Stressed out


Earlier today the Canadian Press reported that the Defence Department was looking to purchase 20,000 stress balls. In other news, the Defence Department is no longer looking to purchase 20,000 stress balls.

“As soon as Minister MacKay was made aware of this contract, he instructed officials to immediately cancel this unnecessary expense of taxpayer money,” the minister’s spokesman, Jay Paxton, said in an email.


Stressed out

  1. Grrrrrrrrrr but i’ve already gone out and put a thousand of the little buggers on my credit card. Who’s going to pay for that then? C’mon Peter! I’m only charging $300 a pop…special discount for you..i’ll eat the GST if you can score me a ride in your chopper.

  2. I think bureaucrats and pols should use their salaries and buy taxpayers stress balls for subjecting us to this kind of foolishness on a daily basis. 

    In the beginning was the Plan.
    And then came the Assumptions.
    And the assumptions were without form.
    And the plan was without substance.
    And darkness was upon the faces of the workers.
    And they spoke among themselves saying, “It is a crock of shit and it stinks.”
    And the workers went unto their Supervisors and said, “It is a pail of dung and we cannot
    live with the smell.”
    And the supervisors went unto their Managers saying, “It is a container of organic waste
    and it is very strong such that none may abide by it.”
    And the managers went unto their Directors, saying, “It is a vessel of fertilizer and none
    may abide by it.”
    And the Directors spoke among themselves, saying to one another, “It contains that
    which aids plant growth and it is very powerful.”
    And the Vice Presidents went to the President, saying unto him, “This new plan will
    actively promote growth and vigor of the company with very powerful effects.”
    And the president looked upon the plan and saw that it was good.
    And the plan became Policy

  3. this kind of story is low on the foundation of gov t waste.heroic intervention by MacKay is meaningless here.gov t waste expands the borders of average comprehension and with stacked benefits and retirement plans for CIVIL EMPLOYEES Canada will find the depths of the euro-zone that is so corruptly devastating the world [usa started this ? i think not the world leaders have being bastardizing us for thousands of years.big guns,big money,gov t or gangs.]and how can this be sustained to satisfy our way of life if you want to consider the gov t way of life ours.

  4. Helicopter MacKay talks about “unnecessary expense of taxpayer money”


  5. Will the tender be re-issued, specifying that Peter Mackay’s balls be blue this time?

  6. I can’t believe there’s not one word about how much the order would have cost!  For all we know, they were right about to get 20,000 stress balls for $50 and had to cancel the order because of optics.

  7. Google “Promotional Item Stress Balls”.  They start at 80 cents each.  Say they spring for ‘DND 2012 Convention’ across the front of them jumping them to $2 each.

    Congrats McKay, I think you saved yourself 5 helicopter rides, or one tenth private jet refueling

    • Whoops I meant one tenth of a Private trip on a Jet

  8. But these were stealth stress balls developed by a Joint Strike Force together with our allies!

    We need fifth generation stress balls. Do we want our brave soldiers using out of date equipment? If we don’t have these, Canadian Forces won’t be able to participate fully in international stress interventions and we stand to lose billions in economic multipliers and thousands of jobs.


    A new order was just placed for 20,000 strain balls.

  10. How times have changed? When I served in the military the only thing we got was Blue Balls.We have to get rid of this bureaucrats who are full of all this love. If our military are under stress think of how they would have been on June 6 ,1945. Suck it up or take your discharge.

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