Still waiting


A new cost estimate for the F-35 apparently won’t be ready until the fall, in contradiction of point three of the Harper government’s seven-point plan to rectify the procurement.

It’s now been 42 days since I asked Julian Fantino’s office to respond to the auditor general’s suggestion that the defence department already had a 36-year lifecycle costing. Those questions were forwarded to the defence department. I’m still waiting to receive the department’s response.


Still waiting

  1. While you wait, maybe you could alert your readers to some other aspects of the F-35 program.

    If they fit your agenda that is.

    • Loren Thompson is Chief Operating Officer of the non-profit Lexington Institute. The Lexington Institute receives funding from many of the nation’s leading defense contractors.

    • I think the most interesting part of that article is where the author explains that the costs of producing F-35s are dropping. In fact, apparently the planes that the Harper government told us were going to be $75 million each have already fallen in price to just $150 million each.


      So, if the most optimistic trends continue, we could possibly get our planes for only about 25% more than the government told us we’d get them for! What a bargain! I know when making budget decisions personally, I’m always thrilled when my BEST CASE SCENARIO is that the product I want to purchase will cost 25% more than I budgeted for.

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