Split the bill


Seeking a conversation with the government side, the NDP will be presenting a motion to the House today that seeks to split the budget bill into some number of distinct bills.

Presuming the Conservatives reject this entreaty—probably a safe bet—we shall see whether the New Democrats have a Plan B.


Split the bill

  1. Plan B is i believe papper bags on the head…or is that the liberal plan A?…this is all getting very sad…walk out boys and girls.
    Let the tories speak to the hand for a while on this bill. Meanwhile go over their heads to the people of this country. In all likeihood the response will move the tories. They may not respect Parliament as an institution but they still fear the wrath of the folks who put them there.
    I wouldn’t mind betting a good number od moderate Conservative voters think this isn’t the way to conduct business in the House.

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