Strombo v. Duceppe -

Strombo v. Duceppe


The host of the Hour and the Bloc Quebecois leader try to negotiate a settlement on this whole sovereignty thingy.


Strombo v. Duceppe

  1. I would hope Strombo questions Duceppe on the healthcare issue : does he approve of the Quebec government's initiatives contained in its last budget, or will Duceppe become a hardcore defender of the Canada Health Act?

    • I imagine neither – it would be very consistent, and I can't in fact imagine another tenable position, for Duceppe to be against the initiatives on a personal level, but to prefer that the decision be taken in Québec rather than Ottawa. What's most mystifying to me is why the NDP isn't vigourously clamouring their opposition to it – you'd think they'd appreciate being on the right side of a wedge issue with the Bloc, CPC and Liberals.

    • Quebec has never joined any of the Canada-wide health orgs or coalitions, does not share data and could care less about the Canada Health Act until there's a Quebec Health Act.

      • I'm sure you're right – Quebec couldn't care less about the Canada Health Act – but what about Quebecers?

        • Judging by the past talking points, allow me to suggest his answer: "we will support any initiatives that benefit the people of Quebec".

  2. Loved watching the interview. Strombo didn't hold back and Gilles was unusually disciplined.