Stephen Harper takes aim at Putin: ‘Evil comes in many forms’

Prime Minister launches full-throated attack on the evils of communism


TORONTO —  Prime Minister Stephen Harper launched into a full-throated attack on the evils of communism at a fundraiser on Friday for a monument to its victims.

In a lengthy key-note speech to the dinner, Harper took aim at Russian President Vladimir Putin and past adherents to communism.

“During the 20th century, communism’s poisonous ideology and ruthless practices slowly bled into countries around the world, on almost every continent,” Harper said.

“The result was catastrophic. More than 100 million souls were lost — an almost incomprehensible number.”

The evening’s goal was to help raise money for Tribute to Liberty, which aims for a permanent memorial in Ottawa to communism’s “hundreds of millions” of victims.

In 2010, the Conservative government said it would support the monument.

Future generations of Canadians, Harper said, must be reminded that peace was earned through struggle and sacrifice.

In language reminiscent of the height of the Cold War, Harper lambasted communism and oppressive or even murderous ideologies.

“Evil comes in many forms and seems to reinvent itself time and again,” he said.

“But whatever it calls itself — Nazism, Marxist-Leninism, today, terrorism — they all have one thing in common: the destruction, the end of human liberty.”

Canadians, the prime minister said, are well aware of that destruction.

“We feel this pain so acutely because nearly one quarter of all Canadians were either held captive by communism’s chains or are the sons and daughters of those who were.”

He repeated his support for Ukraine, and lashed out again at Putin, saying the president has “grown more comfortable with confrontation” and Russia’s “expansionism and militarism” threatens global security.

Canada, he said, has been a haven from those fleeing oppression.

“Instead of communism’s grim determinism, they found Canadian opportunity.”

Harper said Canada and the West played their pro-freedom role during the Cold War, and he singled out former British prime minister Brian Mulroney along with ex-British PM Margaret Thatcher and former U.S. president Ronald Reagan.

The PM did express “immense regret” that Canada had not always lived up to its high aspirations.

A jury will be selecting the winning monument design team within months.


Stephen Harper takes aim at Putin: ‘Evil comes in many forms’

  1. Yes Mr Harper, “evil comes in many forms”! Under the guise of a conservative Caandian Hovernment Mr Harper has done nothing but mock the institutions of our liberal democracy, whether it is the Robo call scandal, the failure to deliver on any meaningful tar sands promise, the senate or the SC scandal, he is an outright failure who has not delivered any meaningful or enduring legislation. His Modus Operandi is to divide an conquer his political enemies, fragment the Canadian electorate and play brokerage politics securing the vote of different segments of Canadian society while fragmenting and isolating others. Shame on Mr Harper and his fascist methods. I say good day to Mr Harper a mere peasant enthralled with power.

  2. Harper has completely lost it.

    I suggest he be checked for early Alzheimer’s….or Manic Depressive Disorder…..something along that line.

    He is not well.

    • I guess the late great Jack Layton was correct, when had asked:
      “…Mr. Harper, what happened to you?…”

    • Was it the 100 million deaths at the hands of atheists that got to you?

    • What’s wrong, Emily…

      don’t like Harper pointing out the obvious faults with your preferred ideology?

  3. > This man, our current Prime Minister, has to go. It is unfortunate that we do not have here in Canada the equivalent of the American impeachment proceedings. We will have to wait until the election in 2015.
    > Yes, many Canadians died, including members from my large extended family, in the wars to defend our freedoms and liberty, but, they did not offer
    their lives so that our leaders can take such a position.
    > He may be speaking this way about Russia, Mr. Putin, and communism but never, never would he take such a stand toward China.
    > These general condemnations do nothing to correct a particular situation in a dispute within another country. He should be addressing this matter as part of a larger coalition of nations.
    > We ought to remember that at one time Mr. Reagan, the American President once called the Soviet Union an evil empire then some time later tempered that statement.
    > Unfortunately, this writer cannot see our Prime Minister having any temperance toward anything except perhaps not drinking too much liquor. Evil does indeed come in many forms not all of them foreign. Just look at the the disregard displayed our PM toward our Parliament, and most recently, our top court.

