Stephen Harper resigns from House of Commons -

Stephen Harper resigns from House of Commons

Harper announced he was stepping down as MP for the riding of Calgary Heritage in a statement and video posted to his social media channels.


OTTAWA — Former prime minister Stephen Harper resigned his seat in the House of Commons on Friday, ending a career in politics that spanned over two decades.

Harper announced he was stepping down as MP for the riding of Calgary Heritage in a statement and video posted to his social media channels.

“On seven occasions, I have been deeply humbled by your trust and support, time and again. And I leave elected office proud of what our team accomplished together,” he said.

Harper had stepped down as Conservative party leader in October on the night he lost the election to Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau, but had chosen to remain as an MP.

He showed up routinely in the House of Commons for votes, but never spoke from the floor and remained absent from most of the weekly meetings of Conservative MPs.

In his farewell remarks, Harper listed some of his proudest accomplishments, including navigating the Canadian economy through the 2008 recession and his government’s tough-on-crime agenda.

“Friends, we did a lot together, but I know the best is yet to come,” Harper said Friday.

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Harper will now make a move into consulting on international issues alongside two of his most trusted former advisers, Ray Novak and Jeremy Hunt.

The trio are listed as directors on a corporation first set up in December called Harper and Associates Consulting.

“As I bid farewell to the Parliament of Canada, and prepare for the next chapter of my life, my eternal thanks to the constituents of Calgary Heritage, to the members of the Conservative Party, and to all Canadians for having given me the honour of serving the best country in the world,” Harper said Friday.

“May God bless all of you and may God bless Canada.”

The party will choose a new leader next May and Harper urged conservatives to remain united.

“Our country must continue to serve as a model of prosperity and freedom,” he said.

“Pursue the principles we have stood for at home and abroad, and our children, and children’s children will inherit the Canada we know and love so dearly.”

Harper served as a Reform MP from 1993 to 1997, before taking a hiatus from politics until 2002.

That year he was elected as the leader of the Canadian Alliance and won a Calgary seat in a by-election. In 2003, he merged the party with the Progressive Conservatives and in 2004, he became leader of the Conservative Party.

He led the Conservatives to a minority government victory in the 2006 election and again in 2008, winning his first majority mandate in 2011 after an election that was forced by opposition parties.


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Stephen Harper resigns from House of Commons

  1. Part of the Friday news dump….perfect

    • SHAME E1

      • Country dumped him…..get over it

  2. Why did Harper wait 10 months to give up his seat?

    Because then, he would have given up his salary from taxpayers.

    Now that his new “business” is up and running, no problem … what a guy.

    • Harper showed up for almost every vote during the last year. He wasn’t slacking. He was elected. When you run in an election you make the commitment to represent the riding whether the party forms government or not.


      Jim Prentice quitting as MLA election night in Alberta when he lost the premiership left a really bad taste in Calgary and Alberta.

      And as for your cheap shot about money.

      The accountability act the Harper government passed left Harper about $1.5-2 million dollars poorer in future pension income, because of reductions to the gold-plated pensions previous Liberal governments enacted.

      • 1. I didn’t say he was slacking. That’s your CPC guilt showing.

        2. If you spend your time building your business, while still earning a salary from the taxpayer, you’re unethical. Simple as that.

  3. He wants out of the public. His choice.

    • LOL no the voters decided it

    • The guy was political kryptonite to any chance of a new conservative movement, and that’s going to take some time, a bowel movement will move faster, he was the elephant in the room, and from the last number of months he has been sucking off the public trough, the man who railed against it. He was an imposter and a ventriloquist, because everyone in the conservative party were his mouth pieces in the HOCs, they all towed the same party line, oppression of women and demagoguery. I hope the closet door hits him on the way out.

      • Just to add, Brian Mulroney commands more respect from me, than Harper, at least Mr. Mulroney was a progressive, and saw the world as a place where everyone could live, not just the conservative base.

  4. What countries is he going to consult about? China? Russia? Iran? How about the other muslim countries?

    Given the homophobic shit the Evangelicals are stirring in Africa and South America, I’m sure he’ll get lots of referrals. Shame he’ll be wearing a Canadian pin. His values are more American than Canadian.

    Good riddance to bad rubbish.

    Evangelicals should have their charity status yanked. Their values do not reflect overall Canadian values. Aarf! Aaarfff!