Stephen Harper on Libya, Iran, the Arab Spring, the economy and the budget


The Prime Minister talks to a certain news channel.


Stephen Harper on Libya, Iran, the Arab Spring, the economy and the budget

  1. A “certain” news channel?

    You’re right, that does seem pretty unserious. I guess serious news interviewers like Entertainment Tonight, Beyonce, Jay-Z, and Pimp with a Limp weren’t booking interview slots yesterday so Harper had to settle for Sun News.

    • He might try a certain national broadcaster. But then he might be asked a couple of difficult questions, or heaven forbid be contradicted. He needn’t worry. The CBC is so paranoid about being “fair” he’s more likely to get a toughie from Ezra.

    • Letterman was unavailable because he’d already booked Obama.

      Sun interviewing Harper is like Wherry interviewing Ignatieff.

      Anyway, in other news, the CBC had their report of their own Harper interview finished and ready for air. However, just before they aired it, a last minute call from above came down to cancel the segment. The reason? Their Harper interview never happened. Their finished report was CBC at its finest, but alas, they could not air it. More taxpayer money down the drain.

      • Romney is appearing on Kelly Ripa’s show on Tuesday – you don’t want to miss that. Presidential candidates appearing on popular television shows is an American tradition, I don’t know why you keep singling out Obama.

    • Entertainment tonight vs Sun tv…hmmm, that’s a toughie.

  2. “…you know i’m not going to start running the next election now…”

    He managed to squeak in that whopper In a partisan interview full of half truths, set up by Lilley’s little shot at macleans…’a certain magazine’. Petty little shot from a petty little man in a petty little news org, interviewing a PM who cloaks himself in non partisan war paint while wielding a stiletto. And that forced smile. It looks positively painful.If you look closely you can almost see the wires pulling up. For some reason i keep getting flashes of Bruce the friendly reformed Great white in Nemo..

  3. Having trouble spelling the word “sun” Aaron? Really, it’s not that hard, you can do it.

    • If you actually watched the video you’d get the funny. But your more interested in dissing Aaron

      • You’re right. I am more interested in dissing Wherry. He’s earned it.

        Secondly, this magazine has made it a theme to diss Sun News since its inception, so I won’t accept criticism for coming to the most obvious interpretation of what he wrote.

        Also, it’s “you’re”, not “your”, that’s the oldest grammar mistake in the book.

        • You mean macleans makes stuff up, the way Sun makes stuff up when it’s convenient or necessary or if they think they can get away with it?
          Sun tv is easy to mock or diss because they’ve earned it.

        • So Sonny News can continually attack what they like to call the consensus media, constantly, but none of them can take shots back. Seems a double standard to me.

          • All conbots are essentially babies.

  4. Meanwhile he has his MP’s running around yelling Carbon Tax!!! in crowded theatres. And we didn’t have a deficit before the financial meltdown – really?

    • No no, he owns those surpluses too. He’s been there long enough to claim those now.

      • Like Romney, timelines are up for grabs. We’ll have to adjust to this brave new world.