  4. Harper should follow this full-throated attack with declamations against all the Jacobins, mercantilists, Divine Right monarchists, Caesoropapists…

    • Exactly, but instead, He prefers to “deep-throat” them all.-what a putz.

  5. Communism/Socialism is a “Political” choice, just like in 1917, it’s a political party.
    It has every right to exist just like our Conservative, or Liberal, NDP, Green, Independent, Socialist, …

    It’s been “stamped” out in North America, and we have beem schooled and bred to “mistakenly” hate it.
    A “corrupt” CONS, is no better than a “corrupt” Socialism.

    Also, Nazism is about as close to Socialism as gasoline is to fire.
    Socialism/Marxist-Leninism in 1917 Russia was born because “Imperial” Europe with their feudalistic, and INBRED Monarchs, caused it.

    And if Harpo wants to build that Monument, let him spend his own money, or get donations from your lobbyist/Corporate buddies.
    Do NOT waste Taxpayers money on your monolithic Monument.

    Harpo doesn’t care about Russians, or Ukraines, unless of course he could them cheap-as TFW’s.

    I express “immense regret” that Harpo has NOT lived up to many canadians’ “aspirations”.

    An why on earth, would Harpo even mention Muldummy, in the same sentence as Thatcher or Regan?- LoL, but then again, I can definitely see the similarities now.

    – wasn’t Brian the one who got caught with an arms-dealer, and a paper-bag full of cash in a seedy motel-room in Montreal.?
    The only “role” Brian ever had was in Cold-Cash, and NOT in the Cold-War.

  6. Harper is hypocrite. He’s invited the Chinese, the largest most oppressive communist government in the world, into the tar sands and is signing a 31 year trade deal (FIPA) with the communists and he inked the deal in Russia. China can now bring in their slave labor to Canada to take away Canadian jobs.

    “The new China investment deal that Prime Minister Stephen Harper inked in Russia and that will become law by Nov 1 could be “a 31-year ball and chain on Canada,” without critical changes says Gus Van Harten, a Toronto-based global legal authority on investment trade deals.

    Moreover the agreement, part of Harper’s aggressive agenda to sell Canadian energy and mining resources to the world’s second largest economy, will make it easier for China’s powerful state-owned enterprises (SOE’s) such as Sinopec, (Asia’s largest refiner) the Kailuan Group (a coal conglomerate) and CNOOC (a national oil company) to control the pace and scale of resource development in Canada.

    The Foreign Investment Promotion and Protection Agreement (FIPA) also gives China’s state owned enterprises, already under fire for corruption and inefficiency, the right to contest any Canadian standards that might stipulate the use of Canadian labour and materials in resource projects.”


    • …another post also mention this glaring irregularity of Harp.
      Harp’s all over Russia,…, but please do NOT mention anything ever BAD about Communist-CHINA, otherwise Harp’ will be all over you. ? -huh?
      There’s probably a couple dozen dictionary definitions to show what Harp’s rhetroic is “really” all about, but hey, we’ll leave that to the “expert” Media to truthfully decipher for us.

      In the meantime, let’s settle for the chorus of one of Harp’s favourite childhood Hero’s:

      “…Roger Ramjet he’s our man, Hero of our Nation,
      the only thing that’s wrong with him, is (mental)-Retardation”

      sorry, but I had to modify the last word, to make it “Poetically” corrext,
      and sadly, (as has been proven lately by Harp), “Politically” correct.

      • Just you wait till the June 4 Tiananmen Square massacre anniversary, you will see a blistering statement from PMO?
        Talk about evil, Harper will be uncompromising toward Chinese Communism.

  7. Yup. The world was a much better place before 1917.
    Just wait. You’ll see.

    • ahh yes, you’re referring to the great “Industrial Age”, or as the feudalistic Monarch’s liked to call it all, back then, “The Victorian Age”.
      …y’all know, the one where there were sweat shops in every (civilized?) nation, where children were forced to work until they dropped. -yes that one.

