Attawapiskat Chief Theresa Spence might soon need PR help

Tease the day: Criticism of the hunger-striking chief mounts


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Theresa Spence had a long run as a peaceful warrior who, for the most part, escaped criticism. Spence, the Attawapiskat First Nation chief, spent several weeks in a Victoria Island teepee before most news media looked at her with a critical eye. But that’s now eroding. Ezra Levant and the Sun News Network, which led the charge against Spence with unapologetic glee last week, questions almost everything about Spence’s protest: Is she responsible, at least in part, for some of the deplorable conditions in Attawapiskat? Does she have the best interests of her people in mind? Is she even on a hunger strike? Spence’s supporters dismissed many of Sun Media’s claims, and Levant’s reports were treated as inflammatory on Twitter and the like. But other outlets are hinting at similar, if more tempered, criticism.

Inside the National Post’s coverage of the latest developments on Victoria Island, the newspaper refers to Spence’s action as a liquid diet—a change in tune from hunger strike, to be sure. The Toronto Star fronts a story about an apparently damning independent audit completed in the wake of last year’s housing crisis in Attawapiskat. It sounds like it’s not the feds who will be criticized, but the band’s leadership—including, of course, Spence. (UPDATE: La Presse and CBC News has some of the audit’s details, including claims that “there is little or no documentation for millions of dollars spent by the band”.)

Through it all, she’s still gaining new allies. Among her visitors over the weekend was former prime minister Paul Martin, the one-time promoter of the Kelowna Accord, a sweeping series of commitments to Aboriginal Canadians that the Conservatives scrapped when they took office in 2006. But Martin’s kind words might not be enough. If reporters build on reports critical of Spence, and there’s no reason to believe that won’t happen, she’ll need more than powerful visitors to save her reputation. She could soon require the services of a public relations professional.

What’s above the fold this morning?

The Globe and Mail leads with the conclusion of the NHL players’ lockout. The National Post fronts the return of elite hockey to North America. The Toronto Star goes above the fold with the absence of victories in the NHL lockout. The Ottawa Citizen leads with, of course, the end of the NHL lockout. iPolitics fronts a profile of Ontario Liberal leadership candidate Sandra Pupatello. CBC.ca leads with massive American health bills levied on two Canadians who bought travel insurance before leaving for the United States. National Newswatch showcases a CBC News story about the removal of Intergovernmental Affairs Minister Peter Penashue’s controversial election spending records from the Elections Canada website.

Stories that will be (mostly) missed

1. Corcan. The suite of jobs available to Canadian inmates doesn’t adequately prepare them for the workforce when they’re released from prison, according to a departmental analysis. 2. EI rules. Canadians who draw employment insurance now have to deal with new, stricter rules that the government hopes will help unemployed Canadians find jobs more quickly.
3. 150th birthday. Canadian astronaut Julie Payette hopes her country uses its sesquicentennial celebrations to look deep into the future—at Canada’s 300th birthday in 2167. 4. Google flu. Doctors across Canada are using Google’s tracking of influenza search trends in North America to track the ailment’s spread, including outbreaks, from region to region.


Attawapiskat Chief Theresa Spence might soon need PR help

  1. Jeez, I don`t need Ezra Levant in order for me to make an objective judgement that many of the Native leaders are responsible for the deplorable conditions that are being forced upon the innocent children on reserves. This is a sick system we have here—continuing to employ thousands in a government agency just to dole out funds to thousands of Native leaders—very few of which have shown any ability to use those funds to better the conditions of their people.

    And I am absolutely disgusted with Paul Martin and Justin Trudeau and Warren Kinsella who have decided that this sham of a hunger fast will be an opportunity to display their phony concern for a few minutes then go back to their comfortable lairs and hope some gullibles will compare their momentary sadness with the silence from the Harper government.

    • The Liberal ADSCAM Party knows all about stealing from Canadian taxpayers, who do you think the Indians learned this behavior from?

