‘Stop the political games’


From January 30 through yesterday—a total of 23 sitting days for the House of Commons—eight different Conservative MPs have combined, for reasons one hesitates to consider in public, to reference well-known and periodically infamous Liberal strategist Warren Kinsella, by name, a total of 36 times in the House. Only one, Indian Affairs Minister Chuck Strahl, seemed to do so spontaneously, the other 35 mentions coming in apparently scripted moments.

Michael Ignatieff has taken to laughing, rolling his eyes, sighing or frowning—or some times all four at once—in response. Once he appeared to respond with a version of the international gesture for brushing dirt off one’s shoulder.

Yesterday, as another Conservative stood to offer comment, a Liberal yelped, “People are losing their jobs!”


‘Stop the political games’

  1. Although apparently they remain suspiciously silent when outside the house.

  2. laughing, rolling his eyes, sighing or frowning—or some times all four at once

    I’m pretty sure it’s impossible to pull off all of these expressions at once. Have you ever tried to frown and laugh simultaneously? It’s hard.

    • Laughing and sighing simultaneously is even harder.

  3. Mike is right, their courage lacks some conviction.

    A good Opposition party might take those Member’s statements and send them to the MP in question’s local paper… while Rome burns this is what your representative is concernced about.

  4. Aaron- would you mind doing an update and list the Tin Ear Eight?

    • Alice Wong, Dean Del Mastro, Lois Brown, Mike Allen, Tilly O’Neill-Gordon, Gail Shea, Chuck Strahl, Daryl Kramp.

      • Except for Strahl, this is a list of MPs that will read anything put in front of them. Ask the now invisible Peter Van Loan what being Harper’s attack dog gets you.

        • Van Groan is destined to be the next John Tory, after he runs for Mayor of East Gwillimbury and loses.

  5. Conservatives who make innapproriate comments, or appear in any way to abuse their power, are lambasted in the press, day after day after day (Ritz anyone),

    The PM in Waiting’s right hand man does himself in a few weeks the equivalent of all the other CPC “scandals”,

    and the media scolds the CPC for bringing it up.


    • And in other news,

      Harper urging the (Liberal Dominated) Senate to pass the stimulus bill,

      was also haranged by this blog as attempting to capitalize on the crises.

      “Not enough sensitivity to the crises!!!!!” “Overusing the crises!!!!” in a span of 24 hours. Gotta love it.

      One thing is certain with the Liberal media, all roads lead to an attack on conservatives.

      • If it upsets you so much you can always go hang out at the Post’s Full Comment blog, kody, where one thing is certain with that manifestation of the conservative media; all roads lead to an attack on liberals.

      • You realize paranoia is a mental illness don’t you? Oh, and repeating CON rhetoric kinda shows you don’t read or think on your own

        You see, the Liberal senate IS NOT blocking anything – Harper is misleading you.

        The Liberals ARE NOT blocking anything – again you are being mislead.

        Do you really like your leader lying to you and Canadians? Low standards or what.

    • *violins playing* need a tissue?

    • you equate the Minister of Agriculture with an unelected advisor? Ritz’s comments were disgusting. He shouldn’t be in cabinet as a result of the disgraceful and heartless behaviour he showed. I think the media didn’t do there job and let him off lightly. Think of how those families felt when they heard that. Shame on you.

      • not to mention those who were still clinging to life at the time; to know how little they mattered must not have helped in their recovery or, G-d forbid, may have played a role in their demise

  6. Yesterday, as another Conservative stood to offer comment, a Liberal yelped, “People are losing their jobs!”

    But not Kinsella. That’s why they continue to stand up and demand that he should too.

    Just out of curiousity Aaron, are you even familiar with any of Kinsella’s antics in recent weeks? Have you bothered to educate yourself about what he’s up to before your blanket dismissal of Conservatives complaints as “political games”?

    • I’m not up to date on what Kinsella does, but why should I care? And therefore, wtf does this have to do with the running of our nation’s business, as supposed to be refelected in QP?

      • Because he’s a senior advisor to Michael Ignatieff. One can only assume that his behaviour is sancitioned by Ignatieff.

        He’s also in charge of the Liberal war room. Given how much virtual ink was spilled at macleans.ca on the antics of the Conservative war room during the last election, I thought it was reasonable to assume that the anticss of war room frat boys was on the radar screen for discussion. One would think that party affiliation shouldn’t be a factor, but clearly I was mistaken.

