Stephen on Barack -

Stephen on Barack


From the CBC’s interview with the Prime Minister.

“The thing that struck me the most about him was how genuinely relaxed he is.”


Stephen on Barack

  1. I think Mansbridge interview with the PM was very good. Mansbridge actually seemed respectful of Harper. That was a nice change. And I think Harper looked very relaxed himself. What else is there to say.

    • Are you suggesting that Mansbridge is ever rude or disrespectful towards guests? He asks tough questions at times, but I think our PM should not be immune to such questions.

      • I kinda agree with Francien. There are times for Tough Questions and there are times to just let your guest speak. If we were talking about some sort of scandal, by all means Mansbridge should have grilled him. But this was one of the latter times, Mansbridge handled it with aplomb, and Harper cashed in on the opportunity. Good interview all around.

        • So you agree that Mansbridge has been rude or disrespectful toward the PM in the past?

          • Mansbridge is a pro. That said, I have vague memories a rather brusque interview between Mansbridge and PMSH during the last federal election. By ‘brusque’, I refer not to the toughness of the questions but to the plainly skeptical tone (not to suggest that Mansbridge’s skeptical tone was unwarranted).

          • Not particularly. I think he’s been aggressive, as a proper interviewer should, and in this interview I think he was, correctly, more passive.

      • Was I the only one who saw the interview where Mansbridge kicked PMSH in the groin?

        • Harper sets the tone to those interviews, he’s the one who’s got information he wants to get out and information he doesn’t. The role of a journalist is to get all the info, which includes uncomfortable questions. Mansbridge is one of the few who gets it. He’s asked same uncomfortable questions of all the leaders, but you who want ‘kid-gloves-only’ for the PM, like he’s some ancient, fragile patron should just relax.

        • Mansbridge kicked the PM in the groin?

          Links, please!

          (I like Mansbridge’s interviews, myself…)

  2. I thought it was very enlightening discussion the 2 had and very nuanced as well. The point Harper made about both Stevie and Barrie agreeing to call each other by first name when talking personally and being able to communicate directly in the future about the real content under discussion and then in the future this enhancing all other forms of communication is extremely important. Briefings, communiques, meeting notes, emails and all the rest are all well and fine but there is most assuredly a definite advantage to being able to pickup the phone. Hey Stevie … Barrie here : I got a problem maybe you could help? – cut to the chase! I also really appreciated Harper commenting on how he was struck by the confidence of Obama as this is one of the observations that I have. I think Obama is the real deal folks this is not a contrived image that has been practised and perfected although there is some of that when speechifying but I think a product of his knowledge of his own abilities without that extra dash of over the top egotism that ordinarily would accompany such.