Strombo v. Peter MacKay


George S. talks to the Defence Minister. Around the eight-minute mark he talks about the helicopter ride and around the 13-minute mark he vaguely endorses an NDP-Liberal merger.

A couple things about that explanation for the helicopter ride.

First, Mr. MacKay says the announcement he had to attend in London, Ontario came at “the height of the recession.” That announcement was on July 9, 2010. The recession ended in 2009.

Second, Mr. MacKay says he got a call saying he needed to be in London “tomorrow.” As the Star reported in December, Mr. MacKay’s office contacted air force officials on July 6, three days before the announcement. As John Geddes has noted, that General Dynamics had won a contract had been known for a year.


Strombo v. Peter MacKay

    • “Truppe said she welcomed such “face-to-face” meetings and reminded Fontana that — in addition annual gas tax revenues the feds allocate to London and that now stand at $22 million — Ottawa has pumped $257 million into the city since 2008.”  And I bet she said it with a straight face.  How much of that $257 million went to Caterpiller?  Handily, we know it was at least $34.4 million.  How much did this company pay in wages from July 9, 2010 until now?  How much of our federal money are they taking back with them to the States?

  1. I’m sure by claiming this happened during the recession, fudging that the contract had been known about for a year, and saying that this Search and Rescue “opportunity” came up all will lead to more questions when Parliament resumes. Nice work MacKay.

  2. Jeepers. Even when he gets a chance to tell his side in a one on one with one of the younger generations most favoured… journalists? (how do you describe Strombo anyways?)… even then he can’t tell a straightforward believable story.

    Is he baffled by his own BS, or is he a pathological liar?

    Or maybe he figures he is too deep to start making sense now? LOL

    Good grief!

  3. Just because his excuses are complete BS doesn’t mean if you keep saying them enough they won’t suddenly become true.

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