Story time


Also from Ignatieff’s post-QP scrum.

Question: What about the fact that Mark Carney (inaudible)

Michael Ignatieff: What about the fact?

Question: economic forecast was changed so drastically since January?  What does that mean to you?  It’s a completely different picture than he painted a month and a half ago.

Michael Ignatieff: I have great respect for Mark Carney and I’m not going to second guess his, his, his forecast.  What I am second guessing is the Prime Minister’s forecast.  One day he talks depression, one day he talks recession, next day he talks cyclical downturn.  One of the functions of leadership in a Prime Minister is to give us a story.  Politicians are storytellers.  What story’s this guy telling us?  My problem is not with Mr. Carney, my problem is with the Prime Minister of Canada. 


Story time

  1. OFF TOPIC: couldn’t resist it see the Obama’s latest statement articel in the National Post : = RE: ” BUYING OPPORTUNITES ” folks ROFL LMAO : Remember all the trouble Prime Minister Stephen Harper got into when he suggested last fall that Canadians take advantage of the falling stock market?”I think there’s probably some great buying opportunities emerging in the stock market as the consequence of all this panic,” he said in the midst of the federal election campaign. Man was he nailed for that. How cold, how insensitive, how oblivious to the suffering of the Canadian people. “I couldn’t believe what I was hearing from the prime minister, to make that kind of flippant comment when people are literally wondering whether they can retire, they’re wondering whether they’re going to be able to pay their mortgages, they’re wondering how they’re going to get by,” said Jack Layton. “It just left me shaking my head.” Stephane Dion thought it was just utterly incredible.”It shows how much Stephen Harper is insensitive and out of touch with ordinary Canadians,” Mr. Dion said. “I can’t believe he said that.”Maclean’s magazine waited four months, and then pointed out that the markets had fallen since Mr. Smartypants Prime Minister’s investing advice. The Globe and Mail was still clucking its tongue in January, comparing Mr. Harper’s comment to Calvin Coolidge, the former U.S. president who advised Americans just before the Great Depression that stocks were “cheap at current prices.”

  2. U.S. President Barack Obama said “buying stocks is a potentially good deal if you’ve got a long term perspective.” He spoke at a press briefing in Washington while meeting U.K. Prime Minister Gordon Brown. ” What? Oh my God. The insensitivity of the man. Doesn’t he know Americans are suffering? Someone call Jack Layton — poor man’s head must be swivelling like a top. It’ll be all over the headlines, I’m sure. In fact, I’m going to check the NDP web site right now. I’ll bet it’s just incandescent…

  3. But attacking the head of a crown or public organization is the work of CONs; apparently, even if they appoint them (ie Mayrand), the CONs only stance is offence and denounce. Ignatieff is trying to keep the eye on the ball, so to speak.

    • And Harper’s Budget Chief. And Harper’s Elections Canada head. etc.

      He appoints them thinking they will be loyal but when they actually do their job, he releases the hounds.

  4. Uh, there is a common thread behind Carney and Harper changing their stories. The numbers have changed.

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