      Paul Martin should keep his stinking trap shut, he has never been made to answer for the $162 MILLION TAXPAYER DOLLARS that his company CSL received via taxpayers wallets while he was Finance Minister under Chretien.

      • Brigitte Pellerin – January 7th, 2013

        Deloitte was commissioned by the federal government to audit
        the Attawapiskat books for the years 2005-2011/12. The audit is complete
        and ready to release, but the feds are sitting on it. (They’ll release
        it when it suits their purpose – this is politics we’re talking about.)

        Somehow La Presse
        (in French) manage to get a look at some of the information the audit
        contains, and reports this morning that Deloitte cannot guarantee
        federal funds sent to the northern Ontario reserve are used properly. In
        fact, the accounting firm cannot find proper documentation for 80% of

        I know this is going to surprise you, but the newspaper was unable to
        get Chief Theresa Spence to comment on its information. Her spokesman
        was also unable to say anything about it; he would rather focus on more
        important issues such as treaties.

        Yeah, I’ll bet.

      • And the offshore tax deals.
        Mr. Goody Two Shoes Martin is Captain Stench of the Liberal party..

        • Don’t forget the HRDC scandal, that was on the watch of one Pierre Pettigrew as a Liberal Minister under Chretien, $1 BILLION TAXPAYER DOLLARS disappeared, the hapless Jane Stewart ended up taking all of the heat over this when she replaces Pettigrew as Minister, she ended up resigning.

          • Please go check your facts before continuing to spread this false information. The whole grants and contributions program was $1B, thus the name. But this was a case of sloppy management, not of money that disappeared. When it was all accounted for, there were only a few thousands dollars that they could not trace. David Good in his book, The Politics of Public Management: The HRDC Audit of Grants and Contributions, provided a detailed account of what happened. Arthur Kroeger once said “The frenzied treatment of the HRDC audit was a shameful chapter in the history of the Canadian media, and it fueled the exploitation of a complex subject by the opposition parties”.

          • A book from a lefty prof who’s at “the” left wing University of Victoria in BC.

            He served as a deputy minister under what party?

            You can believe what you want, me, I’ll take that with a fifty pound sack of salt.

    • Think Levant is getting too much credit all he did was direct people to the bands website. Anyone with a functioning brain and a nose that smells could see and sniff that something is indeed rotten in the nation of Chief Zamboni

      • facebook – “Indict Theresa Spence”.

  2. If I lived in an underfunded hellhole and couldn’t even stay in my mouldy house because the sewage had backed up into it months and months ago, I imagine proper book-keeping might be a little low on my priorities too.

    This is not to say that problems with band councils aren’t an issue, but they aren’t “the problem”. It is fast becoming the way that smug surbananites choose to explain away the problem – which would be a bigger danger if the solution had ever rested with these people in the first place.

    • Underfunded hellhole? Is your home ‘funded’? Mine is funded by ME. There is no logical argument for natives continuing to live in these remote areas. There is no excuse for mould in homes. If I live in a mouldy house it’s not my country’s fault. If I choose to live in a Northern community where products are more expensive, it’s not my country’s responsibility. You think people living in Vancouver can ask the feds for cash because housing costs 20x more than it does in Kingston, ON? There is no logic in reserves.

      • that’s quite enough of your entitled, uncontexted blither, dumbass.

        • Ah…you don’t have a reasonable response to my logical points, so you resort to calling me ‘dumbass’. Nice one. You should keep your fingers off the keyboard and read what I wrote again – it may just make sense.

          • “Some people are born on third base and go through life thinking they hit a triple.” Barry Switzer.

          • “Give a man a fish and he’ll eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and he’ll eat for life.” Body Shop, circa 1994

          • Well actually that’s a Chinese proverb….but has nothing to do with the topic.

    • Kennedy, the main administrator of the band and boyfriend of Spence, does not live in a mold-infested house with no sewer!

      • Over for coffee were you?

        • No but a CBC news crew was.

