Stephen Harper: It’s what’s for breakfast!


The new, accessible Stephen Harper welcomed a pack of journalists over for breakfast in Scarborough this morning. Here’s what it was like.

[wpvideo Y28h6WAM]


Stephen Harper: It’s what’s for breakfast!

  1. In my view, the reason Stephen Harper should not be Prime Minister and certainly not be granted a majority is; l’esprit de l’escalier. That phrase being used, I hope correctly, in the sense of being wise after the optimal moment.

    Now he grasps that Canadians are not too fond of the Afghanistan quagmire. Now he grasps that Canadians want to hear Elizabeth May in the debates. Now he understands the War Room and the offensive puffin have, mainly, negative effects.

    The list is, if not endless, lengthy. After the fact enlightenment will not serve Canada nor Canadians well. The Harper government, the Harper machine it seems is unable to anticipate events and fails to extrapolate with any success or accuracy. A Harper government will always be, as I believe their ideology is, reactionary.

    Should Harper win a majority that means, most likely, Canada is doomed to secondary status in a fluid, dynamic world economy and political dynamic.

    As a f’rinstance, Harper still doesn’t grasp the importance of the environment to Canadians. And to the planet.

    I wish him well in any endeavour, short of being the Prime Minister of Canada.

  2. Hey Paul Wells: you should be the PM’s campaign manager. You captured the man as I think his handlers want Canadians to see him, but think of dumb ways to do it.

  3. You guys do realize, of course, that once this election is over, you’ll pretty much not be able to speak with him again for years.

  4. I’ll agree, it was perhaps the most sympathetic portrayal of the Prime Minister I’ve ever seen.

    Now if only we could believe a word he says.

  5. Wow, he’s just such a nice regular guy. When I look at him, I think, he’s just like me, trying to make reasonable sense of a topsy-turvy world.

  6. The Boys on the Plane.

    Come back,Hunter,come back!

  7. I thought it was great. Its clearly Wells trying to become acustomed to new fangled technology!

    More cool stuff like this would be appreciated. However, don’t let it detract from your savvy ability to analyse strategies! I much prefer posts on how a particular strategy lends itself to the greater story arcs.

  8. I watch that video and wonder why Harper doesn’t do more with media because he obviously can handle it. It seems to me there’s more going on here than Harper just ducking the media because he gets discombobulated by reporters.

    Does he enjoy getting msm so wound up? Or enjoy watching msm make asses of themselves when they complain about having no access than we they do get it they ask fruit/veg questions?

    Poking the media in the eye is clearly a Con strategy and I wonder what they hope to gain by it.

  9. Clips, but it looked good on Harper. I wonder if it was a free and open discussion, or did it seem fake in the room?

    Has there ever been a similar open media discussion with Dion, if so, I wonder how IT went..

  10. good job Paul . . . nice to get an unfiltered view of our Prime Minister.

    I’m of the mind that he doesn’t hate the media/you guys, he fears you because the majority of MSM activities these days is all about “gotcha” journalism and snappy headlines and there is way too much personal vendetta settling passing for journalism.

    “Storm threatens village”
    “Village saved form storm”

  11. Chilling, scripted “spontaneity”.

    And you guys … well I guess you have to file … you don’t say, “you deign to talk to us now that you need us to ferry your act, but not when you’re running the country?” You’re pushovers. Remember all your grousing just months ago. If he wins this time can you imagine how he will humiliate the press?

    More koolaid, kids?

    In Newfoundland they remember the lies and slights.

  12. Harper should do more of that kind of stuff. He is good when he does talk to reporters.

  13. Scarborough. Ew. Not all the pancake syrup and tasty pastries in the world could make breakfast there good.

  14. A nice improvement. Still got that cinéma vérité flair, but with a more low-key, “My Dinner with André” vibe (and the Bollywood musical number to boot). My one question is casting.

  15. How was Monty Burns today?

  16. A lot of angery folks here. Kinda sad really.

  17. He’s worried that the Liberals/media will use things like “Paul Martin and Jean Chretien were conservative fiscal managers” against him.

    So he doesn’t say these things very often.

  18. Did he eat or was the meal just a prop?

  19. You posted a clip of you dining with the glorious leader? I’m sorry, but is there any journalism gonna happen here? This is like the political version of looking at someone’s baby pics. Did you, or anyone, ask about Rosamond Luke?

    Jesus when Harper pats you on the bum and sends you off the plane he’ll tell you it was a joy to have you cover him.

  20. Whether I agree with what he’s saying or not, the Prime Minister’s reasoned and calm demeanor is a nice change from the ranting and raving one experiences here in Dannystan.

  21. I’m not worried about Harper veering far-right if he gets a majority. He clearly relishes taking and holding the political centre too much to risk it.

    It’s just unfortunate the Dion Liberals are handing the centre to him on a silver platter.

  22. Big City Lib,

    Harper, unscripted, unfiltered.

    Sort of eye opening when compared to the editorialization masking as news.

    Interesting that the LACK of a media filter (disparaging Harper) is viewed by you as the norm, the diversion from which represents bias.

  23. That was essentially content free. Harper, sitting next to his CTV buddy, saying what he wanted to say for free during an election. So what? Like others, I can’t believe a word he says. He started the election on lies and I’m sure it will end the same way.

  24. I’m laughing because BigCityLib was the same person who scripted how this election was gonna play right into Dion’s hand… wellllll I’m still waiting for that BigCity.

    You can keep coming on here and trapping about Wells, but the guy has consistently been non-partisan. He just as often puts up the “lighter” side of politics as he does the hard-edge strategy analysis.

    Harper had breakfast… get over it. The only way you’d be happy is if Wells photoshopped in an image of Harper chowin’ down on a plate full of baby kittens.