        • Last I checked Michael Ignatieff wasn’t in gov’t.

          In election campaigns the house doesn’t sit, and hence no QP.

          So why again is it relevant for QP’s session what was written about whom in whatever election campaign’s war room? Can’t we limit the election war room stuff for the election?

        • and who are the arch-advisors to PM Stephen? why his mother ol’ “cash in envelopes” Mulroney and his other mother “mack the knife” “cut-n-run leaving Eves as the strawman” Harris; not to mention Finley who apparently tried to help “insure” Cadman for his vote/apparently by reports i’ve seen/heard thinks FN ppl ought to work for the land that was stolen from them; their behaviours must be “sanctioned” by PM Stephen as well, by your own logic.

          i don’t know much about Kinsella, but i doubt he’s as notorious (or as loathsome) as those with PM Stephen.

      • Dot, we may smile at each other from across an ideological divide, but I am with you here. Tories, listen up! Sure, Kinsella’s an, um, a, uh, an, uh, a potential political liability (will that keep the lawsuit away?) to the Liberals, but if that’s all you’ve got, you’d better work harder. Pronto.

        • madeyoulook gets the prize for euphemism of the day!

      • same ? i have Dot.

    • Kinsella doesn’t have a job with the Liberal Party – he is a volunteer.

    • John,

      here’s how it works:

      a “crisis” is to be used against conservatives only.

      Query why the Leader of the Opposition has surrounded himself with partisan attack hacks, instead of adivsors who will come to solutions for the “hurting people”.

      A Query you won’t find seriously undertaken around here.

      Put another way, like the Referee who’s in the tank, the media turns a blind eye to the sucker punch (Kinsella’s conduct), then calls a penalty for retaliation (bringing it up in the commons).

      • Other than Warren Kinsella, name one partisan attack hack he has “surrounded” himself with.

        And while you are at it, tell me how many times they have stood up in Parliament for partisan hackery with their members statement on our taxpayer dollar time.

        • The entire Liberal caucus?

  7. The attacks on Kinsella are just red meat for the base who are howling with delight about them and forgetting all about the fact that Harper is selling their ideology down the river. I do have to give Ignatieff credit for not allowing this noise to panic him into taking rash action like far too many politicians are prone to do.

    • I think your analysis is right. This is a no risk way to throw something to the base.

  8. Kody seems to forget that the Conservatives are the Government and thus are naturally going to bear the brunt of media scrutiny. Maybe he wasn’t tuned into the blogosphere-or any media- back when the Libs were in power so doesn’t have the ability to recollect the grilling Chretien/Martin underwent day to day. Don’t worry Kody, the day is coming when the Libs will be back in that spotlight.

    As for CPC MPs going on and on about Kinsella: they’re scared and it shows. They know they’re a) never going to get that long-coveted majority and b) probably going to lose the next election. They’re certainly inflating Kinsella’s political stock by spending so much time and energy attacking him. I find this comical and a little puzzling.

    • They are scared and flailing widely, hoping something connects, and they have no clue how to be decent (which would be effective in this day and age, since it is in such short supply) and genuine.
      Sure, the Cons are trying to get some hits in and some may land, but in the long run, it is most likely that Kinsella will have roped a bunch of dopes.

      • DECENCY was a casualty of this min-govt from day one and b4 this; the “pedophile” comment still rings in my ears. unless you’ve actually crossed paths with a “pedophile” (no they don’t look like monsters–some of them speak very rationally, very reasonably) or have seen the effects this loathesome type of abuser can have on a child, using the term for political gain is “indecent” at best.

    • Derek,

      you mean like when the CPC was in opposition and story after story of “far right/religious loonies” no matter how tangentially related to the party, would be dredged up with some statement in some newsletter and bantied about in the headlines as yet another example of that scaaaaaaaary hidden agenda that would come to fruition if they were elected??

      Or who could forget the churches various CPC members were going to, cuz…..you know……they’re religious zealots…………..loved those articles, while in opposition……scary far right whingers trying to take over the government…….

      That lack of srutiny???

      • Lack of scrutiny is actually a good thing for the CONs, since whenever they individually open their mouth they give bovine flatulence a run for its money. This “hidden agenda” (no longer hidden which is why the CONs are in freefall) line of defense is particularly ironic from a group that is so muzzled and beaten down that they get sympathy cards from The Symbionese Liberation Army.
        BTW, scary far right wingers (although your term whingers is absolutely dead-on) did take over the government, hence the spotlight that comes with it.

