Stephen Harper: One-on-one with CityNews -

Stephen Harper: One-on-one with CityNews

In a 15-minute one-on-one interview, Stephen Harper discusses the auto industry, the economy and the niqab


Prime Minister Stephen Harper sat down for a one-on-one interview with CityNews reporter Cristina Howorun to share his thoughts on the auto industry, the economy and the controversy over the niqab. Watch that interview below.

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Stephen Harper: One-on-one with CityNews

  1. Pathological liar. He has done nothing to help women. He invents fantasies about what other parties will do. He has bullied a citizen who wants to register to vote. He’s bribing different industries to not look too hard at the TPP, which is a pig in the poke that will disadvantage Canada. He claims that he will balance the budget while lowering everyone’s taxes. It’s laughable. He’ll do it the way he already jimmy-rigged it – by cutting spending to veterans’ associates, etc. He ran seven deficits in a row and he has the nerve to talk about the other parties running them? How can this interviewer say he has a good economic record? Has she even researched it?

    • The media ignore Harper misstatements such as opposition will bring in 100,000 Syrian refugees unscreened, or cancel income splitting for seniors. His statement that citizenship could be revoked for crimes other than terrorism, was just allowed to go away although it’s implications for future Harper years was immense. And it doesn’t matter that Kenney denied it later; Harper said it. Anything is possible.

      • Good old Liberal, unfounded garbage above. Trudeau said the screening was too tough-not from my perspective. Trudeau said he would eliminate income splitting and that impacts all married people some of whom are seniors-I happen to be a married senior. If you read MacLean’s article last night, it was overwhelmingly positive about the TPP and for the two sectors which could be impacted negatively-dairy and auto parts, Harper has committed $4.3 billion and $1 billion respectively to address any impact. Harper lead the country through the worst economic crisis since the great depression and was the first of the G7 to achieve a balanced budget with the Federal tax rate the lowest it’s ever been. And that happened by spending more efficiently. If Trudeau becomes PM, Canada will look just like Ontario under the Liberals-bankrupt. At least he’s not dishonest like Wynne.

        • 1. “too tough” might imply that security should not be as tough, but what the parties have objected to was not security, but obstacles and delays. They have nothing to do with security. Beyond this, exaggeration of the numbers is the same as misstatement (read lying) about the numbers. 2. Income splitting does not impact all married people, whether senior or not. I hope you manage to get an estimate of the true worth of that promise before the election. If you are rich, and one of you is still working while the other retired, it just might yield something. Otherwise no. 3. There will be more than one article to read on the TPP, and they will need a little deeper analysis than arbitrary subsidy levels. Take a billion, and divide it into ten years, you get a hundred million per year compensation to the auto parts sector… and then try not to laugh. 4. Harper didn’t do a damned thing to get us out of the economic crisis. We were not in as deep because the Liberals and other parties had resisted the Reform/AllianceCPC demands for the banks to be deregulated. As for achieving a balanced budget, that is meaningless when achieved by selling off assets, failure to deliver budgeted services, and failure to budget for services in the first place. And the first in the G7? Nope. Germany posted a surplus of 0.7% this year.

          • Hi Steve, I am an accountant, and one of the unfortunate by-products of my chosen profession is that all of your friends and family ask you to do their taxes for them. Because of this, I have some experience with the impact of income splitting, and I can assure you that it does not only benefit the rich. While I won’t get into any personal financial details of the people that I file taxes for, suffice it to say, none of them are rich by any standards and they are able to enjoy savings in the low four figures due to income splitting. It seems to be that you are simply regurgitating opposition talking points, which makes me question the need for your comment on this particular comment at all.

        • Governments need the revenue. Just another vote buying give away that weakens governments ability to do things that YES really need done.

          • Government takes almost half of everyone’s pay cheque now, they can’t get enough of hard working people’s money and since Trudeau I , government debt has skyrocketed , now Trudeau II wants to resume daddy’s almost 500 billion dollar debt party….
            “According to Paul Hellyer, from 1974–1975 to 2010,
            Canadian taxpayers have paid one trillion, 100 billion dollars ($1,100,000,000,000) in interest on the federal debt to private lenders.4 In 2011, alone, Canadian taxpayers paid the private banks an estimated $37.7 billion to service the federal debt—over $103 million each and every day of the year!5”

      • Don’t forget Harper said just two weeks ago defending their refugee policy that Canada allows “more refugees per capita than any other country”. Not even remotely true. Why isn’t he ever called on these factual lies?

        • Oh, he is called on them, but to what avail? His brainless. mouth-breathing supporters will simply deny it or whine that “the Liberals do it toooo…” (See “Jerome” above).