          • Not much of a source

          • Hahaha! Now you think Peter Mansbridge and Adrienne Arsenault are part of a conspiracy? Too funny. The video of the interview is available on cbc news online and it is very compelling. It does not reveal Ms. Spence to be a crook but she does not appear to be very savy when it comes to running a community…..a great shame for the people who are counting on her.

          • CBC has now stopping calling Spences stunt a hunger strike

          • Why are you always off on some bizarre twist? Conspiracy?? Wtf?

            Spence was elected. They can unelect her if they wish.

          • Stating the truth is a conspiracy only in your deluded concept of reality

          • HI came up with a conspiracy….I didn’t.

          • Every false comment you make about the Harper government is a conspriracy theory. Spence ran the reserve not the CPC

          • a) I don’t make false comments

            b) I have no interest in conspiracy theory

            c) Harp is the PM….and the buck stops at his office.

          • So now Harper has to hold the hand of every Indian Chief do you realize how racist that sounds

          • Cons don’t believe in living up to legal contracts?

            Do our trading partners know this?

          • Another talking point Ms.Sheep Baa,Baa!

    • Did you watch Adrienne Arsenault’s report showing the 6 empty brand new houses on the reserve? If you don’t do proper booking keeping and fill out the necessary forms, you don’t get the funding to finish houses and they sit empty for 2 years which means that people end up in a tent because they moved out of their mouldy house that has had sewage back up into it. I am sure no one likes filling out government forms but it sometimes is a necessary evil.

  3. This comment was deleted.

    • Yep….its all the white man’s fault. Get real Emily. You are spouting nonsense. As I said to you previously there is plenty of blame to go around but the aboriginal leadership is inept and corrupt. It is not up to Stephen Harper to manage what is happening on reserves. It is the chief, band council and the national leadership. Money is not always the issue.

      • Yes, actually it is. The white man has been in charge the last couple of centuries, so it’s idiotic to blame the victim.

    • EmilyOne, you are so uninformed, it’s pathetic. Emotions are not facts.

    • What is the solution? I hear lots of complaints from both sides-money isn’t the answer since it doesn’t seem to make any difference for these poor folks-what is the first step?

      • That’s a toughie fer shure. I’d personally say settle all the land claims first and super-PDQ so that every tribe knows exactly where they stand, and exactly what they own. Square 1.

        Second step….private property on the reserve for everyone. One buck [or whatever today’s legal requirement is] and you own the land you’ve been living on, outright. As is. So you have a stake in the outcome, and nobody can take it away from you. Along with that goes a vote for everyone. If they vote to continue to live communally…fine. If they choose individuality…also fine.

        Then economic development….whatever can be done with each reserve depending on location. Oil, casinos, real estate sales, tourism, hunting and fishing lodges, manufacturing, art……….whatever the tribe chooses, and with govt start-up help….

        And absolutely above all else….education. So natives can stay on the reserves, or leave for the big city, or open a business, or work for companies, schools. clinics….whatever they choose. Education gives them that choice.

        Bearing in mind at all times….simple human dignity and…………R-E-S-P-E-C-T

        • Motivation is the first step, motivation to get educated so that they are employable, educated so that they cease the alcohol, drug and substance abuse, motivated to become educated so that the chiefs and councils can’t rip them off anymore, Indians unlike the rest of us get full funding for post secondary education, whether university, college or trades.

          They alone can do this, it has to come from themselves, only as individuals responsible for their own destiny.

          All of the leftist clap trap has left them where they are now.

          • Well Billy-Bob, that’s your personal cultural belief….it’s not a universal one.

            They don’t see themselves as ‘individuals’….but as a tribe, as a people, as a unit. It’s a different culture.

            That is neither left nor right nor any of your other partisan bilge.

            I’m simply posting what we, as a society, are actually able to do for them…nothing more.

          • And what do you see yourself as?

          • First interesting question you’ve ever asked.

            A time-traveller.

          • Well look; in your journey across the cosmos do yourself a favour during your brief sojourn with us, and don’t try to join the Boy Scouts.

            They’ll be looking for kids who are trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean and reverent.

