Stepping boldly into the future


Sheila Copps, currently running to be president of the Liberal party, explains her plans for reform.

She’s planning to hold a “Very Scary Stephen party,” complete with Stephen Harper masks (if she can find some), as part of her bid to become the party’s president. “We want to try to make the party fun again,” she said. “And make it a go-to place for people who want to make change and have fun can get involved.”


Stepping boldly into the future

  1. That’s a dumb idea. Substance over trivia and I may yet vote Liberal federally in my lifetime…

  2. Mmm I see two old warhorses, Copps and Rae, supporting each other when they are the very horses that shouldn’t be in the race.

  3. This is a fun idea, although I presume it isn’t the ONLY idea she’s putting forward.  But Emily I’d hardly say she and Rae are supporting each other because Rae is saying it isn’t a social club, and Copps is saying it can be a fun gathering place (and what’s the difference between that and a social club).

    Still, I think I’d have preferred this be the LAST item out of the campaign gate rather than among the first.  I mean, it’s hardly the priority thing, right?

    • She also says as exec she’d change the ban on Rae running, which presumably he’d be keen on..

      And no, it’s not a social club….I also agree that this isn’t a priority.

  4. Wow.  So who’s actually going to be president of the Liberal Party?

  5. Sheila Copps and Bob Rae is the Liberal Party sprinting fearfully into the past.

  6. Gosh, Sheila, that’s just neato! And can we have piñatas for a little cultural diversity?

  7. “Harper is scary.”  How incredibly original!  I don’t think I’ve ever heard that ever before!  Especially from a Liberal.  This Copps woman is awesome.  Go Sheila!

  8. How very high school-Mean Girl-clique of her.

  9. Congrats Sheila. You’ve just assured I’ll be voting for someone else for Liberal leader if I get the chance.

    Regardless of your other policies, the Scary Stephen meme has not only been proven not to work, at this point it’s a detriment as it causes people to tune you out as someone with no substance to work with.

    Letting something like this get out before much of anything else means you either don’t care how the general public reacts, which is bad enough, or simply don’t know.. which is worse.

    So thanks for making my choice easier.

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