  25. “Harper had breakfast… get over it. The only way you’d be happy is if Wells photoshopped in an image of Harper chowin’ down on a plate full of baby kittens.”

    You mean like, “Un chien andalou”-style? I could see that. As long as he had absurdly long finger-nails, and Kory Teneycke wears the nun’s habit. Soundtrack by Killah Priest?

  26. Lot of cranky Liberals here..same sort of cranky you get when your hockey team is down 7 goals, with 10 minutes lest in the third, and the other team keeps pounding shots at your net.

    At least you have Ken Dryden.. Ha! *Snort*

  27. Uh, Darren, try 1-0 in the 1st.

    Crankiness, eh? Thank God you just injected a bit of sweet non-partisanship into the thread. I already feel the summer breeze of Reason upon my cheek.

  28. Oh, uh, I mean, ah, 1-0 in the peacefulness, orderliness, and good government.

  29. Ti-Guy,

    Getting a tad personal aren’t we? I’d like you to point out why anything written here is “stupid”. Is it Wells job to attack everything that Harper does? Or is his role in this instance, as a blogger I might add, to highlight stuff that interests him or that he thinks is relevant.

    In this case, he is offering up a slight tidbit. Would hardcore conservatives (which I am not) be upset if he videotaped a breakfast with Dion? I doubt it.

    A point is stupid only if it is not validated by an argument based on fact. I disagree with the Carbon Tax but I wouldn’t call it “stupid” because it has lots of facts to back it up. It strikes me that if kool-aid Liberals find themselves in a corner, they immediately lash out with crys of “liar” and “stupd” instead of arguing their way out factually.

    I actually challenge ANYONE who thinks that Wells is a Harper sympathizer, to go through all of Wells blog postings (and even his main Macleans features) and count how many times he’s picked apart Dion vs the times he’s picked apart Harper. My guess, and its only a guess, is that Wells’ numbers probably stack up even. Until someone does that, enough of the partisan hack attacks.

  30. “its more the crankiness that comes from people wanting to talk about peace, order and good government ”

    yeah, as opposed to the CP plan for peace order and NO goverment.

  31. “This is, however…lousy journalism.”

    Ha! They said the same thing about Godard, and they said it about Altman. What was Hitchcock but a lousy journalist? What was Billy Wilder? Yet they pursued their careers as auteurs in spite of all their detractors. Because film must be a living, breathing thing. It must astonish, it must enthrall. Wells has his vision, and he is not ashamed to compete with those luminaries.

  32. TG “No, its more the crankiness that comes from people wanting to talk about peace, order and good government ”

    I think the conservatives are your best option. No thanks required.

  33. Point of information, since the question came up here: Harper had no food during this 9-a.m. breakfast and drank only water.

  34. Information question: is there some glibness filter on these blogs? A very glib comment of mine (10:28pm) got held up for mysterious reasons…

  35. I used to enjoy reading these comments…

  36. Dave, don’t worry. The blogs will go back to their usual pleasantness in late October. I expect a week of gloating and sour grapes before the partisans go back their non-spinning lives.

  37. Oh, Dave H, how you would have liked my 10:28pm comment! For insight, folk wisdom, etc., it was a winner. Yet the @#$!@% moderation queue has it by the

  38. Were their links in your comment, Jack? That gets em every time. Beyond that, I’ll have to look when I’m at a desktop. What’s that Longfellow beat, anyway? Trochaic tetrameter?

  39. Jack: at 10:28 the Hadron Collider re-created the big bang. A small black hole swallowed your 10:28pm comment.

  40. Oh, not really important about the post, I’m just fooling around. No links, but I did reference a certain Alfred Hitch!@#$ whose last name might have alarmed the Matrix.

    I think technically you’d say the Longfellow — can I say that, Longfellow? — beat is trochaic with two hypermetric syllables at the beginning:

    On the Mountains of the Prairie,
    On the great Red Pipe-stone Quarry

    I.e. MOUN-tains OF the PRAIR-ie, trochaic trimeter, but with two unstressed lead syllables. Or you could say trochaic tetrameter with an artificially unstressed first syllable; but I think we hear the trimeter (three beats) more.

  41. How bad are their internals to go so drastically off-script and off-controlled-mode so early?

  42. No, wait, I’m just reading Song of H!awatha and I think you’re quite right, Paul:

    Rose the black and gloomy pine-trees,
    Rose the firs with cones upon them;
    Bright before it beat the water,
    Beat the clear and sunny water,
    Beat the shining Big-Sea-Water.

    Those initial syllables have gotta be stressed.

    Trochaic tetrameter, good call.

  43. Wait, so you buy the initial anapaest thing, Ti-Guy? Even with “Beat the clear and sunny water”?

  44. comment by Ti-Guy

    This is, however…lousy journalism.

    Who needs McLuhan when we got this rocket scientist to tell us what good journalism is?

  45. I’m reminded of that scene in “Traffick” when Catherine Zeta-Jones’s character brought lemonade to the 2 cops doing a stakeout … Paul, I hope somebody tested the orange juice ;)

  46. Just water … so this was not actually breakfast but a performance of breakfast.

  47. Frankly, if I was running for office I wouldn’t eat in front of the cameras either.

  48. Fife as “right hand man”. Fitting.

  49. Maybe he’s on that Karl Lagerfeld diet, just eating some sort of protein powder in solution.

    If the softer, gentler, fruitier Harper shtick doesn’t work do you think they will revert to the conservative cyborg act of the past?

    Do you think the show was scripted day by day before the call i.e. sweater vest, tie-less Steve days 1 through 7, Prime Ministerial suit and tie days 8 through 12, etc.?

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