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‘Start holding your ministers to account when they break the rules’


Thomas Mulcair has written to the Prime Minister about Jim Flaherty’s letter to the CRTC.

Your guidelines, Accountable Government: A Guide for Ministers and Ministers of State document, which is available on your website, clearly outlines what you expect of Ministers. The guidelines state that “ministers must not intervene, or appear to intervene, with tribunals on any matter requiring a decision in their quasi-judicial capacity, except as permitted by statute.” 

That the application was unsuccessful hardly seems to count, when it comes to ethics there is no special award for attempted influence…

The Conservative Party promised over six years ago that “the time for accountability has arrived”, it’s time to close the gap between promises and reality. It’s time to take the first step by investigating the actions by Mr. Flaherty and start holding your ministers to account when they break the rules.


‘Start holding your ministers to account when they break the rules’

  1. let public opinion judge these boneheads(cons).no good of going into tantrams tommy,its only 2013.save your gas for 2015.

    • And in the mean time how much more crap are we expected to put up with?

      • Until we “don’t recognize Canada,” that’s how much. Hopefully, more Canadians take 10 minutes and get out and VOTE in 2015!

  2. Weak. I can already tell you Harper’s response.

    “Already done. Ethics commissioner investigated and provided appropriate measures which will be taken.”

    That those appropriate measures essentially boil down to “Don’t do this again unless I’ve verified you won’t get stung for it..” doesn’t matter to the request that Mulcair has made. The actions were investigated and Mr. Flaherty was technically held to “account” for it

    • Oh, you’re absolutely right. Flaherty deserves nothing less than jail time for this massive ethical transgression. I mean, what kind of MP wouldn’t understand that sending a letter in support of a constituent is such an epic crime?

      • Nah. Personally, I just think he should lose his ministerial positions. If he can’t manage to support his constituents without getting into conflicts of interest because of those positions, dump him back down to regular caucus member where it won’t be a problem for him.

  3. Not even a slap on the wrist. So much for “accountability” from the harpo cons.

    • You don’t even know if Harper reprimanded him or not. You’re simply making baseless assumptions.

  4. Mulcair is actually starting to impress me with the way he handles himself. He seems to be much less “angry” than he had been previously. This letter gets to the point quite nicely without the faux-outrage and over-reaction (see the other comments here), or demanding a resignation for a letter sent in support of a constituent.

  5. We have a goverment with no recall or accountabilty,except, voteing them out in the next election,come on what do you expect,what a joke!