    • And of course, when Day was publicly ridiculed and shamed for his religious beliefs (gee by none other than Kinsella himself) while the media ate it up and reported Day’s religious views as if they would rule Canada………

      that lack of scrutiny?

      • He wasn’t ridiculed for his religious beliefs, Kody. He was ridiculed for his scientific beliefs.

        • As well as his ski-doo. He was definitely ridiculed for that as well.

          And for arriving at his first press conference as leader in a wetsuit.

          And for telling Canadians that Lake Erie drains from north to south.

          And for… well, you get the point.

          • and didn’t Day stick the taxpayer for his legal bills while Alberta’s Treasurer?

  9. Keep drawing fire, Warren!

  10. The “Conservatives” are trying to deflect the attention of their base away from the shoddy management of the economy. And they are probably rightly concerned about Warren’s efficiency at running a campaign.

    • Yea, the man’s a real genius. How did he possibly derail the formidable Stockwell Day Express?

      • We laugh now, but at one time Stockwell Day was considered a serious threat. Kinsella may not have been responsible for his downfall, but at one time Day was more than a punchline.

  11. i C now. Kinsella has a book out and the conservs are inadvertently trying to help him sell it.

    btw, theGritGrl take on Flah is priceless http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vkk_OR6Dqt8
    reality doth truly bite…

  12. I’ve got hand it to Kinsella. As an unelected, unpaid Liberal volunteer, he’s got the Conservative Party twisting themselves into pretzels, spend time and resources (and brain cells, precious as they are) going after him instead of Ignatieff. Now he’s got them in a million dollar lawsuit to boot.

    I’ve never thought that Kinsella’s a genius, but I do think if there’s one guy you want in the right place at the right time, it’s him.

    • You certainly have to hand it to Kinsella. He’s a real life troll. Everyone is so used to the virtual kind of troll that it’s often hard to spot the genuine article. If the internet didn’t exist, Kinsella would be some anonymous backroom strategist, an unread author, or a B-list TV pundit. The internet has allowed him to become a very effective distractor for those hapless partisan Tories.

  13. This Kinsella? Is he the one responsible for all those people losing their jobs? For plunging the country into the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression? For causing the Conservatives to abandon their ideology (and common sense) and spend wildly? If so, he most certainly deserves the condemnation of all right-minded… What? He’s just a political consultant volunteering for Ignatieff? And they’ve mentioned him how many times? But…why? The PM just got through telling us that the opposition parties are endangering the country by not agreeing to stampede his nutty budget through the House without a moment’s thought and meanwhile his MPs are spending valuable time criticizing some guy who runs a blog and volunteers for the leader of the Opposition? It would be funny if it weren’t so unbelievably pathetic.

  14. Kinsella, being in the lofty Liberal position he is in has already alienated one (if not more in the little more distant past) traditionally Liberal voting demographics with his out of touch comments and antics. As a Tory supporter, I would rather that Ignatieff and the Liberals keep Kinsella around and be seen defending him. Kinsella’s gaffe prone nature only works in our favour and the subsequent election ads wil write themselves.

    • Deal! You keep Levant and the Shaidle defenders, and the Libs keep Kinsella.
      Sure, he can wield a mean battle axe, which can be jarring and self-defeating at times, but when he is at close range down in the mud against those who wallow in it, he is a freaking surgeon.

  15. Empire of the Stunned — A short history of the Conservative Party of Canada and their supporters.

  16. Ah, Kinsella is not in government and these MP’s should be using the taxpayer funded time to acknowledge their constituents or happenings in their own ridings.

    The losers – the partisan MP’s who allow Harper to let them look like fools.

  17. Partisanship, ethics aside.

    Warren Kinsella always seems to be around the war room when the Liberals win.

    Mr. Ignatieff’s history says he likes to win and he says he’s a Liberal now.

    The Conservatives are in tough, and attacking in the House of Commopns??? Mr. W. Kinsella seems a pretty lame tactic when you’re up against guys who like to and know how to win.

    Warren Kinsella is a shadow to all but people who pay attention to stuff like this. It’s the Liberal leader the Conservatives need to damage and they obviously don’t have a clue about how to do that.

    • You really wrote that!

  18. I don’t get it. Why are they wasting their time denouncing someone who does not currently hold public office?

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