through the hull where it was punctured, and the hull is a bit misshapen in spots. It’s going to be a fun repair job, I’m sure.

    Kudos to the responders who prevented the ship from wrecking on Scatarie Island, but there were a series of poor decisions made in the lead-up to this accident.

  15. Well Komarade Taylor-Vaisey if you are so enamored with St Theresa you should donate some money to her diet
    and some other items
    and maybe spend some time with her in her HOTEL ROOM
    and if you get bored you can read the reserves Financial Statement were they have LOOTTSS of money
    and 21 politicians for a town of about 300 houses Population 1500!!

  16. The year following Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau’s rise to power in 1968, his government issued a White Paper on Aboriginal policy that argued that Canada shouldn’t negotiate any further treaties with the Native peoples. Trudeau believed treaties were something only signed between sovereign nations. His government also did not agree with Aboriginal land right claims, either, because they were too broad and unspecific. Trudeau said “We’ll keep them in the ghetto as long as they want”.Trudeau, in a famous
    statement, claimed that native rights could not be recognized because “no
    society can be built on historical might-have-beens”. Hummm Is that what Justin Trudeau was telling Ms. Spence when he had his meeting with her.

  17. Hunger strike with fish broth, water and vitamins. Sounds like a diet to me. And the fact she’s living in a tepee for a while is really positive. She can finally identify with the living conditions of the people she is supposed serve with the millions the reserve gets every year.

  18. Why are all problems with Dene people and there is no mention of Inuit? They do not complain like the Dene?The Inuit history with white people is not much different from the Dene in northern Canada. Particularly in places like Attawapiskat.
    By my observations, while working in northern Canada, the Inuit communities looked always considerably more tidy than most of Dene I have seen elsewhere.

  19. Do you really want to know where all the millions of Aboriginal dollars are going? Here is a news story about Spence and her colleagues that is worth viewing.


    I think I will go on a (fake) hunger strike until I get to talk to the
    leaders of the aboriginal community about why they think they deserve
    to be paid more than they are worth (in tax-free dollars) and let their
    people live in the poverty when they are socking away personal money for
    themselves. What a scam the first nations leaders are playing – and the
    politicians are turning a blind eye because it is politically incorrect
    to have an opposing opinion.

  20. Cynics, loon callers and scoffers= 100, Canadian Human rights = 0.

    No wonder Harper’s still in power laughing at the smug Canadians amusing and consuming themselves to death wihile our human rights go down the drain. Let them eat hockey instead as their human rights are being taken away piece by piece while Theresa Spence is trying to hold on to them.

  21. Mdm Spence gained only 6 pounds during her “hinger strike”.
    What an embarrassment to her people??

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