Please handle your segues with care


During members’ statements before QP this afternoon, Stephane Dion stood to acknowledge the recent passing of Rene Maheu, husband of former Liberal MP Shirley Maheu, and a dedicated member of the Liberal party in Mr. Dion’s riding. In Mr. Maheu’s memory, Mr. Dion commended all those who volunteer for political parties.

Avec René Maheu, ce sont tous les militants de base que je veux remercier , les militants de tous les partis démocratiques qui, poussés par leurs convictions, font avancer notre démocratie. Ils et elles en sont le carburant, une énergie perpétuellement renouvelable, du moins, tant que nous garderons dans nos coeurs et nos esprits le souvenir de valeureux citoyens comme René Maheu.

Conservative MP Rick Dykstra was scheduled to stand next and was apparently prepared with a statement about all of the ways in which the Liberal party is apparently plotting to raise taxes. But, for whatever reason, Mr. Dykstra opted to attempt a segue.

Mr. Speaker, I am glad I am following the godfather of the carbon tax.

As Ron Cannan demonstrated two years ago, the segue is a tricky rhetorical device that should only be handled by professionals.


Please handle your segues with care

  1. I blame this on Con mothers.

    Apparently they never taught their children any manners.

  2. Aaron, I was wondering if you were going to make mention of this incident.  Truly no class at all on Dykstra’s part.

    Perhaps you should start a new entry called “Dickhead Watch” to go with Maverick Watch.

    • Dickhead Watch could never keep up.

      • That killed me, thank you.  They could assign a team to Dickhead Watch.

        • I know Rick Dykstra.   The man is a bully and a coward.  

  3. A classless bunch they are, indeed, now that they have their majority.

    • Just as they were before. Bunch of dooshes.

  4. There are so many members who got Reform/Conservative nominations with little competition or scrutiny and probably were not expected to win, but now they are entrenched and have lowered the tone and content of debate inn The House. When intelligent, well educated, even  wise, and less rabidly partisan members like Cotler, Dion, Cromartin and there are lots more, speak it’s like a breath of fresh air. The contrast is so stark. 
    Somebody should start a list of the absolute worst. Anders, Pollivere, Del Mastro, Dykstra for a start. 
    Macleans should include this category.

    • Cotler has seldom showed up for work in Parliament for the past 2 years.
      Dion has little respect even amongst Liberals.
      Cromartin berated the new Supreme Court judge and new Auditor General for their lack of French, even though his is poor.

      Maybe you can think of 3 more opposition MP`s.  How about Pat Martin, Wayne Easter, and Denis Coderre?

      • I’ll stick with my Opp guys. How about some distinguished Cons backbenchers??

  5. Sometimes it’s worth reminding ourselves about the studies that found significant differences in brain function between ‘conservatives’ and ‘liberals’.

  6. Proud to be a member of the same party as Mr. Stephane Dion.

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