            You, on the other hand tend to be devious, fickle, obstructive, hostile, impolite,mean, defiant, glum, extravagant, cowardly, dirty and sacreligious,

            The Boy Scouts simply won’t work for you at this time. Give us a wave when you wend your way off to Tralfamador where you might get some decent advice on how to conduct yourself..

            Get help ….. Chief Fatso is too much like yourself.

          • On Earth it’s the Era of Clever Monkeys.

            Unfortunately you haven’t even achieved that much.

            More like a Downward Facing Hamster.


          • Oh thank goodness. The cheap sound effects were boring.

          • You don’t speak for me or anyone else, only yourself.

            You incessantly spew leftist talking points and other Liberal/NDP/Green bafflegab.

            So take your ruminations out to the back forty and chew on them for a spell……………………moooooooo.

          • I have never been, nor will I ever be, a leftie …in this or any other life, Billie- Bob.

            First you say I don’t speak for anyone other than myself….and then you say I’m a leftie. If you don’t understand me….perhaps you have little education. I
            can’t do anything about that. Only you can help yourself. Individuality
            and all that.

            But your comments about the ‘back forty’ explain where you’re coming from.

          • Not a lefty?

            “perhaps you have little education”, more lefty speak.

            Understand you………..you’re a headcase, period.

          • Oh I see… so education is a leftwing thing!

            So that means ignorance is a rightwing thing?

            Thanks for the clarification

          • Wrong, “perhaps you have little education” is just something lefties say as a last resort when they have nothing in their arsenal.

          • Actually…stats show that it’s true.

  4. I hope teresa spence is charged and goes to prison just like the crimminal she is. I have no support for indians anymore. They are the liars here.

    • I’m First Nations and we’re not all liars or drunks or need government help to get through life (I graduated University by working two jobs and took out a loan third year). But, Spence is a liar and about as corrupt as they come. No leader would take over a certain amount of money while those that they represent live in squalor.

      • She’s a disgrace to humanity!

  5. Timely news item, organized by the Reform gang with the help of Sun TV.
    Think of it: Sun News (with the help of Harper’s PMO) comes out with these juicy bits on chief Spence. Wink, wink. It is subtle, but it’s all backroom operation from the Reformers.
    You plant seeds of doubt in people’s mind, and deviate attention from the fact that many aboriginal people live in deplorable conditions.
    For a few F-35s (and a few millions from Tony Gazebo’s cash), these living problems could be solved.

    • OK, i`ll put you on side with Martin and Trudeau and Kinsella.
      You have taken this opportunity as a chance to slam the Harper government for not throwing billions more to Native Affairs.
      Explain to me how these extra billions would help the living conditions of the disadvantaged and helpless on the Reserves, How has the billions that has been spent on this situation over the past 50 years helped the living conditions of the Reserves.
      Until political opportunist liberals come up with practical and detailed solutions to this problem they should be silent.

    • The unaccountable approximately $104 million given to the Attawapiskat First Nation
      for fixing these deplorable conditions should have solved these living conditions…..
      why wasn’t it?….. and who’s fault is it…..Harper’s?

      • Harp is the guy in charge….the buck stops at the PMO

        • Harper gives you $104 million to fix your tribe and community and it becomes his problem?
          Your in charge of the money….the buck disappears when you got it,
          What did you do with it?

          • Harper gave nothing.

            $104M doesn’t fix anything in a northern community. It isn’t suburban Toronto.

            And how many accountants do you suppose there are on each reserve?

            Or even numerate people? There are few of them in white communities, even with all the education available..

          • So now you are saying that Natives are not competent enough to handle money or too stupid to learn accounting skills so they should be given more.money with zero accountability

          • The govt gives them the money, hotshot…and approves the budgets.

            Considering most Canadians have a huge debtload and badly mismanaged money I’d be careful, if I were you, about blaming ‘race’ for the problem.

          • Your the one suggesting that there are no one on the reserves with the skills or the ability to gain the skills of accounting thus you are suggesting that Natives are not smart enough to become accountants.

