Statement of interest


Thomas Mulcair talks to reporters in Montreal.

“It’s been a tough week, with the departure of my dear colleague and mentor,” the NDP House Leader told reporters Tuesday before giving a speech to students at McGill University. “I’m getting a lot of support, a lot of interest. And not just in Quebec, where the support is extremely strong. It’s too early to say anything other than the fact I’m thinking about it, and I’m flattered by the support.”


Statement of interest

  1. Connor MacLeod ~ There can be only one 

    Everyone seems to be thinking about it but no one wants to enter unless they are certain of how much support, I wonder. 

    Presumably, Mulcair, Topp, Chow, Chisholm  ???? … are canvasing party to see how much support before jumping into race. 

    NDP types don’t like choice, they prefer order, so probably two maybe three people enter race and let members decide? Or they will decide on common candidate and anoint.

    Right now, my impression is Topp v Mulcair battle but my prediction has only 70% chance of being 50% correct.

    • Rae for leader of both NDP and Libs! 

      • I believe Walkom is saying Rae should go back to the NDP.

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