Stephen Harper and Katy Perry?

by Aaron Wherry

Stephen Harper and Katy Perry. And a giant purple cat.


Stephen Harper and Katy Perry?

  1. I wonder how he liked the part where she shoots whipped cream from her breasts?  Any pics?

    • Whipped cream from her breasts? If she cooks, she is marrying material – lol.

      • Yes, and she married Russell Brand, who one assumes is not.

      • “Whipped cream from her breasts? If she cooks …. ”

        That’s funny, I was thinking same thing, again. 
        What goes on at a Katy Perry concert? 

  2. ….

    I’m at a loss… I… I…

    It’s the cat. I’m freaked out by the fact that it just doesn’t seem weird. Almost like it should be in all pictures with Harper. I feel like if we were to look at old pictures of Harper that we would find a giant purple cat in all of them.

  3. Simply an awesome photo.

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