          • White guilt at its worst lets help our little red brothers to be just like us and hold them up when they fail and lets protect them from everyone else. My god that way of thinking led to the establishment ot residential schools 200 years ago

          • Those Treaties call for an annual payment forever of $4 to each band member.

            You claim it’s in the Constitution but you persistently fail to tell us where in the Constitution we are told to cough up $90 million plus Zambonis

            Until you can detail it out for us Meat Head, stifle yourself.

          • That’s what he’s saying and he’s also saying that the forefathers of these people weren’t intelligent enough to make a proper deal for themselves.

            There isn’t a single Indian, then or today, not smarter than Bozo Emily by at least a factor of 10.

          • “And how many accountants do you suppose there are on each reserve?”

            In the Attawapiskat First Nation’s we know there was one financial consultant…Chief Spence’s live in boyfriend and she paid him
            $850. a day for services rendered.

          • This comment was deleted.

          • “Oh, the white guy” – More proof that EmilyOne is a racist bigot.

          • EmilyOne for the first time in her life is getting some attention….
            Stupid says as stupid thinks….I’m outa here.

          • Good, take your hood with you.

          • Focus you dumbarses…..and get off the racism crap.

            Accusing others of what you do yourselves doesn’t solve anything. It’s just projection.

            Reserves are isolated places, many of them northern. They don’t get accountants, teachers, doctors and so on.

            And after all these years….centuries….of neglect, many on reserves have little to no education. Often don’t speak either English or French.

            Northern conditions are considerably different than southern ones. Attiwapiskat has no regular roads into it. Only a temporary ice road in Jan and Feb. So everything….from food to construction material….. has to be flown in….which immediately raises the cost.

            Natives aren’t allowed to cut down trees….so no log cabins can be built.

            The natives don’t even own the land…..the crown does.

            None of you have a clue about the situation…..but you blather on regardless….and a media goof this am has just jacked up your adrenaline hate levels….plus….you’ve missed the memo from the PMO

            Harper is meeting with them…..Spence won. And Harper wants to play this down, so you lot need to learn when to be quiet.

          • Natives can’t cut down trees? bahhahahahahahh…my god, this is entertaining. Have you spent much time on a reserve? They are more than free to use the land however they wish – and boy do they ever. Oh, and Spence hasn’t really won anything. Google her name and take a look at what EVERY Canadian news outlet is saying about her.

          • Yes, I’ve been on reserves, in both Alberta and Ontario.

            And crown timber is crown timber.

            Oooh golly racists say nasty things about Spence? Tsk tsk….I’m sure that will end the whole native problem right there.

            Except that Harp has been called on the carpet. And the whole counry has now been put on notice that this situation has to be fixed. And before the UN troops show up!

          • WRONG

            They get teachers by the ton, and we pay them.
            It’s in the Treaty. You should read it sometime.

            The Attiwapiskat Reserve is 6 miles wide and 17.4 miles long, about 104 square miles or 66,816 acres, and on that they can do WTF they like.

            And what seems to be jacking up your “adrenaline hate levels” is 30 bucks worth of stool softener and 200 pounds of bird seed.

          • Right. Education isn’t available to First Nations people…….Because they’d have to leave the reserve to get it – for free. You make terrible points.

          • No, they don’t get it for free. And at 6 it’s kinda hard to move anywhere….especially 2000 miles away.

            Plus we already tried the residential schools thing, remember?

          • Teachers are covered by the Crown according to the Treaty ….. READ THE TREATY, or stifle it.

        • That was Harry Truman in the United States.
          You hate the United States, they “don’t speak English.”

          You need to get off the stool softener and speak logically to these issues.

    • The natives have received enough last year to buy an f35. Maybe stop blaming the hand that feeds you and do something. Chief spence and the other chiefs are to blame for the condition natives live in. We Canadians are not stupid,that’s why you don’t see any real non native groups aligning with the idle no more “group”

      • Stop it mag.

