Still waiting


The Harper government tries to explain why it hasn’t made a decision about Omar Khadr yet.

The Canadian government claims in court documents that they only became aware of psychological assessments of Guantanamo prisoner Omar Khadr through media reports in February, despite the fact that the existence of this material had been widely reported since 2010.

The tapes he sought apparently landed on his desk on Sept. 7, but Vic Toews hasn’t viewed them yet.


Still waiting

  1. “I anticipate making a decision in the near future, but I certainly have not arrived at any conclusion at this point,” Toews said…’ And besides’ he said off camera, ‘the PMO hasn’t yet told me what my decision is going to be, or when.’

  2. Toews is really bad at his job, or maybe he had too much on his mind spying on the rest of us

  3. The Ford Defense again! “D’uh, I didn’t know we had to read stuff in this job.” Though maybe Toews invented it.

  4. …and.. what does it matter?

    Sure, he’s just admitted he’s incompetent at doing his job, and doesn’t even know what’s going on with the high profile files under his ministry, but at the end of the day, the CPC supporters just get down on their knees and thank God that he’s not a Liberal.

    You’ll note that even most of the stalwarts don’t bother coming around to defend these guys anymore. Why? Because it doesn’t matter. So long as he’s a member of the CPC party, anything he does is excusable, forgettable, and irrelevant. He’s not a Liberal. He’s not an NDP member. That’s all that matters for these guys because they truly don’t give a crap about how our country is run.. just that it isn’t run by “teh evul socializts!” who require them to make hard choices for their fellow countrymen.

  5. “Eh, you know how it goes sometimes.”

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