Stephen Harper to join Dentons law firm

International law firm’s roster includes Jean Chrétien, Gary Doer, and James Moore

Conservative Leader Stephen Harper, attends a news conference where he conceded victory on election day in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, on Monday, Oct. 19, 2015. Justin Trudeau's Liberal Party has swept into office with a surprise majority, ousting Prime Minister Stephen Harper and capping the biggest comeback election victory in Canadian history. (Ben Nelms/Bloomerg/Getty Images)

Stephen Harper on Monday, Oct. 19, 2015. (Ben Nelms/Bloomerg/Getty Images)

OTTAWA — Former prime minister Stephen Harper has landed himself a job with an international law firm.

Dentons announced Monday that Harper has teamed up with the firm to provide clients with advice on market access, managing global geopolitical and economic risk, and maximize value in global markets.

The law firm has on its roster former Liberal prime minister Jean Chretien, former ambassador to the U.S. Gary Doer, and James Moore, Harper’s former industry minister.

The company calls the relationship with Harper a “strategic affiliation,” noting that Harper remains chairman and CEO of his own consulting agency.

Harper will work out of the Dentons office in Calgary.

He officially resigned as an MP last month after stepping down as Conservative leader following the party’s 2015 election loss.

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Stephen Harper to join Dentons law firm

  1. ‘Mercy’ job

    • Oh please! It’s a strategic affiliation. Shall I translate? They need his expertise more than he needs their employment. Did you miss the part where the article clearly indicates that Harper is a consultant?

      • Nobody in their right mind would hire him as a consultant!

        He opened a business a couple of weeks ago….yet still has time for a full-time job now.

        It’s been a year since the election…..the pogey costs must be adding up

        • You are such a LIBERAL. Apparently lots of people think he will be fine as a consultant. He only opened his business after he resigned from Parliament, just a short time ago. Thank goodness Stephen Harper can go about his business without being kicked around by people like you.

  2. You hardly expected his former corporate masters to cut him loose and force him to get by on his Parliamentary pension, did you? This is part of the payback for all those years of service keeping Canada open for Business. There will be other rewards disguised as advisor or director coming from others in the corporate sector.