      Oh, but wait, do not lose hope, we have ALL that and more right here, and right now, in present CHINA.

  8. Well most of us deplore the strictures of communism, myself included. However, this Harper speech sounds like an editorial from the Toronto Telegram, circa 1958. Or it could have been written by Ezra Levant, then vetted for hysteria by Ezra’s psychiatrist.

  9. Mr. Harper is correct when he says “Evil comes in many forms and seems to reinvent itself time and again”. But Communism is not a form of evil that we should be concerned about since for all practical purposes it is as dead as a doornail. However, one form of evil that Mr. Harper could resolve is abusive behaviour by CSIS. A couple of years ago I brought my case against CSIS before their tame review committee, the SIRC. Their Chairman at the time, Dr. Porter, is now in prison in Panama awaiting extradition to Canada on various charges. Whitewashing CSIS, as they are want to do, the SIRC rejected my case without even interviewing a single witness. Indeed my wife and I were intimidated just for making the complaint. Does this not fit Mr. Harper’s definition of evil? Mr. Harper could stop this evil by just insisting that the rule of law be followed in Canada even where CSIS is concerned. My own complaint is outlined on this site:


    Roderick Russell

  10. reading comments below I cannot believe that the people know what they write. They either have not been under communist oppression, or they are on Kremlin’s payroll. In any case, it is sad.

    • Nothing sad about it.

      Communism’s been gone since 1989

      • Emily wrote:
        “Communism’s been gone since 1989”

        Proving once again…..that the world she inhabits, is of her own making, without any of that pesky “reality” getting in her way.

        Up the dosage dear…it’s not working.

  11. Well said Steve. I think we will all look back on the years of his government as among the brightest in Canadian history. He is surely the world’s greatest living statesman and probably the only leader in the West that has the strength and integrity to speak these truths with pride.

  12. Isms are about detrimental control of other people. Any time a individual or society gives blind faith to an ..ism it has bad results for the people.

    Be it Harpers Statism, Liberalism, NDP union socialism, or Putnin Communism, the motive and methods are the same. Deceive the public, blame deflection to others and get peoples money and compliances and back room dealers/lobbysists.

    Fact is Harper/Ottawa is a brokerage of other peoples money (taxpayers) for lobby driven, back room and uncommon good …. so very little actually spent on common good.

    We in single dimensional thought think left, middle and right, but never does media, money, or politicians talk statism versus liberty….as be it Harper, Obama, Putin, they all are statism and for less liberty.

    Statism western model:

    You earn $1,400,000, pay $600,000+ in taxes, $400,000 in debt itnerest, for a $400,000 that has $200,000 of labour, tariffs, fees taxes in its build for a tax/debt out $200,000 home.

    And we don’t think we are statism slaves? Think again, we are just better at brainwashing the public.

    Its all about control of people to get their money and do as little as possible for it. Maybe one day we will evolve away from term dictators like we and they have. I like Switzerland’s and China’s committee rule, more peaceful.

  13. Is any one else noticing that Brian Mulroney is listed as British PM?

    “he singled out former British prime minister Brian Mulroney”

    Mulroney is the 18th president of Canada not Britain.

    • Brian Mulroney was, and still is, nothing but a two-faced-Fenian-Putz.
      I’m sorry, but I just didn’t know how else to describe his rise and fall from political non-reality, in Canada, and prominence,….
      “Providence”, on the other hand, eventually, had proved him what he really was.

      And. maybe someday hopefully, Canadian History, WILL catch up to this, in the same factual and realistic manner that it was, and is.
      -but hey, don’t hold your breath.

    • I was waiting for someone to point that out Cory.

      “he singled out former British prime minister Brian Mulroney along ”

      Nice jab by calling him the 18th President though………and I’m sure those who missed the British Reference, also missed your presidential one.

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