    • And the help of the Globe and Mail,CBC, and even the Toronto Star. They all agree for once Spence is a crook

  6. Anything wafting from the general direction Ezra Levant is most definitely PR and the Canadian Palestinians will be at the center of that green gas cloud. As for reporters in the dissenting camp , you may want to attach some names to that claim because if libel is the benchmark, the list may be very short. How about you Nick? Come on out of your cryptic squeaking place and stand behind Mr. Mulroney’s bean counters and rip us all a scathing diatribe for European integrity and hubris.Try a cup-0-fish soup. Good for the brain they say!

  7. The figures in the Star article indicate that the reserve got $10,666.00 per person per year in the period quoted — apparently with little result and yet the aboriginal council insists inadequate funding is the problem?

    The problem is that the native population insist on viewing themselves as victims in perpetuity — always aggrieved and never receiving enough largesse from the rest of us.
    Have they considered that teaching their children from the cradle that they are victims whose shortcomings are all the fault of others might be contributing to their lack of success?

    • That’s half the amount white people get. And the natives live in a difficult northern environment.

      • ‘Difficult Northern Environment’..And who forces them to live in this environment? Who cares if ‘Their people’ lived there 100s of years ago.. if you can’t sustain life there then you should move. The fact that you CHOOSE to live in a certain geographical area does not mean you can use it as an excuse to take millions of dollars from Canadian taxpayers. Oh, and by the way: RESERVES DON’T WORK. That has been clearly established.

        • That’s where the reserves are…..the govt assigned reserves.

          Hey, you don’t want them to live there….pony up the money to compensate them for losing their homes and land.

          • Bah…more money, yep. Good one. I thought you said that they don’t own the land? Why would they be compensated for land they don’t own? Whoops, eh Emily? And exactly how valuable do you think a mould-filled home in remote northern Canada should go for?

          • The land they are being compensated for is the rest of Canada….the part you’re living on. Whoops, eh?

          • Emily, You need to kneel and thank the Brits for beating the spanish to the northern and mid parts of north america. Notice the mexicans dont seem to share the same “native” issues as does the rest of the continent..

          • …..And who forces them to live on the reserves?

          • Well Jeff….there are over a million natives in Canada. Suppose they all just up and moved to the nearest communities today.

            Bear in mind they have no money. Can’t sell their houses. Most have little education.

            Mayors and communities everywhere have no way to cope with that kind of influx…..so I guess it’s the federal taxpayers that’ll have to cough up for housing, medical care, more schools etc

          • Sweeping generalizations here.. Why do ‘they have no money’? Is it because they live in a place that they cannot find work? That is true for THOUSANDS of Canadians. The solution: move to a market in which you can sustain yourself. You say they can’t sell their houses, but their houses are not debt burdens on them. They lose nothing by just walking away from them. Keeping First Nations people isolated and segregated has not worked and will never work. Integration is the key to a healthy FN people…hasn’t that been proven over and over and over again?

          • Somehow you think a reserve is the same as your suburb in an industrial socity. It is not. They live together communally, and off the land for the most part. It is a different culture. Hunter/gatherer and agricultural.

            To leave the reserve means to give up your land and your community, even your status….and for what? A cardboard box on a city sidewalk?

            FN do not want to ‘integrate’. That is ‘assimilation’….what the Borg do.

            Residential schools was the last attempt at ‘integration’….that was a disaster.

            Having lived the life you have…..it seems easy and obvious to you, but it looks entirely different from a reserve.

          • Wow. You have taken so many liberties in this comment.

            First of all, you have no idea of my background. I grew up in the North, not the suburbs.

            You have ZERO information on the life I have lived.

            You say that leaving the reserve means ‘giving up your land’…but in an earlier post you indicated that the land isn’t owned by First Nations, that it’s Crown land. You have completely contradicted yourself.

            Why do you say that FN people will be forced to live in cardboard boxes if they move south? Isn’t that extremely prejudice? Isn’t that extremely ignorant? I live in a community where so many FN people are contributors to society.
            I’m not responding to any more of your posts because you’re ignorant, uninformed and very contradictory. Check out the ‘likes’ and ‘dislikes’ of your comments – you should just stop.

