Stephen Harper as Rich Little -

Stephen Harper as Rich Little

A new video shows a little levity from the 2011 campaign trail


For whatever reason, someone has uploaded video of Stephen Harper doing impressions during the 2011 campaign.

Whoever uploaded the video claims it’s from election night, but the Prime Minister would’ve been in Calgary for that and in the video he makes reference to British Columbia.


Stephen Harper as Rich Little

  1. Thank you Aaron for posting that video! I watched the other ones too.

    He can be funny, eh!Perhaps he takes his job too seriously, most of the time. That sounds familiar, to say the least!

    In any case – thanks!

  2. We do need another Rich Little and a another PM. It solves two problems at once!

  3. Stephen Harper as rich, little what?
    Better finish the sentence–leave it up to me to fill in the last word and it won’t be polite. ;)

    • I hope you’re not serious, as that would mean I’m really old.

      • No, that was a joke. But then I’m not young either.

  4. The charm offensive begins!

    Stephen Harper is one of the most talented politicians this country has ever known. I disagree with some of his policy initiatives and most of his governing style. Moreover, Stephen Harper along with Paul Martin stands as the least accomplished of the “significant” PM’s in living member. (Sorry Joe, Kim & John)

    That said, no Canadian PM has ever been as effective at “changing the channel” with an unexpected policy, appointment or persona shift. He is a “politician’s politician, capable of
    saying virtually anything with an absolute straight face (and being perfectly clear as he says it) The Senate-PMO issue definately threw him, but what he does next should be very interesting.

    • Agreed. Within the sadly-narrow creative boundaries of the Tory marketing team this probably qualifies as both risque and warming. Still, Rich Little? (Not that it wasn’t a bad impression of Rich Little doing impressions. It looked right. There was an unforced spontaneity captured in that ‘reality out-takes!’ video that will sell. So good on the team for that). The demographic that gets the gag is daily falling into rectangular pits. Next time around, updated material, lads.

      Charm thrust that it surely is–and likely to be successful to a degree, as your assessment would suggest–they’re going to need more to ensure a smooth run to 2015. If they can peddle a novel or unsuspected but positive facet of his character, they’ll secure another majority. (Another hockey jacket effort won’t answer, good as it was.) Trudeau will take care of the Liberals by himself, and Mulclair leads team orange. Harper in a walk.

      • Justin taking care of the Liberals might turn out to be the Liberals having to take care of Justin, but time will tell.

    • I submit that a more talented politician would not wait so long between “humanizing” leaks.

      • Actually, the timing could be just right. Doing this sort of thing too often would not have the same effect.


  5. Wow – who would have thought that he was that good :) – I would love to see him do these in the House during QP – he should answer like Mulroney against Trudeau’s questions and then swithc to Preston against Mulcairs :)

  6. Funnier than all the comics on the CBC but he still su-ks