Strombo v. Galloway


The full extent of last night’s virtual meeting of the Georges is now online.


Strombo v. Galloway

  1. This interview, and all the other speaking engagements that he will now do via videoconference, puts to rest once and for all the falsehood that this was a freedom of speech issue. Was Galloway’s speech at all impeded, broadcast as it was to the nation? Sure didn’t seem like it to me. Especially when he slammed Strombo for suggesting that his pro-Muslim stance is just pandering to his constituents.

    Would have liked to see Strombo address the allegation that Galloway’s speech in Toronto was a fundraiser for Hamas. Also would have liked to see him call Galloway on his assertion that Canada has labelled him a terrorist. This is nothing more than rhetoric. Also would have liked to see him address Galloway’s hypocritical support for the banning of Le Pen and Wilders.

    But other than that, I think both sides handled themselves well. Galloway is certainly a good speaker and defends his position well.

    • Good one!

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