Stephen Harper, Thomas Mulcair and Europe


Before QP yesterday, the Conservatives used four members’ statements—from Shelly Glover, Randy Hoback, Bernard Trottier and Pierre Poilievre—to lament that Thomas Mulcair would prefer to bail out the “sumptuous European welfare state countries and the wealthy bankers that lend to them”—a “reckless” plan that would apparently “kill jobs and put a huge burden on the economy here at home.” Finance Minister Jim Flaherty then criticized Mr. Mulcair during QP, in response to questions from the NDP leader, and after QP, in a scrum with reporters. Today, another members’ statement—Mr. Poilievre, again—was dedicated to bemoaning it all.

All of this seems to have been inspired by the leader of the opposition’s questions in the House on Wednesday. Mr. Mulcair noted that the Prime Minister had, in an interview with the CBC, expressed concern about the global impacts of the European economic situation, but that, in April, Mr. Flaherty had refused to go along with other G20 countries in contributing to an IMF initiative to backstop Europe. The following is the closest Mr. Mulcair comes to endorsing a Canadian contribution to the IMF’s fund.

Mr. Speaker, the Prime Minister pretends to be concerned now, but two months ago in Washington the Conservatives were singing a different tune. At the G20 meeting in April the Minister of Finance led the effort to block an international plan to resolve the European economic crisis. He told European countries “to step up to the plate” and fix the problem on their own, as if our fate were not intimately connected to theirs, and he gets applause for that from the peanut gallery. When will the Conservatives stop lecturing European countries and put forward a real plan to protect and create jobs here in Canada?

Of the developed economies, only Canada and the United States are declining to participate. Mr. Flaherty’s concerns are, at least partially, related to the IMF’s governance structure. Germany has publicly registered its concerns with Canada’s reluctance.


Stephen Harper, Thomas Mulcair and Europe

  1. If Canada and the US are the only “developed economies” not participating in the bail-out of the mess that socialist Europe has got ” themselves ” into, then what “developed economies”, other than European ” developed economies”, are helping out ?

    Maybe Botswana and Bolivia will help these poor entitled crybabies.

    • The 3rd world countries are about to embark on the biggest construction project the world has ever seen. And it’s all aimed at weakening the U.S of A. gangster’s global dominance of trade and passage around this planet. This would mean war if the other two Super Powers weren’t involved.

    • Oh I dunno….Japan, Australia, South Korea…

  2. Sigh….Cons have been reciting their talking points for so long, they have come to believe that stuff themselves…..they are drinking their own bathwater.

    Most of Europe has been conservative rightwing for well over a decade, so there is no sense in telling us they are ‘sumptuous welfare states’….and trying to scare us with the dreaded ‘socialism’ word.

    Also we are currently trying to negotiate a trade deal with Europe….how Cons think this kind of snotty rhetoric is helping is a mystery.

    It’s a global world, and a global economy now…..what happens in Europe directly affects us here. To pretend otherwise is nonsensical.

    • Only a stupid person would think that Europe`s woes are not caused by economies that have too many government workers doing too little for too much pay while expecting free education into their 30`s and early retirement at 50.

      • Don’t know much about Europe eh?

        Probably better not to advertise that fact though.

  3. Bravo, good for Flaherty! Europe is insanely wealthy and has the means but unfortunately not the will to solve its problems.

  4. What Canada’s next Prime Minister was asking about was when is the harper Government going to do something worthwhile with their majority that would benefit Canada for a change. Instead all we get is “free” trade deals with sumptuous European welfare state countries and the wealthy bankers that lend to them”—a “reckless” plan that would apparently “kill jobs and put a huge burden on the economy here at home.”

  5. Nobody can expect better from “MULE”-CAIR.

    • Brought to you by the geniuses that thought up “LIEberals” and “National Dunce Party.”

      Well done, Einstein.

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