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Spending to sell yourself while cutting billions


While fighting the Parliamentary Budget Officer’s attempts to review its budget cuts, the Harper government is spending millions to advertise a budget that cuts billions in spending.

While Finance officials are refusing to disclose the budget for the current blitz, contracts listed on the department’s website suggest the saturation ad campaign is costing taxpayers about $14 million. A Treasury Board document shows that cabinet previously approved $16 million in “economic action plan” advertising in the first quarter of this year.

That doesn’t include $5 million approved for a “better jobs” ad campaign, $8 million to sell Canadians on cuts to old age security, and $5 million to promote “responsible resource development” — the slogan given to an environmental assessment system that was cut back and restructured in the last budget. All the measures are promoted on the government’s “economic action plan” web site.


Spending to sell yourself while cutting billions

  1. Which brings a whole new meaning to ‘all talk and no action’.

  2. I approve of this spending as long as they don’t advertise on CITY-TV, or in Rogers newspapers! -).-).-).

    Maybe instead of cutting government jobs, we should cut the magazine subsidies that go to highly profitable big media corporations like Rogers, or eliminate the protectionist regulations that allow big corporations like Rogers to overcharge for TV and telecommunications services.

  3. Yet it was fiscally crucial to cut $10M Katimavik from the budget.

    No ideology there folks…….. just plain old fashioned fiscal prudence…….

  4. Look, Wherry. the CPC is merely giving tens of millions of dollars to Conservative friendly advertising firms (and television/radio stations) in the attempt to further expand on how fiscally prudent they are.

    Any semblance to any other ad-buying, myth-perpetrating event which may have occurred in the past is merely a coincidence…