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Spreading the good word beyond the House of Commons


Reference to a “carbon tax” turns up in the Lacombe Globe in an op-ed by Conservative MP Blaine Calkins.

Unfortunately, while our government continues to support economic growth, the NDP is focused on promoting their $21 billion carbon tax. This tax would not only take money out of the pockets of hardworking Canadians, but also kill jobs and cripple businesses.

Two similar sentences appear in the Smoky Lake Signal in an op-ed by Conservative MP Brian Storseth.

While our Government is focused on a low-tax plan that will help create jobs, the NDP is pushing high-tax schemes to kill jobs. The NDP’s massive carbon tax will not only take $21 billion out of the pockets of Canadians, it will also cripple Canadian businesses and kill Canadian jobs.

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Spreading the good word beyond the House of Commons

  1. Apart from the general stupidity of the content of what is being written, I’m completely fed-up with the idea that Members of Parliament, on the government side or otherwise, should be reading aloud, publishing or otherwise passing off words that they have not written as their own. I find it offensive that the MPs seem to be under the direction of, rather than directing, junior employees who we pay with tax money for some strange reason, but who are not answerable to the Electors, or even the MPs in any real way.

  2. I’m surprised they’re still going on about this given the possibility that Obama will start pushing for a cap and trade system. Either they don’t believe Obama will make it happen before the next Cdn election or they’ve decided their promises to align with American actions can be swept under the rug along with other past statements.

  3. OMG. So SICK of these talking points. Move on… FYI, CPC… the election isn’t until 2015!!!! Government should govern… get on with it.

  4. Plagiarism abounds in Canada’s smaller media entities, it seems.

  5. I think Wherry sees himself as some sort of Jedi Knight appointed by his Lord Mulcair to fight the farce throughout Canada. Go the farce go!
    Too bad the farce is exposed as a fraud on Page 4 of the NDP campaign platform….

    • Or maybe he gets a kick out of exposing stupid illogical TPs for the govt?

  6. Even if Conservative supporters agree wholeheartedly with the characterizing of the NDP proposals, do they not tire of a government more fixated on campaigning than governing? Do we pay MPs – particularly those on the government side – to point out flaws in the opposition parties? It’s not like the NDP is using every committee, every QP, and every resource of their offices to push their carbon plan. It’s pretty much only in their platform. Ideology aside, I sure wish Conservative sympathizers ask their guys and gals to take the job of governing seriously. And I sure hope Canadians punish them next time at the polls for so contemptably using QP (among other things) as strictly a means of attacking the opposition. I know it’s not called Answer Period, but some attempt to confine the banality of answers to the question at hand would be welcome.

    • But they are governing…..there is a steady stream of new bills being introduced…the budgets are all about trying to do more and not less (hence why they are Omnibudgets) a record amount of new trade deals are being both pursued and implemented. Future policy decisions are being made and on it go’s. Disagree with how the Conservatives are governing is fair but suggesting that they are not interested in governing is simply not accurate.

      As far as the ongoing Conservative campaign against the NDP Carbon revenue proposals I submit it is more of a political tactic. Clearly the NDP continue to run and hide from the fact that it was in the NDP campaign platform so it is an easy target for the Conservatives to point out because it is factually true. The fact that the NDP continue to get so worked up about it and leftist NDP media shills like Wherry try to help the NDP hide it becomes a great target to politically hammer on.

      Personally I could care less about the issue, the NDP didn’t get elected so it is a mute point to. However watching the NDP squirm and Wherry spin his “farce” fraud has become entertaining. I mostly feel the need to comment on it because I submit that Wherry continually defending Mulcair and the NDP by inserting his own personal political views is the biggest farce of them all…..

      • “Clearly the NDP continue to run and hide from the fact that it was in the NDP campaign platform…”

        “Clearly”? Really? Where have you seen them deny or repudiate it?

      • “…so it is a mute point to.”

        If only.

      • That would be “moot” point.

        • Wish i could find HIS “mute point”; I’d give it a good poke.

      • Your thoughts about the sector by sector regulations that the government is enacting?

  7. Copypasta = Plagiarism = CPC MP Puppet Idiots

  8. How do these Con MPs manage to retain any self-respect? They look, sound, and behave like mindless stooges. Have they any self-awareness?

  9. Oh come on NDP [ as a lib i really shouldn’t say this, oh well] change the channel to lets talk about how much regulation is and will cost the economy. You can’t win on this one i’m afaid.

    In a sane world the opposition would be able to say: ‘That’s right, we have a carbon pricing plan, this is how it will actually work – so where did yours get to?’….sensible debate ensues.

    Apparently it isn’t smart to talk like that because it may just amplify the con propaganda and everyone knows when you are explaining you’re losing. Like i said, it isn’t entirely a sane world – at least the political one.

    Is there any chance the NDP are playing a rope a dope strategy, as in let the seals keep on performing on the public dime, keep a careful artful record and one day reveal their caddishness to the voters? ‘See what your dim witted, juvenile govt’s been up to through out their majority term!’ Fat chance that would work in this day and age eh? Besides i have a shrewd idea the majority of the public already know how callow and thuggish the Harper govt really is – it’s their brand, they really can’t help it. This kind of behaviour just reinforces it.