          • Well then Jeff, don’t take so many liberties with a bunch of people, and a culture you don’t know.

            Reserve land is held in common….it is not private property.

            I said in the post previous to that, that natives can’t sell their houses, would have no money and no way to get a job……that would mean a cardboard box on a sidewalk.

            If you’d stick to the topic instead of fussing about me, you might learn something.

            And I don’t give a shit about ‘likes and dislikes’…..I’m not part of your racist mobthink

          • Here it goes – Emily Poo shouts racist AGAIN

            La la La la
            La la La la
            Emily’s song

          • So, it is acceptable in your world view to live a prehistoric life style in the twenty-first century? What happened to that environmentalist “sustainability” meme? Oh, that only applies to “settlers”?

          • Well it’s not something I personally approve of, no….but it’s a democracy after all. I can’t force people on board the Enterprise ya know. LOL

            Mmm I’m not particularly an environmentalist, nor have I ever promoted a ‘sustainability’ meme. You must have confused me with someone else.

          • That “different” culture is one of dependency. It should be ended for their own sake. We are the enablers.

          • No….it’s a different culture. It has nothing to do with your AA pop psychology.

            And please don’t try doing something ‘for their own good’….every dumb thing, every war, every disaster in history has started with those words.

          • I live in Saskatchewan jeff and the landscape is dotted with ghost towns. Simple concept work dried up and people moved out; why do some natives have so much trouble grasping this simple truth.

          • One blogger said that 60% of FN people live OFF the reserves. Does that mean that less than 1/2 a million live on reserves?
            Also, not every reserve is poor. Many in Alberta are very prosperous. The Horse Nation reserve has enough money to hire former NHL players like Theo Fluery to pay hockey on their team.

          • I dunno….why don’t you look it up?

            Yes, some reserves have money….some do not…..and so……..?

          • Well the Chinese seem to be doing all right, the Muslims all doing OK, the boat people, so try to reconcile that with these yahoos. You can’t do it.

            I hope you never get trapped in a paper bag, you’d never be able to think your way out.

          • Actually it isn’t that simple….there were similar problems at another isolated reserve on James Bay called Kashechewan. The government offered to relocate the reserve south to a less remote location near Timmins but the band did not want to leave their present location.

          • Either you’re replying to someone else, or you’ve lost the plot again.

          • I was replying to your comment about a blogger “ponying up” to pay for FN people to move off of their isolated reserves. The reply obviously got misplaced.

          • Go read some history and background on this.
            Otherwise Meathead, stifle yourself.

      • Yeah, it’s tough for them.
        They have more Zambonis per capita than anywhere else on earth

  8. Of course nobody in the media will mention WHY it took almost a month for anybody to take an honest look at the situation, instead of just reporting Chief Spence’s talking points for 27 days straight.

  9. This lady needs way more than a PR person this lady needs a lawyer – as well as her boyfriend (who it turns out is the bean counter) – time to be honest here – does everyone remember the emerrgency last year with the result of the 3 rd party manager being sent to the band and they refused to deal with him!!! – at that moment you could tell that there was soemthing far more fishy than broth going on with this band!!! I think the media should be investigating other band members who are not realted maybe some former band council people – I hesitate to post some of the blog things I have encountered – I think it’s time to call out fraud, nepotism and patronage and this time NOT on the federal govb’t side of things!!! – the starngets part though is how much Harper hating people will actually try to spin this as his fault … however this tactic aint working quite the opposite – usuallly on CBC web forums major Harper thumbs down but LO and BEHOLD I have never ever seen the thumbs up for harper as on this file – I think Chief Spence has made a terrible error and this is now being spread to Trudea, Charlie Angus and Paul Martin – never seen so many thumbs down – quite sight!

  10. There should be a formal RCMP investigation starting today. The Hunger Queen Jenny Craig is now a total fraud, and the Occupy support of the Idle movement is the next to fall.
    The police need to arrest and detain anyone blocking anything from this point forward, and the entire Idle movement relegated to shouting from the sides of the roads.

