Stay tuned -

Stay tuned


When asked Monday night if a response to the detainee document question of privilege was forthcoming this week, the Justice Minister’s office said “stay tuned.” Rumour now has it that the government may respond after Question Period today.

Mr. Nicholson’s office has not responded to a request to confirm that, but either way we should know within the next hour and a half.

Actually… this just in from the Justice Minister’s office:

Please be advised:
The Honourable Rob Nicholson, Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada, will deliver the Government’s response to questions of privilege raised in the House of Commons following Question Period today.



Stay tuned

  1. I guess Milliken has told them that he's prepared to rule, with or without the government's response.

    • Possibly, but given the government offering a response late Wednesday, I wonder whether this is meant to push back a ruling for until after the break.

      • it would be given "late" on any day that the house sits, since the points of order and privilege, and their responses, are usually raised after question period (circa 3PM Monday thru Thursday.)

        But you could be right, with the response coming now, it may require Milliken to revise his ruling (or if not, his wording of the ruling) which would push the reading back.

  2. I'm not sure what Nicholson has to say that hasn't been lied before…. I'm sure the "Opposition doesn't support the troops" and "in the interest of national security" will be the most repeated phrases even though they are the most ignorant and unsupported claims they have made.

  3. Should be interesting!

    • I'm not even sure the Minister knows quite what his reply today means. Freedom of Speech? Really?

  4. Stay tuned?

    Speaker rules against Government or opposition.

    Government declares the vote for contempt as non-confidence.

    Election Canadians reduce noise from cheapseats for next four years.