Strombo v. Ignatieff -

Strombo v. Ignatieff


The current host of the Hour sits down with the former host of the Late Show. Or, alternatively, the future leader of the Liberal party sits down with the current leader of the Liberal party.


Strombo v. Ignatieff

  1. Barbara Budd gets sacked because she is not a journalist.
    Strombo gets Hilary and now Iggy.

  2. Iggy does a decent job spinning that mess. Tough day in the office indeed.

  3. Tough break for Budd.
    I'm not sure what this has to do with Strombo interviewing Iggy.

  4. I didn’t like Iggy in that interview. Too ‘old boy’. Too old. No energy. And don’t the Libs love to win elections on women’s issues while women lost ground the whole time they governed. An abortion election won’t help Iggy any better than it did Martin. He wouldn’t shut up about it. Methinks Strombo made that happen. Sad interview.

  5. I'm always impressed by Strombo's ability to make his interviewees look more human, sympathetic, etc.; the Jack Layton interview in January was possibly the best interview I've ever seen Layton give.

  6. Strombo as Liberal leader. C'mon.

    When he gets some sleeves that fit he's a shoo-in for GG, though.

  7. My he speaks quite a bit without saying anything.

  8. I thought Iggy did better here than in many other interviews I've seen him do.

  9. Sometimes George gets on my nerves, but he does great interviews.

  10. The smugness in the room must have been unbearable .

  11. At least George interviews politicians in an attempt to keep people informed.
    Try a general search on the net about Canadian politics or a leader and most of what you get is the equivalent of trying to find out about a hockey game but most tags are chatter about which coach wore the worst tie.
    There was no "v". – it's called a conversation and he has them every week night.