  11. Don’t forget that Pierre Poilievre and Jenni Bryne co conspired to make the robo calls that tried to subvert the last election. Or how can one forget Dean Del Mastro or Peter Penashue and even Pierre Poilievre overspending in the last election, which means they get more tax payer dollars refunded to them..

    One question.. since the government has been sitting on this.. what has the HARPER government done to resolve the problems. If they haven’t done anything.. then people can only blame Harper for being incompetent!

    • The only fall out from “robo calls” has fallen in the lap of the Guelph Federal Liberal Association and Liberal MP Frank Valeriote.

      The Liberal riding association in Guelph has been issued a $4,900
      penalty by the federal broadcast regulator for sending out unsolicited
      robo-calls during the 2011 election campaign.

      The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission announced the finding and penalty Friday.

      It describes its notice of violation as being against the Guelph Federal
      Liberal Association on behalf of Frank Valeriote, who was the Liberal
      candidate who won the election and is currently an MP.

      The CRTC notice says the violations involved a pre-recorded message
      that failed to identify on whose behalf the call was being made, did not
      provide call-back information and did not display the originating
      telephone number.

      • Above from the G&M

    • What has the HARPER government done to resolve the problems?

      Bill C-27

  12. $270,000 tax free to this PR queen. Her people starve and she has the nerve to say the problem is Ottawa. The problem is with the band leadership. What corruption!! Pay attention “Idlers”.

    • facebook – “Indict Theresa Spence”

  13. All I have to say is, how come she hasn’t lost any weight???

  14. What a shame she is to not only her people but the rest of Canada. I hope she is investigated and put behind bars if found guilty of taking any of the funding from the Government, From DeBeers and anything else. How can this community with the dollars that have poured into it be in such a mess, no books, no accountability and with only 1500 residents in 300 homes. They should be dancing in the streets. What a horrid example of human existance. I surely don’t want to pay ANY of my taxes to this farce any longer.

  15. What an informed creative macleans thingy has bloomed today. Just like the last auwsomer ten thousand six and a half! Ezra’s acting career got the amazing bump when that crazy lizard ripped him up in the Jurassic park stuck jeep scene. Hair so curly and eyes so wide. Great narrative here. Don’t give up brain children. Your wagons will never be burned again.

  16. Levant is not credible.
    The notion that water and broth are acceptable nutritional sources to stave off starvation, is dangerous, and offensively stupid. Shame on MacLeans for repeating his distortions without the appropriate criticism.

    She’ll only need PR flacks if hit pieces like this one continue to pour out of the Extremist Stream Media.

  17. Let “Idle No MORE” and remove this corrupted Chief Theresa Spence from office. She is simply a hypocrite.

  18. So glad that Canadians are seeing through the mainstream media’s BS. Canadian’s aren’t stupid. We know what’s really going on and we’re not gonna put up with it anymore.

  19. Hooray for Sun News Network! They’ve got my respect. So nice to see new blood and free thought in Canadian journalism! Makes me actually want to watch the news again. It’s sad but not surprising that she was able to sit for a MONTH and have NO ONE else ask her some serious questions. I say bring on some old-fashioned hard-hitting journalism. We need it!

  20. It will be interesting to see what facts surface in the next few weeks regarding Attawapiskat. Canadians will be looking for answers to two

    1. Why was Teresa Spence not accounting for council spending?

    2. Why is Teresa Spence still fat?

  21. Paul Martin is a big-mouth smuck. As a leader, like Mulroney, Cretien, Harper and Trudeau, he is an unfit with spending $1billion on gun registry, etc. Martin should crawl under a rock and hide his shame in glorifying the whining tricks and stunts of Teresa Spense’s substandard leadership and asinine accounting skills. Little children know better money management and the need to keep fiscal records. Show us all the paper trail and account for all the cash then we’ll have a healing circle and pow-wow to forgive and forget. We will never get first nations people off our backs. Spense is far from a hero…Shania Gill is 100% right. With the money we gave them (far too much) they should live very good not in squalor.

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